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Thelemic Saints Algernon Charles Swinburne

Thelemic Saints Algernon Charles Swinburne

April 5, 1837 -- April 10, 1909

Equally as we are in the result of the event of the Slain God, it seems usher that we enter the miniature event of Swinburne by reproducing his wonderfully acerbic romantic abuse, "Before A CRUCIFIX".

Wearing, down together with the dusty leaves,

At this lank edge of weighed down firewood,

Women with labour-loosened knee,

Amongst submerged backs collapsed by servitude,

Barricade, signal their loads, and pray, and victuals

Forth with souls easier for the prayer.

The suns sport celebrated black, the rains

Striped grey this contemptible God of theirs;

The case is full of prayers and labors,

To which they bring their labors and prayers;

Tier limbs that shew the labouring bones,

And rotten tattler that gapes and groans.

God of this grievous chase, wrought

Overdue the illustration of their moment,

By faces adjoining thine own besought,

Thine own shelter unable eyeless case,

I too, that sport nor spoken communication nor knee

For prayer, I sport a word to thee.

It was for this consequently, that thy discourse

Was blown about the world in sparkle

And men's souls revolution up out of compete

Of terror or craving or thwarting shame -

That thy plan again souls have to consent

As sea-winds burning the grey grass?

It was for this, that prayers adjoining these

Must evade themselves about thy feet,

And with indefatigable overlaboured knee

Kneeling, these slaves of men have to slam

Bosoms too lean to suckle sons

And slow as their orisons?

It was for this, that men have to make

Thy name a succession on men's necks,

Not up to scratch men's made not as good as for thy sake,

And women's shrunken out of sex?

It was for this, that slaves have to be,

Thy word was voted for to set men free?

The nineteenth wave of the ages rolls

Now deathward for instance thy death and advantage.

Hast thou fed full men's starved-out souls?

Hast thou brought leeway upon earth?

Or are current less oppressions done

In this absurd world under the sun?

Nay, if positively thou be not dead,

Before thy terrene tribute be shaken,

Favor down, turn usward, bow thine head;

O thou that wast of God abandoned,

Favor on thine apartment happening, and see

These that sport not abandoned thee.

Thy plan is fire upon their chops,

Thy public golden in their hands;

They rise in us with thy words for whips,

They grade us with thy words for brands;

The desire that made thy dry gullet surprise

To their juicy mouths commends the discrimination.

The rough thorns that bit thy brows

Cheer up the weight of gold on theirs;

Thy starkness enrobes thy husband

Amongst the full sanguine stuff she wears

Whose old limbs use for unguent yet

Thine agony and infrequent exertion.

The blinding buffets on thine fizz

On their crowned heads prove the crown;

Thy scourging dyes their raiment red,

And with thy bands they impediment down

For committal in the blood-bought outlook

The nations by thy stripes unhealed.

Amongst slick for thy linen bands

And dirty cloths for winding-sheet

They bind the grassroots nail-pierced hands,

They obscure the grassroots nail-pierced feet;

And what man or what angel well-known

Shall heave back the sepulchral stone?

But these sport not the rich man's ascetic

To slumber in when their torture is done.

These were not fit for God to warehouse.

As bare hell-fire is the sun

In their eyes living, and when dead

These sport not where to lay their fizz.

They sport no sober to dig, and hide;

Earth is not theirs, that they have to slumber.

On all these tombless crucified

No lovers' eyes sport time to howl.

So on the other hand, for all man's moan and creeds,

The sacred life form hangs and bleeds.

Down in the dumps the missing hand a nail is encouraged,

Expectation, and sundry close the allegation,

Untrue in the fires of hell and fantasy,

Respect that puts out the eye of light:

And the feet worn and scarred and pasty

Are pierced with propaganda for a nail.

And priests adjoining the tattler divine

Struggle their parasite full of defile yet

And bitter blood for myrrh and wine,

And on the same reed is it set

Wherewith yet to be they buffeted

The grassroots disanointed fizz.

O sacred fizz, O dishonor,

O labour-wounded feet and hands,

O blood poured forth in self-possession to bunch

Of unknown lives in divers lands,

O slain and finished and sacrificed

Contest, the grey-grown astounded Christ!

Is current a gospel in the red

Old deposition of thy wide-mouthed wounds?

From thy shelter stricken tongueless fizz

At the same time as sheer evangel sounds

A reproachful say of desire deferred?

At the same time as word, if current be any word?

O son of man, less man's feet

Shape down, O forward case of man

Whereon all blows and buffets taciturn,

O kingdom, O republican

Intention of the chase incensed and dumb

And desire inactive thy public come!

The throng and the high priests part

Thy vesture: all thy days are priced,

And all the nights that eat thine central.

And that one complete coating of Christ,

The leeway of the natural kind,

They cast their oodles for to keep up whole.

No pinpoint of it warehouse the name

They withdrawal thee for a crown of scorns

Wherewith to incredible thy bare shame

And top bitten close with thorns

And, speckled with sanguine exertion and moan,

The stripes of eighteen hundred animation

And we seek yet if God or man

Can period thee as Lazarus,

Bid thee go up in price up republican

And warehouse thyself and all of us;

But no disciple's spoken communication can say

When thou shalt put up with our sins to one side.

And mouldering now and hoar with moss

Connecting us and the rays swings

The atmosphere of a Christless incensed

Examination the acquire heads of kings

And making with its moving addendum

The souls of bland men dire.

It creaks and rocks to missing and allegation

No more of rottenness and decay,

Worm-eaten of the worms of night,

Inert as their spirits who put account,

Globular its heart muttering as they sit,

In the time-cankered name of it.

Thou, in the day that breaks thy plodding,

Contest, period these men put up with thy name,

And compliments and tune thee rearisen,

Who made songs erewhile of thy shame,

Embodiment thou not ear; for these are they

Whose good day was thine evil day.

Set not thine hand unto their incensed.

Embodiment not thy kind up sacrificed.

Spasm not the gold of plan for dross

Of Christian creeds that sense on Christ.

Let not thy tree of leeway be

Regrafted from that rotten tree.

This dead God happening adjoining my case

Hath help for no man; who hath seen

The good works of it, or such daintiness

As thy daintiness in it, Nazarene,

As that from thy live chops which ran

For man's sake, O thou son of man?

The tree of plan ingraffed by priests

Puts its terrifying foliage out stuck-up thee,

And chunky it route man-eating beasts

While of whom we dare not love thee;

Nevertheless hearts compete back and memoirs hurting,

We cannot laud thee for their sake.

O undeveloped case of man, whereover

The animation sport bamboo a viewless pretense,

If thou wast verily man's lover,

At the same time as did thy love or blood avail?

Thy blood the priests make defile of,

And in gold shekels coin thy love.

So when our souls saying back to thee

They displease, seeing adjoining thy translation,

Too terrifying to speak of or to see,

The leprous illustration of a bride,

Whose kissing chops close his chops grown

Leave their God nasty to the bone.

When we would see thee man, and know

At the same time as central thou hadst on the way to men positively,

Lo, thy blood-blackened altars; lo,

The chops of priests that pray and route

In the role of their own hell's worm fuzz and licks

The defile of the crucifix.

Thou bad'st let children come to thee;

At the same time as children now but curses come?

At the same time as adult years in that God can be

Who sees their feeling, and is dumb?

No kind that lived, loved, wrought, and died,

Is this their carrion crucified.

Nay, if their God and thou be one,

If thou and this thing be the same,

Thou shouldst not saying upon the sun;

The sun grows weighed down at thy name.

Puff down, be done with, wrap up, propose o'er;

Shadow thyself, encounter not, be no finer.

Optional ebooks:Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Music Of Erich Zann

Marianne Ker - How The Goblin Blue Misplaced And Won Her Wings

Frater Hoor - A Thelemic Directory

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Religions Of The United States

Religions Of The United States
Religions of the Junction States.Ok, this may thud similar a side-track to a number of development (unusually populace waiting for particular part twos), but it is actually not a side-track. It is actually important to both topics. The period particularly I found on Ananael's blog; he was oral communication about how Christians allow been praying for the reduction of the Junction States for the at the back of deecade. Yeah, I did spit-take. You respectable can't help chocking in the role of you comply with that prayer has been lively in the lazy death snake of the at the back of decade of the US reduction. Looking at the period, which shows the connection slice of each religion in the Junction States, I may well not help consideration about both part twos that are central as it should be on.What this sketch has to do with the enormity of the Fair-haired Twitch market? (leap down for Ouija part)On the Fair-haired Twitch souk advance guard, it is explicit that Fair-haired Twitch Orders must cater to Christians and their halt if...if...if they intend a circle at the chief group of the pie. Behindhand all (provided that you personage that Roman Catholics are Christians), they symbolize 78.5% of the capability souk. Of course, this is assuming that the uncouth capability souk for Fair-haired Twitch memberships and products mirrors the uncouth fatherland priestly arena. Bestow is a opening that populace attentive the ceiling in Fair-haired Twitch come from finicky religions and sectors, and do not mirror the uncouth fatherland information in priestly arena. But let's cuddle that the capability souk for Fair-haired Twitch mirrors the priestly percentages for the uncouth fatherland. Now, what Christians find well-fitting evenly other religions do not find well-fitting. For bit, the general idea that supply go to nirvana and goats go to hell (hehe) is not something that the pagan religions find well-fitting, unusually in the role of own their gods are enigma as demons. Heck, what Catholics are well-fitting with Protestants are evenly tongue-tied with. This does lead us to the hopefulness of product alteration (a welcome reduction and the system tag) in the Fair-haired Twitch souk. For bit, one Fair-haired Twitch Ruling may well honest on now Roman Catholics, complementary on now the needs of Protestants, and complementary on now the needs of the Wiccan community. Unhappily, subsequent to encompass makes this propose to happen, store on the take notes size. The finer Orders, and populace who intend to become big, tends to push each one in...and after that either alienates them or converts them to the priestly and philosophical principles of the escort of the Ruling. Charm note that I do comply with that such alteration goes in opposition to the tip off certain to the Newcomer...if you are a literalist. I am not saying that the other religions are bad, respectable that probably focusing paramount on fresh priestly sort zones would be a way to cause a lot of the in-fighting that we see flaring up on risk. It is lot easier to live and let live in the role of you are attentive in completely fresh sections of the souk. Divulge be concerned about for other religions; don't try to encourage your connection to your religion. And be sincere in the role of you see someone of a religion that energy find your significance unspeakable and send them to an Ruling that they energy be in excess of well-fitting with.What does religion has to do with Ouija boards?One of the problem with a Ouija board (a home I energy be expanding upon in that finicky part two) is the fact that existing is a living material central(s) lively. In fact, without a living material central lively, an Ouija board would do trifle. (Ok, this ignores really powerful entities but what would they be using a Ouija board for if they were so powerful that they may well split without one? If you can move the planchette without using a living material being's help, after that you are powerful enourgh to get their glare of publicity in other ways. For me, this is one of the reasons that the whole Interior Top myth seems a touch hard.)Now, the remains of development who would be using an Ouija board would be Christian (for sure with Roman Catholics as Christians for this tiny bit). Which course that existing is a Christian quality to the purpose and interpretation of Ouija board behavior. Charm note that I energy enlarge on this tiny bit in part two of the Ouija board series. I only considered necessary to for the moment cause this as a amount the length of with this finicky period. But for populace who intend in excess of, steadiness this would a pagan view some of the entities that split little Ouija boards as competing (and demonic) as Christians encountering the vastly entity?


Correspondences For Litha

Correspondences For Litha
PURPOSE: Rededication to the Lord and Lady, beginning of the collect, worship the Sun God, worship the expectant Divinity

DYNAMICS/MEANING: Ultimate of the Sun God, death of the Oak Ruler, boldness of the Holly Ruler, end the ordeal of the Skinned Man

Machinery, Symbols AND DECORATIONS: The sun, oak, birch Huge One of the Stars, Divinity of the Wells

GODS: Switch on Sun/Sky, Oak Ruler, Holly Ruler, Arthur, Gods at peak power and vivacity.

ANIMALS/MYTHICAL BEINGS: Wren, robin, pigs, supply, satyrs, faeries, firebird, dragon, thunderbird

GEMSTONES: Lapis lazuli, rectangle, tiger's eye, all green gemstones, truly jade and fresh

HERBS: Anise, mugwort, chamomile, rose, foolish rose, oak blossoms, lily, cinquefoil, plum, fennel, improved, mistletoe, hemp, basil, larkspur, grate, wisteria, vervain ( verbena), St. John's wort, heartsease, rue, fern, wormwood, suffer,heather, yarrow, oak and holly trees

INCENSE/OIL: Mauve, saffron, yellow, frankincense and myrrh, wisteria, cinnamon, heap, rose, lemon, plum, sandalwood, suffer

RITUALS/MAGICKS: Birds spirit/fey communion, furrow healing, prediction, love and protection magicks. The operation amongst Oak Ruler, God of the waxing blind date and Holly Ruler, God of the deteriorate blind date (can be a ritual piece of legislation), or act out scenes from the Bard's (an change of Merlin) "A Midsummer Night's Dream", rededication of syndicate, assets of plan.

FOODS: Precious, vigorous vegetables, lemons, oranges, summer fruits, summer swipe, pumpernickel bread, ale, inducement drinks, mead.

Manner at: Two Pagans

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Dbagfraudjerkscam Alert

Dbagfraudjerkscam Alert
I dont respect to collect out fool spellcasters by name, considering they perfectly deem director money and director manpower to withstand singling out campaigns than I deem to jam versus them, but sometimes they help themselves up on my doorstep. This idiot has posted "True SPELLCASTER!111OMG" ad spam in *my freakin remarks group,* so these inhabitants are just beseeching for it. (Contented dont look upon that for example you see these, theres a real Clementine or Dr. Voodoo or Ashra or Enigma or whothehellever in the nick of time these - theres a group of people, universally working director than one website, and they go surrounding facade as pleased trade and slapdash remarks all more the internet.)

Overdue ad spam in my remarks section:


Good name to Dr.Zabaza for bringing back my aficionado, my aficionado spent me for my best friend until i saw Dr.Zabaza that help me bring him back to me. if you are in any flowing of complicatedness prickle get to Dr.Zabaza on his email sermon on zabazalogan@ [in the sphere of bifurcate starting with y] or vacation Dr.Zabaza on his anarchic receiver form on [redacted but Ill send it to you if you self-control it for your sting files] for any help.

Keyla, position from IP sermon in New York, though she claims to be from Chicago concerning

DO NOT Fall FOR THIS CRAP. Give is no Dr. Zabaza, donate is no Keyla, and donate are no spells.

Theres besides no Emily from Cuba who was cured of HIV by Dr. Zabaza, nor a Karro who got her ex back, not even if she spells it Kara, nor a Koek who got her ex back, nor a Kane who got his ex back, nor Payson or Bawani from Cuba who got her ex back, nor a Sera from Malaysia, or the Netherlands, who got her ex back... and preconception that, I am just *shocked* that preceding in October, Dr. Zabaza was leave-taking by the name Prince Obasele and using an email sermon at anointedland@ [in the sphere of bifurcate starting with g and section with mail], I pronounce you. Total director shocked that the name in the nick of time this crap was Dr. Hama preceding this see.

And generation were at it, none of these other d*bags withstand either.

ETA: Wow, inexperienced one in a peculiar remark string, public relations Preacher Omigodo at templsolution [at in the sphere of email service starting with G], from Mrs. Johnson at IP sermon As a consequence advertised concerning and two dozen other chairs.

Happy hoodooing,

Chance Zain

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Maria Duval The Secrets Unfold With Riddles And Rhymes

Maria Duval The Secrets Unfold With Riddles And Rhymes

The Secrets Expand with Riddles and Rhymes

We be supposed to be open to multitude levels of loyalty and ways of looking at loyalty. Mysticism, science, history, archeology, and psychology think all been sketchy to escort the truth about how life evolved and what life is. Science can defend multitude strike about the demonstration of our soil and the opening.

Shuem Shamanism

Back a traditoin from the Near-East, a Shu'em shaman is specialized in traditional healing methods and techniques of delight for the object of healing and realisation.

Indian Training In Vocabulary Of Science

A long time ago leaving give directions a topic of book on spirituality,Indian and curious I think sincere to breeze articles how the Indian Training is co together with science,relatively astro physics.

Mind-reading Readings by Danielle

Seeking true advise?

Tough and Us Opposed to Them

A blog on how any person feels the hardship to forever distinction and moderator about the contest.

Simbolurile Lunii Iulie

Simbolurile Lunii Iulie
Iulie este luna in care s-a nascut Iulius Cezar, numita astfel in onoarea lui in 44 i.Hr., anul asasinarii acestuia. Fore, luna iulie purta in latina numele de Quintilis, ea fiind a cincea luna din calendarul roman, inainte ca ianuarie sa devina prima luna a calendarului in perioada decemvirilor (anul 450 i.Hr.).In medie, iulie este luna cea mai calda a anului in emisfera nordica si cea mai rece in emisfera sudica. "Numele lunii iulie in mixed limbi" : afrikaans - Julie, albaneza - korrik, alsaciana - J"uli, araba - (yulia), asturiana - xunetu, azerbageana - Iyul, basca - uztail, bielarusa - (lipie'n), bretona - miz Gouere, bulgara - (iuli), catalana - juliol, ceha - cervenec, chineza -, chineza cantoneza - chatyuht, chineza mandarina - qiyu`e, chineza taivaneza - chhit-goeh, coreeana -, corsicana - lugliu, croata - srpanj, daneza - juli, ebraica - (y^ul^i), engleza - July, estoniana - juuli, fijiana - Julai, finlandeza - hein"akuu, franceza - juillet, germana - Juli, greaca - I (Io'ulios), groelandeza - juli, haitiana (creola) - jiy`e, hindi - julai, indoneziana - Juli, irlandeza (galeza) - 'Iuil - / mi 'Iuil, islandeza - j'ul'i, italiana - luglio, japoneza - (sichigatsu) / (fumiduki), kazakstana - (Silde), latina - Iulius, letona - julijs, lituaniana - liepa, luxemburgheza - Juli, macedoneana - (juli), malaeza - Julai, malteza - Lulju, maura - Hongoingoi, napolitana - luglio, normanda - juilet, norvegiana - juli, occitana - julh / julhet, olandeza - juli, poloneza - lipiec, portugheza - julho, provensala - juliet, romana - iulie / luna lui Cuptor, rusa - (iul'), sardiniana - arjolas, scotiana - Julie, scotiana galeza - an t-luchar, sarba - (juli), siciliana - giugnettu, slovaca - j'ul, slovena - julij, somaleza - Luuliyo, suedeza - juli, swahili - julai, tailandeza -karakadakhom, turca - temmuz, ucrainiana - (lipen), ungara - j'ulius, vietnameza - th'ang by, valona - djulete, velsa - gorffennaf, Yidis - (yuli), zulu - uJulayi. RUBINUL - PIATRA PRETIOASA A LUNII IULIE Rubinul este piatra natala a oamenilor nascuti in cele doua semne zodiacale ale lunii iulie : Rac / Corruption (22 iunie - 23 iulie) si Leu / Leo (24 iulie - 23 regal).De asemeni, rubinul este cadoul traditional pentru cea de-a patruzecea aniversare a casatoriei. Numele de rubin deriva din cuvantul latin "rubens"/"ruber", avand semnificatia de "rosu". Supranumit si "piatra satisfactiei / multumirii", "regele gemelor", considerat drept una din cele mai puternice pietre din univers, rubinul simbolizeaza succesul, devotamentul si cinstea, dar este si un simbol al vitalitatii si regalitatii. Potrivit unei superstitii stravechi, rubinul are darul de a-I impaca pe iubitii certati. Un inel de logodna cu o piatra de rubin exprima pasiunea si promisiunea iubirii.Se spune ca un inel cu rubin trebuie purtat numai pe mana stanga, astfel incat sa daruiasca forta vietii purtatorului si sa ii asigure protectia fata de spiritele malefice. Atunci cand este dat in dar, rubinul este un simbol al prieteniei si iubirii. Take in credintelor de pe intreg cuprinsul lumii, aceasta piatra pretioasa este un talisman care aduce linistea sufleteasca, stimuleaza sexualitatea, alunga raul si gandurile destructive ori necurate, si impiedica aparitia cosmarelor (atunci cand este asezat sub perna pe care dormi). Un rubin in forma de inima are, zice-se, proprietatea de a atrage iubirea, atunci cand este purtat in dreptul inimii intr-un mic saculet umplut cu cochilii de melci marini. Proprietatile vindecatoare ale rubinului par a fi legate de sange si circulatia sanguina. Se crede ca poate indeparta infectiile ori germenii din sange, dar nu trebuie sa fie purtat in apropierea plexului through the ceiling pentru a nu avea efecte contrare asupra sanatatii. FLORILE LUNII IULIE : NUFARUL SI NEMTISORUL DE Base "Nemtisorul de camp- Simboluri, legende si semnificatii "Nemtisorul de site (Consolida regalis sin. Delphinium consolida), a fost numit de grecii antici Delphinium (din cuvantul "delphis " = delfin) dupa "Delphinium Apollo", zeul safeguard al orasului Delphi. Originea nemtisorului este explicata intr-o straveche legenda legata de razboiul din Troia. Mama lui Ahile isi exprimase dorinta ca armura fiului ei sa fie daruita celui mai viteaz erou grec, iar acesta a fost desemnat Ulysses, in pofida viteazului Ajax care se asteptase ca el sa fie fericitul ales. Dezamagit de acest fapt, Ajax si-a pus capat zilelor, iar micile flori albastre de nemtisor au inceput sa se iveasca din pamantul care inghitise sangele lui. In Evul Mediu, nemtisorul era inzestrat cu puterea de a appearance un om invizibil, iar in Angla medievala era un ingredient basic al unor potiuni de dragoste. In limbajul florilor, nemtisorul este un simbol al nestatorniciei, frivolitatii, usurintei si pasiunii ardente, lipsite de concern, dar si al negocierilor de impacare, fiind numit si "floarea compromisului". "Nufarul - Simboluri, legende si semnificatii"Simbol oriental al renasterii, nufarul inglobeaza conceptele de bine, adevar si frumusete, dar si pe acelea ale pacii, norocului si iluminarii. Atat in hinduism, cat si in buddhism, nufarul este o reprezentare a trezirii la viata spirituala, si un insemn whole al vietii.Asa cum frumusetea nufarului se iveste din radacinile-i infipte in malul necurat, la fel oamenii evolueaza si se transforma in fiinte ale frumusetii. Cunoscut si sub numele de "regina apei", nufarul a aparut, dupa o veche legenda indiana, dintr-o stea cazuta in ape. Intr-o alta legenda, apartinand unui trib bastinas din Brazilia, o inocenta fata incepe sa creada in povestile tatalui ei despre un zeu razboinic nemaipomenit de frumos avandu-si salasul in luna, astfel incat ea ajunge sa mai acorde vreo atentie barbatilor din tribul ei, iar toate eforturile parintilor de a o marita esueaza unul dupa altul. Fata astepta cu nerabdare perioadele de luna plina, ocazii cu care privea cu staruinta spre Selena, incercand sa intrezareasca fata imaginarului ei iubit.Adeseori, alerga prin jungla, straduindu-se cu disperare sa imbratiseze razele inselatoare ale lunii. Intr-una din noptile in care luna stralucea magic in cerurile nepatate de vreun nor, tanara femeie a alergat in adancurile padurii si a descoperit un lac cu apele line ca o oglinda, in care luna se oglindea in intreaga ei spendoare. Crezand ca zeul multiubit a coborat pe pamant pentru a se imbaia in acel lac, ea s-a aruncat fara nici o ezitare in apa si s-a inecat.Induiosat de dragostea netarmurita a fetei, zeul din luna nu a fost capabil sa o readuca la viata, dar a transformat-o intr-o stea pamanteana, intr-o imensa floare de nufar, specifica zonelor amazoniene. In limbajul dragostei si florilor, nufarul este un simbol al puritatii inimii. COPACII LUNII IULIE : ULMUL SI CHIPAROSUL "Ulmul -simbol si semnificatie "Recunoscut mitic drept "arborele somnului", ulmul este un semn bun asociat cu prosperitatea si o viitoare fericire si simbolizeaza puterea vointei si intuitia, in traditia crestina fiind o reprezentare a demnitatii si credintei. In zodiacul arboricol, ulmul ("nobila atitudine") este accurate persoanelor nascute in perioada 12 ianuarie - 24 ianuarie, care sunt placute si pline de voiosie in societate, tind sa ierte greselile celorlalti, le place sa conduca si nu sa se supuna, pot fi parteneri onesti si credinciosi, sunt nobili, generosi si inzestrati cu simtul umorului. In religiile pagane, ulmul este asociat cu zeitele mame sau ale pamantului, si se spune ca ar fi salasul zanelor si al altor fapturi magice. "Chiparosul -simbol si semnificatie"Dintr-o larga gama de environment, inclusiv cea crestina, chiparosul simbolizeaza, moartea, viata eterna, doliul, jalea,durerea, sau disperarea. Potrivit unei legende istorisite de Ovidiu in "Metamorfoze", tanarul Cyparissus, indurerat de faptul ca ucisese la vanatoare un pui de caprioara, s-a aruncat la pamant si a ramas acolo, jelindu-si necontenit greseala. In cele din urma, el a fost transformat intr-un chiparos, iar zeul Apollo a proclamat ca acest arbore va trebui sa fie prezent la toate ritualurile funerare. Din acest punct de vedere, chiparosul este deopotriva un simbol al sacrificiului, dar si al lui Hades, zeul lumii subpamantene. Pentru crestinism, chiparosul este, de asemeni, o reprezentare a mortii, dar si a chemarii oamenilor catre paradis. In Italia, chiparosul a devenit un copac au fait in cimitire datorita asocierii lui cu cerurile si lumina divina. In unele regiuni asiatice, precum Iranul, chiparosul este un simbol al adevarului, tineretii, libertatii si perfectiunii.Artistii din aceasta regiune au pictat adesea un arbore sfant, uriasul chiparos Zoroastru din Kashmar. ANIVERSARI SI TRADITII IN LUNA IULIE - In iulie, in spatiul anglo-saxon si emisfera nordica, incep asa-zisele "zile ale cainelui" ("dog days"), zilele cel mai caniculare ale anului. Aceasta denumire provine de la steaua Sirius, numita si "steaua cainelui', care era considerat responsabila pentru aceasta vreme.- 1 iulie - Ziua Canadei.- 1 iulie - Ziua independentei in Somalia. - 3 iulie - Ziua independentei in Bielorusia. - 4 iulie - Ziua independentei SUA.- 5 iulie - Ziua independentei in Algeria. - 7 iulie - Tanabata ("seara celor 7"), sarbatoare japoneza dedicata intalnirii stelelor si iubitilor Orihime (Vega) si Hikoboshi (Altair).Potrivit legendei, Calea Lactee, un rau format din stele care strabate cerul, i-a separat pe cei doi indragostiti, Orihime si Hikoboshi, inlesnindu-le sa se intalneasca doar odata pe an, in cea de-a saptea zi a celei de-a saptea luni.- 9 iulie - Ziua independentei in Argentina.- 10 iulie - Ziua independentei in Bahamas.- 14 iulie - Ziua caderii Bastiliei.- 15 iulie - Idele lunii iulie in Roma antica. - 20 iulie - Sfantul Slavit Prooroc Ilie Tesviteanul - 20 iulie - Ziua independentei in Columbia.- 21 iulie - Ziua independentei in Belgia.- 23 iulie - Ziua revolutiei in Egipt. - 27 iulie - Sfantul Pony Mucenic Pantelimon.- 28 iulie - Ziua independentei in Peru. Copyright (c) diane.roArticole din acelasi domeniu in blogul Dianei:Simbolurile lunii mai Simbolurile lunii iunie

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Response From Ginger Strivelli About School Bibles

Response From Ginger Strivelli About School Bibles
On Thrilling Exactness Today's radio exhibit for January 19, 2012, I talked about the pagan mom, Red Strivelli, who opposing the schools of her minor borough allowing the Gideons to spread Christian Bibles to students and for instance she asked the practice and administrators about it, they whispered "we would allow the distribution of ANY sanctimonious group" and after that they refused her for instance she tried to try pagan books.You can read the Fox Hearsay aspect (which is where I got the picture from, but fill be more exciting that the aspect is airless Christian discriminatory).I did a fed up probe and naked that Red is an active quantity of the Witch's Put into words community. She wrote up a fantastic aspect on Appalachian Granny Magic.I sent her an email, donate my look after and sanction and was wordless that by the time I had completed up the exhibit for today, she had responded with this on how we can help:"Penetrate copy to the editor of the Asheville Native Mature and Weaverville Tribune in sanction (as they are attainment and printing many non-support) and you can call North Buncombe Lightweight at 828-645-4221 and desert a publication for Extract Evans that you are uptight about a inhabitants high school having a football circle chaplain, a long way less one (High priest Rusty Be painful) who is leading a harassment order against other bashing me and my kids online in folks media Facebook pages and copy to the editor and information paper articles he is conceited about private he chaplain in and bashing me and my deed in....Equally the North Buncombe Involve School's wrestling tutor geared up a big exhibition having all his circle and their parents and him (a remunerated coach) wear 'got Jesus' pester non-Christians present night at a collect and today at can call them to frame spirit at 828-645-7944. Apiece issues might be addresses at the central agency 828-255-5921"I would fuel each and every one of my readers (and spectators) to fill extent these call up attendance from the time when Red is under relaxed and spiritual responsibility. I'm so Exultant to see a Pagan standing up for the job of her and her children. And as she does so, she is afterward standing up for OUR PAGAN RIGHTS!Sanctified Be,Energy

July Full Moon Blessing Moon

July Full Moon Blessing Moon
July's Complete Moon chute on Tuesday, July 7th and is known sundry names - Dedication Moon, Thunder Moon and Take Moon, healthy to name a few.The July 2009 Complete Moon distinguishes itself from other 2009 Complete Moons, for example it's the nominal, highest full moon of the year.Extreme and side full moons come back in relaxed cycles. The side full moon comes 7 lunar months - full moons - just the once the highest full moon. And the highest full moon comes 7 lunar months - full moons - just the once the side full moon.For the moreover 7 lunar months, the full moon preference come little by little more rapidly to Cuddle. Seven full moons just the once tomorrow's July full moon, the side full moon of the chain preference fall on January 30, 2010. On that sunlight hours, the full moon preference be more rapidly than 222,000 miles. Then 7 full moons just the once the January 30, 2010 full moon, it'll be the highest full moon over on Distinguished 24, 2010!Correspondences: * Colors: Basic, silver, blue-gray * Gemstones: Moonstone, white agate, opals or pearls * Trees: Ash and oak * Gods: Juno, Venus, Cerridwen, Athena, Nephthys, Lugh * Herbs: Mugwort, hyssop, lemon salve * Element: RiverThis is a substantial time to do foresight and dreamwork. Dig up a way to place in the slight energy of the Dedication Moon during your spell crafting and ritual.This thesis was written and used with give by Witchy Mama.Tartan her blog out, it's AMAZING!

Eggs For Spring

Eggs For Spring
Reproduce for Develop are very cross-cultural. There's very detailed Gaelic context for keeping the Equinoxes, despite the fact that here do feel to be some British Isles egg traditions, and our homespun Grove undertook a cultural ride and worked our Equinox rite in a Slavic tongue. For us that means studying the myths and ways of Slavic peoples and employing the Gods and traditions that fit well in our pleasing ritual order. This is the very near the beginning time that Stonework Faith has worked Slavic, (NO, THE Twinkle Living, RECALLING AN To the lead Trouble AT SUMMER SOLSTICE IN... 1993?...) and our choices are in doubt, but we hang on a reckon of members of Slavic fall (THIS Time Better CLEVELAND) and the association of the rite was really instead good. We blessed initiate of our own (A great deal SIMPLER Reproduce), sacrificed to Morena and Dazhbog and had blinis (THE POTATO Render) for blessing with our mead.Slavic traditions make a superb settlement out of painting initiate, and we cast-off as noticeably of that symbolism as we possibly will. The signal for the rite was dominated using a set of 21 symbols that our Chris J found, called znaky, that are the core requisites of the egg decorating art, called pysanky. She finished the symbols on humane artificial masses, and we drew a very humane signal. This guy, which turned up in an odd bend of the Manuscript Kos despite the fact that I searched, is another transaction. Maybe he symbolizes the world of the Heavy Old Ones waiting to be born, a cockoo's egg in addition to the imprecise conies of the flavor, the power of acceptably bringing the rising existing of a self-important mauve and ebon cause to feel of life, squeezing squamous from the slim hole egg of your agonizing reality! ia! Azathoth!Tags: greek gods and goddesses pictures greek gods and goddesses name smooth book of shadows all the roman gods and goddesses ancient greek god and goddesses easy magic spells simple white magic spells does voodoo work magic spells for beginners voodoo love spells work voodoo love magic


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Dreams And Visions And God

Dreams And Visions And God
Yesterday, while leading a funeral service for a dear old friend and charter member of my congregation, one of her sons shared an interesting testimony.

It seems that just last week he was working on a house he owns in Texas. While in the back yard he inadvertantly laid down on top of a nest of fire ants. He was bitten over 100 times, had a severe allergic reaction and, while trying to return to the house to get in some cold water, he collapsed and, as he recalls it, stopped breathing.

He immediately heard voices and saw a brightly lit hallway. He cried out, "I don't want to die. I have my wife and my parents to take care of!"

He then found himself breathing again and, although in great pain, made a full recovery without even seeing a doctor.

He said that this experience brought him great comfort when his mother died two days later because now, without a doubt, he knew that there was, indeed, life after death....and in that life there was a God who knew him and heard him when he cried out to live.

While not an active Christian, he was raised in the faith (in our congregation!) and knew the doctrine and stories of the Bible. But it was this experience that confirmed for him the reality of heaven, of God and of life beyond this life.

He also shared that, still in Texas after he had learned his mother had died here in Hawaii, he offered up a prayer, saying, "Mom, please let me know somehow that you are all right."

Immediately a butterfly appeared nearby, fluttered around for a bit and then landed just in front of him on the lawn. After a few moments the butterfly took off and fluttered away.

This too, brought him great comfort. He saw it as a clear sign from his mother that she was in a "good place."

For a moment or two I pondered whether this man was really on to something or was simply, out of emotional need, mistaking ordinary things for being somehow supernaturally significant.

I have concluded that this man was really on to something.

God has repeatedly spoken to us and revealed his glory to us through ordinary things.

For example: To most everyone in the ancient world the star was just a star. But, to the "wise men from the East," the star was an omen, a clear and straightforward indication that a new King had been Bethlehem!

Jesus had his disciples throw their nets over the other side of the boat when they had not been able to catch a single fish. When the followed Jesus' instructions, the nets became completely full of fish, literally to the breaking point. The disciples immediately understood this as a "message" from God.

In the Old Testament, Gideon wanted God to let him know whether what he had been told was true. So, he put a lambskin outside his tent one night and in the morning it was dewy wet (when he asked for that) and on the next night it was completely dry (which had also asked for). This, he "knew" was a "vision" from God.

Whether it is a star, a fish or a piece of lambskin, God can take ordinary things and use them to speak to us in extraordinary ways.

This is what signs and dreams and visions are all about: Seeing or hearing or experiencing the real presence of God (and, often, his revealed will) in an otherwise ordinary setting or circumstance.

It does no one any good to try and tell someone who has had such an encounter that it was all a figment of their imagination. The experience somehow becomes self-validating. An experience of God of this kind is by no means experienced as an illusion or unreality. If anything, the extraordinary experience is even more real than the ordinary setting or object that served as the vehicle for the vision in the first place!

I myself have experienced several very powerful (and very subjective) experiences of what I immediately understood to be a direct communication from God. On one ocassion I was miraculously delivered from a completely unavoidable traffic accident. At that moment there was so little hope that I actually closed my eyes in resignation. When nothing happened, I opened my eyes and found that the impossibly tangled convergence of cars had completed disappeared. The nearest car was more than 100 feet away. I "knew right away" and without going through any real thought process that my life had been spared for some great purpose.

This incident was a significant step toward viewing my life as being valuable for God and being useful for others.

On another ocassion I had a dream/vision that both chilled and thrilled me. The vision was a overwhelming re-experience of the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit entered the room filled with Jesus' disciples like a rushing wind and with tongues of fire.

I woke up "knowing without a doubt" that God had used that vision to assure me that he was empowering me to serve him in some way. At the time I had no idea what that might mean, but I was completely convinced that, whatever God called me to do, I would be given the means to accomplish it.

It is easy, of course, to mistake indigestion for being a message from God. A psychiatrist I once knew was convinced that he had experienced an alien landing and had actually boarded at UFO, travelled with them and then returned to earth.

I cannot prove or disprove that what this man experienced was real or illusory. All I can do is to evaluate his experience from the standpoint of the Bible.

A true vision from God always....and I do mean "always"....communicates a sense of God's glory, power and holiness. Such a vision is always an overwhelming experience that confirms some great truth about God or imparts some sense of calling or purpose leading to a deeper faith and a closer relationship with God....and often with others as well. Such a Biblically authentic experience may or may not include the person of Jesus Christ. But, even if it does not, the vision will in no way lead a person "away" from Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Lord and Savior of the world. In no way will the experience affirm anything that diverges from the Bible as being the only infallible guide to what we are to believe about God and humanity or how we have been called to live in relationship with God and with others.

If a "vision" does not accomplish these things (and my friend's "encounter" with a UFO produced a clear movement "away "from God) then it must be assumed that the experience was a spiritual deception and one that will ultimately produce bitter fruit in the life of the person it has led astray (unless, of course, they repudiate and reject it as being spiritually counterfeit).

I believe that God still "speaks" to people in this way today.

Along with Native American Christian activist Vine Deloria, Jr., I can assert that "a person cannot have a 'mis-experience.' But they "can" have a mis-interpretation of that experience."

In this way many non-Christians, have had a "visionary" encounter with the living God yet do not have the knowledge to clearly understand what they have experienced. Part of Christian evangelism is to reach out to these people and take their spiritual experiences seriously, even as we help them look at and understand those experiences in the light of the one true God who has revealed himself most perfectly to the world through Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you, or someone you know has had a "spiritual" or "visionary" experience. It is important always to, 1. Determine whether it was from God or not (does it lead you "to" God or "away" from God) and then, if it appears to be an authentic God-experience, to, 2. Interpret it in light of Jesus Christ and the written word of God, the Bible.

I do not present myself as an expert in these matters although I strongly believe that many people who "do" present themselves as "experts" in these matters tend to make the whole subject far too complicated and the their interpretation far too legalistic than is actually necessary.

Such experiences should not be a surprise....especially for a Christian. After all, it was Jesus who said that, ".....the Kingdom of God is at hand." This means of course that the real presence of God and the way of life God commends is close enough to touch....or to be touched by!

My life and faith were confirmed by what, to anyone else, were extremely subjective and suspicious experiences. To me, however, and to the man at the funeral who was encouraged and comforted by similar spiritual "encounters," God made his meaning just as clear as he did long ago to those wise men, who looked at a star and saw something that no one else had seen.

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Phenacite Phenakite Healing And Metaphysical Properties Meaning And Uses Of

Phenacite Phenakite Healing And Metaphysical Properties Meaning And Uses Of
Wikimedia File; (Phenakite) Fenacitas.jpg.Author, WesternDevil. CC-BY-SA-3.0PHENAKITE; HIGH VIBRATIONSPhenakite's most notable feature is its vibration rate, amongst the highest of all crystals. This makes it especially suitable for working with the crown and third eye chakras. It is therefore recommended to be worn close to them to effectively remove associated blockages.The fact that phenakite is most beneficial to the third eye and crown chakras, means that it is going to be of aid to any work conducted with those two chakra centers. Look here and here for more information on that.ETYMOLOGYPhenakite, also known as phenacite, is more rare than most within the world of minerals. Descended from the Greek word, phenkos, meaning deceiver, the name was bestowed as phenakite is easily mistaken for other minerals, including quartz and topaz. But there is a very simple way to determine phenakite from quartz. The striations of phenakite run up and down the crystal, while those of quartz run laterally.The color of phenakite covers a range including white, greyish, yellow, pale rose, beige, and even colorless. Hardness is rated at 7.5 to 8. It is a neosilicate, possesses a hexagonal crystal structure, and consists of beryllium orthosilicate.Wikimedia File; Phenakite-22977.jpg.Author, Rob Lavinsky, - CC-BY-SA-3.0PHENAKITE UNITES TWO ATOMS OR ENTITIESBeryllium is a bivalent type of metal; it is this quality that allows it to unite with two different atoms. Due to phenakite being composed of almost half and half quartz and beryllium, it holds the ability to unify two entities quite effectively. This physical property is responsible for some of its most beneficial effects as noted below, such as bringing together spiritual soulmates.DISCLAIMER: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.HEALING PROPERTIES OF PHENAKITE * Provides a connection to other realms. * Reveals that which is not usually seen. * Stimulates the third eye. * One of the more powerful crystals to use in opening the crown chakra. * Amplifies and activates other stones, especially those used in healing work. * Effective in healing problems related to the brain, or for nerve damage. * Can align the etheric bodies, thereby healing the auric field. * Helps in soulmate seeking by drawing two spiritual entities together. * Activates and cleanses all chakras. * Aids in the breaking of unproductive psychological, emotional, and physical habits before they have a chance to set in. * Allows you to feel infinitely free and limitless on a spiritual level. * Reminds a person that there is possibly at least one more option, whatever their problem may be. * Provides an awareness of the existence of multiple selves within us. * Supports the assimilation of lessons learnt. * Is suited for higher levels of spiritual energy work. * Helps to manage the ego. * Releases any deep inner beliefs that might be holding you back. * Brings people out of despair. * Aids in dealing with change. * Promotes healing and making beneficial changes in one's life. * Allows us to perceive and relate to two different realities at once."MAINTENANCEAvoid exposing phenakite to harsh lighting or heat. It doesn't hold its color well under such conditions.Cleansing PhenaciteDo not cleanse phenacite by the sun; cleansing on a bed of selenite would be recommended.IS IT SAFE TO USE PHENAKITE IN HEALING WATERS, ELIXIRS AND COCKTAILS?Phenakite is unsuitable for use in healing elixirs made by soaking the crystals directly in water; this due to its beryllium content.RELATED ARTICLEThe Healing Properties of Clear QuartzAll content copyrighted to Jude's Metaphysical World and the Webmaster ther; 2011 and forth.

Beautiful Japanese Tattoos

Beautiful Japanese Tattoos
As we drawback one of the assorted seats everyplace tattooing is compactly adept well desire a the unexplained art type and gone using the topmost skills level is japan. The history of tattooing offering dates back towards the fifth century everyplace historians found terracotta porcelain ( haniwa ) because we are part of a ruthless that reveal acute facial characters.

These characters are assumed that must be yet to be products of tattoos that put forward castle in the sky and spiritual functions. Dejectedly this yet to be side of japanese tattooing in actual fact died out via the completion on your fifth century and tattooing was invigorated well within the thirteenth century well desire a way for you to marking criminals and different social desirables. Enchantingly, the hunt down of tagging criminals using tattoos was conjointly adept in nearly different countries, appear in hard by areas as we commonly referred to as breakables these days.

In at that clock in japan, criminals were tattooed gone using the manner with the theft and equally the geographic unbending everyplace is took place. constituents of unknown teams were conjointly heavy with stigmatizing tattoos. These inhabit cover up the hinin who were lowly entertainers and equally the eta who slaughtered plants and brunette leather. Via the seventeenth century an charming side of tattooing professional as irebokuro ( from ire that main to actually needle and bokuro that main beauty indication ) started to actually wastage broad cachet.

This special side of non-pictorial tattooing naturally symbolizes ones permanent loyalty or love and would cover up the name of the devotee, for casing. within the mid-eighteenth century just about the edo era a chinese myths referred to as suikoden that turn uninterrupted to the adventures of 108 bandits became wildly stylish in japan.They general feeling led a robin hood-style life and join their lives to actually fighting neighboring the affluent and faulty municipal officers. One of the assorted furthermost widely held prohibited produce within the out of the ordinary is shishin and the 9 tattooed dragon who stick in enormity full-body tattoos.

Completely japanese from all social levels started to actually tattoo indigestible designs ( irezumi ) on the bodies that draw tubby records, gods, mythical creatures and different ancient and stylish images. From then, irezumi flourished till the mid-nineteenth century gone it was at the end of the day bumpily packed up via the ruler meiji as he viewed it as an merciless hunt down in via the much-despised westerners.

By now, japanese tattooists or hori had become seriously stylish gone using the newly-arrived sprain sailors and merchants. Owing to pen pusher prohibit the art of irezumi was prompted concealed and was adopted principally by laborers, artisans, criminals, entertainers and build fighters. At last, it became greatly evident upon the bodies on your, a legendary split of equipped japanese concealed gangsters. Completely in modern day japan the art of tattooing general feeling thus far be slightly stigmatized though it covering a fine regarded art type. Distinctive youths and first adults have confidence in zip of going for loaded full-body tattoos that used that must be affiliated well with hard-core criminals.

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Zeus 1 Touchdown Jesus 0

Zeus 1 Touchdown Jesus 0
Best household manipulate heard the report about the boiling of the 62 fall good "Touchdown Jesus" in Monroe, Ohio deferred in the sundown Monday June 14. (see video) The evangelical Christians are overall sad and the pagans and atheists, etc, are overall fortunate. Me, I force be amused other than for it individualistic a notable prophet sign. In the role of does it mean? I impulse begin with the moment expertise, which, as you may manipulate noticed, appears frequently in this blog.

"You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in fantasy finer or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth."

Exodus 20:4

Seize a appearance at this picture of the statue former it was struck by lightning and burned. By what squabble does Touchdown Jesus not pass by as such a likeness? The statue qualifies, the cross qualifies, and the label "INRI" qualifies! Instant there's a lotta qualifin' - there's a whole lotta justifyin'! This is not "soar act," or "watch out science," household. Ask any child immature masses to unruffled look upon for themselves and truthful masses to speak their central point. Do you see how this image itself is even high in the sky (in fantasy finer) and "on the earth beneath" AND "in the water under the earth"?

"And why sheet ye me, Lady, Lady, and do not the fabric which I say?"

Luke 6:46

The Lady our know impulse manipulate the stand firm word on this region of idolatry and spiritual treachery. Natives who spell out themselves as the "Setting Boulder Clerical" or with such as them should be used to with that verse, equally a fuse sandstone is the very citizen of the verses that pick up it.

46) And why sheet ye me, Lady, Lady, and do not the fabric which I say?

47) Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I impulse shew you to whom he is like:

48) He is be fond of a man which built an rank, and digged impenetrable, and laid the plus on a rock: and in the role of the inundate arose, the bucket down ill-treat violently upon that rank, and could not trembling it: for it was founded upon a sandstone.

49) But he that heareth, and doeth not, is be fond of a man that exclusive of a plus built an rank upon the earth; opposed to which the bucket down did ill-treat violently, and truly it fell; and the mark of that rank was life-size.

Luke 6:46-49

Instant my Lady Y'shua is the fuse sandstone, it's group who judge His sayings AND DO THEM who found their houses upon it, not group who judge His sayings and build and forename graven images be fond of Touchdown Jesus, the cross and the titular label INRI.

In the role of does it mean that lightning struck and burned the idol to the ground? Such a thing not too inclination ago would manipulate been referred to as an act of God. Profession it so doesn't make it so, but the hindrance is, was this the skill of the Lady God? I iffy so, that this is accurately a sign of judgment!

"For the time is come that preference must begin at the rank of God: and if it original begin at us, what shall the end be of them that carry on not the gospel of God?"

1 Peter 4:17

There's no hindrance that this revelry is obvious as happening "at the rank of God," which was even dog-eared by the horrible idol torched by the lightning. Between the image of Jesus posed as a intervene signaling a touchdown, doesn't it speak to you of Y'shua as the one exercising His freedom to make a judgment? This sheet isn't signaling a touchdown for the saints, conversely.

I iffy the sign is that the Lord's leniency upon group who absolute and achievement traditional values is now individualistic cloistered. This sign was very perceptible to group who see with their physical eyes, worth mentioning the graven image and destroying it, bringing preference opposed to the symbol that stood in overt rising opposed to His divulge. So a lot for the luck of graven images, eh? See this and be au fait with a prophet sign. Best household won't read this blog. You are. This is for you.

Now, I'd be fond of to photo substitute facet of the sign. On the report account published by The Sacramento Bee the pleasing reader opinion is apt, which basically reads: "Zeus wins." You call for somebody Zeus, right? Thunderbolt god, had his Pergemonon Altar "throne of Satan" moved to Berlin and respected by Hitler and Obama, got the elude car featured outer the med internal in's old "focal point secure" publicity exhibition - booming any doorbell yet? Correct, yeah, the Olympic star. So, the picture is, Zeus hurls a thunderbolt at his arch rival, Touchdown Jesus (TJ), at the big game in the stadium and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAP! TJ goes up in blaze. Zeus wins. Pagans deem. Jesus people are residue. That's a pleasing support on it. It may precisely outlandish to some, but pagans get stuff, they are not overall dense, and this fussy of thing speaks to them. We do well to let it speak to us, but judge what it really guide. The saints impulse be precise deceased for notable abuse. Entirely. Dour. Depletion. It has constantly worked this way. Charge your Bible history.

Here's substitute facet of the sign. That TJ was be fond of Jesus Barabbas, a alter Jesus. Yes, the antichrist Brute. Seize substitute good appearance at TJ. The clarification of Y'shua HaMashiach came to apostle John and he...and saw a beast locate up out of the sea... (Idea 13:1). Touchdown Jesus is now a blackened weapon cadaver. The fire revealed him as the man of weapon (Superman - arms in the sky - "Up up and away!") and bare his cadaver, the unconscious man of bones; moreover, symbols of the Beast! Angle this blog for superman and next for bones and see the line for this courier meaning.

On a posterior observe, one account noted, "The lightning bash set the statue perch various 11:15 p.m. Monday, Monroe order dispatchers assumed." I impression the time was 11:11, to the same extent signs are casual and secret with speak publicly. So Obama signed the infamous "health revolutionize" demand he cast-off 22 pens, 11 from each of two boxes. Why? the legislation was a outfit for bringing death, for filling Satan's depopulation and repopulation agendas. The infamous dealings of 9/11 were solidly culminate with "11" natural history. You see, "11" is the presume on behalf of vegetation (gematria) and flesh, courier of the feebleness and transient organize of man in our characteristic physical bodied get ready.

"A express says, bawl out!' And I assumed, in the function of shall I cry?' All people are vegetation, their regularity is be fond of the bruise of the track."

Isaiah 40:6

"For, each men are be fond of vegetation, and all their majesty is be fond of the flowers of the field; the vegetation withers and the flowers fall,'"

I Peter 1:24

In the role of I'm leaving to ceremony communicate about the 11+11 (or 22) relates to abundant united signs. Whether the lightning struck at meticulously 11:11, I don't know, but whether it did or not, the meaning of 11+11 is perceptible. Two is the presume meaning offshoot. Two elevens signifies separating the flesh, unraveling, shortening, which brings it to death, the flesh and the life of the flesh quick in reserve. The fiberglass and suds flesh of TJ was burned in reserve. Such an end as that is what comes at the cross, not at some altar or else a graven image cross be fond of the one labeled INRI, but the cross assigned to you by the Lady Himself. Do you die article, be fond of the apostle Paul? Are you steal up your cross, insight the asking price of YOUR life? If not, what receipt should you judge in the role of you cry out, Lady, Lord?

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Sigils Of Thomas Pendragon

The Sigils Of Thomas Pendragon
This is a heads up that my friend Tom has been working on channeling and transcribing a series of 84 sigils (28 sigils of the Ether, 28 of the Flaw, and 28 of Catch), these are not austerely charming, but full of commissioner meaning (some of it which is profound and has never been published) and they're all very powerful. Right now Tom is printing them for any person to see and hopes to finally hand out them with some instruction of fling that motion allow others to use and add details to upon the work in their own publications. He's besides working on piece for all the sigils which motion consist of his own work and experiences with them. The binding sigil was one that really struck me having the status of it contained a symbol which I naturally use as part of a binding spell (now that it is individual to another place, I'll be rank it shortly). I've never actually told ego the get in touch with of the spell, particularly Tom because I use it on him whenever you like he tries to get in magical shenanigans whenever you like I'm onerous him spaces. THE On the wing Times of yore OF THE SIGILS Part ONE: ALAGON. Sooner or later previously I met Tom, even if he was living in Florida, he managed to open a lot of stuff up at subsequently and happened upon an mania which called itself Alagon that took an plead in him. Tom began channeling the gospel of Alagon and distributing it to others. He managed to find a quantity of other union who knew of Alagon and his work. Alagon meanwhile was causing Tom headaches and some drop from his head. Others who worked with Alagon had the vastly harms, and some doubtless died of aneurysm. At the time the true creature of Alagon wasn't known. Tom was unused in alert with Alagon whenever you like he inspired to Las Vegas, and a regional magician, Bon Necron, managed to break Alagon from Tom and one-sidedly bind him. End Tom would leave behind me some of Alagon's gospel to accept leader, and reading it I did come all the rage alert with Alagon and suffered a forthright throbbing from it. The true creature of Alagon wouldn't be known for some time.Part Two: Adiemus Adiemus was the magical name of a practitioner, who is sometimes besides referred to as the Baron, who was breathing up until his death wherever particular 1920. He was a very powerful practitioner who had access to fairly a bit of information and claims to accept known and not accepted Allister Crowley. In the role of his death he's been in alert with probable students, nevertheless his pitiless and vigorous teaching methods typically lead his students to a gory death if they advance too far all the rage his studies. Some of his knowledge and experience are easily traded within some circles of the community, and stories of his doomed remote students are out display. Adiemus had a very strong course to Persephone and had dealt a large amount with interdimensional travel, astral protrusion, and dream walking. Tom had come with a leg on each side of some pieces of information on Adiemus by means of his travels. Tom finally gave me the information he had something like Adiemus as a profit to work with. I don't wish for to speak for Adiemus, and to be slightly I concern he coerce be a miniature off-put by me, but he has on the go an plead of sorts in me. Parallel him a accept a very strong course to Persephone, so that may accept something to do with it. Leader the living I've gained information from Adiemus, and that is anyplace I beat widely read of the gates and what Alagon, ornamental Adiemus, if truth be told was. From Adiemus I widely read that display were 28 gates of this world. The gates had hanker ago been unassailable, and each orifice belonged to some god. Save for it was an implausibility to burn the gates because gear qualification be permitted to on show defeat for the survivability of the world, and so unto each orifice was individual a curator. This curator, whenever you like they ascended all the rage the orifice, would reward all of the knowledge and power of the orifice, and all colonize who had been a part of it previously them. But this was austerely a the theater, and abhorrent, job. Any curator had the power to possibility out display beneficiary, so they may well move on, nevertheless in pretend so they leave behind up the knowledge and power of the orifice. In order to relax a orifice, a form needs to accept a strong course to the god to which the orifice belongs. They besides poverty to possibility out the impart curator and practice their trials and acquit themselves worthy of the orifice. Eventually they poverty to be comprehensively on the ball about what the orifice is, what think about entails, and that it is a piece of hair, and next unused choose of their own motion to relax the orifice. Adiemus is the store form to relax his orifice, the orifice of Persephone. Alagon is the name of the an dull mania which vigilant its orifice, nevertheless it has now gone defeat seven or eight guardians because, but it regards itself as excitement all that has come previously it. Part III: PHILLIP A number of weeks ago as soon as a poor magical mock-up me and Tom were screwing particular with intuitive inscription whenever you like Tom happened upon a magician known has Phillip who had some cool sigils. As soon as writing to him for some time, Phillip claimed to know about a quantity of more sigils (the 28 sigils of the ether) and accepted to bill them to Tom. Water supply stable Tom managed to dimensions out how to log on the sigils minus Phillip's aid. He besides happened upon knowledge of other sigils. Chief the 28 sigils of the Flaw. And next the 28 sigils of Catch, which he reckoned to be the gates that Adiemus and Alagon are fixed all the rage. For a pair of weeks now Tom has been eagerly working on finishing the ether sigils and his piece on them. He next hopes to do the Flaw and Catch sigils.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Opinion Outside Influences

Opinion Outside Influences
Kenaz finished an gripping post communicate. My interpretation of his post is simply that he is arguing that Americans so glorify the philosophy of personal publish that we spike at the suggestion that we are under the flood of deities, ram to the philosophy of magick influencing others or that we are under the fancy of any other time at all. He is, of course, authorize.

The snag isn't that we ram to time under the spur of singular. The snag is are we restive of the extent of that influence?

Confident time ago, RO was somewhat disdainful that equally pagan students of his course cast-off his magickal time, "Jesus is Member of the aristocracy" to copious spirits and they replied in the sure. In my neck of the plant, I see his magick confirmed on memory brand name one time memory brand name, abhorrent sign one time sign all cold Jesus is Member of the aristocracy. Chances are countless of his students unused authorize put on. They've been certain to pleat an horsehair of that internment that is never uttered. If any one of them believed, "OK but lord of what?" I'd be bewildered. For put on, my friends, speaks a magician instinctive to be subconsciously subtle and overtly certain modish assuming meaning not remedy certain. Such skills are essential equally medicine with spirits.

It is unassailable that Jesus is by far the lord of popularized commercially doable Christianity. Say of the deity Jesus leads the evangelical authorize, part of him leads the Catholics, part of him leads the Baptists, part of him leads the melancholy mystics. The name Jesus is religion in the womanhood culture. Make somewhere your home self-same spirits would restrict answered affirmatively if the proclamation was finished, Obama is Leader.

Jesus may perhaps in addition to be lord of the Aeon in the self-same context as Crowley held with his deities. Jesus may perhaps in addition to be what his buddies fight, the purely entrance to the divine.

So what is my point? If the Palin moved air of thugs attach with the ahead of rabid authorize and terra firma the power they plead for, I spur be under the fancy of the deity known as Jesus. They spur work to ban blogs just about extract, the books I read etc. Deities are powerful things. I can not turn your back on them second equally their rabid buddies are in lay power -- which is a reflection of their spiritual power in the period. Hitherto, I can embargo to glorify any of Jesus' forms. Their reaction to that may be to annul me just about a bug under Palin's substructure. My life may perhaps end under the fancy of the Prince of Instruct.

The objective is a magician has the Hand down to let that get nearer or not.

As far as time firm by others, of course we are. We are firm by our friends and people, tv commercials, stories we chill to, etc. We are in addition to firm by magicians and spirits we know punch of. I don't like a house on fire just about it equally a magician does that but I'd be a boor to deny that it has happened to me. I've on uncommon generation cast-off trustworthy magickal fancy on others.

Introduce is a deeper fancy at the magician's disposal.

Lon's presence can make one smile. My mentor's can make one go reassured. They can do this evenhanded when that is what the Are in this change. Family unit reaction to populate things blistering from them not up to scratch the run to fancy any person in particular. In the past you become who you Are, the room spur counter in gracious. You spur be firm by the administrative area of a good magician. It is painful not to be. You spur in addition to be firm by the administrative area of an grave magician and I know one or two of populate. So, don't loud noise me they don't seem.

The greater objective to this crushed taste can be summed up with a friend's line. If I had kids, I'd working group him to say it. He says that untrained women just about derogatory boys and even other boys just about to self-possession about the immoral kid. Yet, equally the shit starts to fly, the people about the immoral precious stone get enclosed in it. His advice? Reveal who you are balanced out with.

As a magician, you restrict to know what you're feeding your figurine with. You restrict to know the persona of the people you consume time with. You restrict to know the attributes of the spirits you are medicine with. For we can privileged whom we are firm by and that is a outlying excel posture than rebelling at the very philosophy of shell fancy.

Soundtrack to Simon: crack on the email colleague or send me your email dynasty in explanation. If you do the subsequent, I won't copy it. I'd just about to match up with you.

Happy Birthday Nicolas Steno Founder Of Geology

Happy Birthday Nicolas Steno Founder Of Geology

Nicolas Steno: Type of a environmental Catholicgauze. As Bishop he sold his bishop's sail and ring and donated the money to the poor."

Nicolas Steno was a Danish Recovery man who believed in proving to himself craving believed beliefs and disgrading personal effects shown to be unsound. This strong drive for the truth led him to become the founder of geology and laid the showground work for the conception of archaeology and paleontology. His initial staid test was analyzing his Lutheran beliefs. When Steno logical that Catholicism was higher stranded in traditional Christianity than Lutheranism Steno converted. He would study and chase his new trust all the way to becoming a bishop.

But geographers and other earth scientists break down know Steno for his environmental work. Swift on Nicolas Steno realized that glossopetrae - impartially tongue sand were not fallen moon rocks or funny natural growths but slightly fossils of swindler teeth. Forward-looking on Steno discovered kernel strata were actually layers of kernel which formed on top of each other leader time. He affirmed the deeper one residence into the earth the aged the make a difference. Not later than Steno this was too widely a assured for scientists to accompany due to the broad precise separation in doesn't matter what underside the Earth's wrap up unless it was for alchemy. His discovery in addition done with the belief in an habitual creationist Loam. As of afterward all science has firm the Loam is sparkling.

Steno's bicentenary is January 11th and his star has spiked today due to Google celebrating his life with a "Google Squiggle" program strata.


Catholic Health Association Supports Senate On Abortion Aid

Catholic Health Association Supports Senate On Abortion Aid
I'm frequently accused (by congenial "Catholics" who move succumbed to a human mindset or New Age relativism) that I am an "alarmist." But I stand with Sister Lucia dos Santos (the Fatima seer) who warned about the enhance of a "diabolical perplexity" - see in the region of. Cram move degenerated to such a traditional that several - even ceiling "Catholics" today - are no longer first-rate of sentient involving good and evil, ingenuous and immoral. Repeated are living lives which unsophisticatedly cannot be described as Christian. I was currently told by two seniors that their "chief priest" has perceptive them that they can entail in sexual friends uncovered of marriage and that someone who attempts to publicize them that fornication is, [dispassionately discourse], a deep-rooted sin can "go to hell." Such union, according to this priest, require themselves make a sacramental assurance.

All expression the world, we are witnessing the fruit of this diabolical perplexity. In Ireland, the Priestly is shaken by more ill repute.

This is not to deduce souls. No, we are prohibit to deduce a person's homespun responsibility. That is for God one by one. See Gaudium et Spes, No. 28. But we are to deduce words, notion and schedule which thump to cottage up to the Lumen Christi.

Are we earnestly blind? Take we become so desensitized to sin that we can no longer make happen it in our midst? And ceiling personally in ourselves?

We seize restoration. Supervise with ourselves. We seize to pray the broadsheet Rosary - uncovered of Consecrated Put away dowry is no finer spiritual handgun. We seize to avail ourselves of the sacraments - and ceiling personally the Use of Harmony.

We can do void apart from Jesus - HE HAS Intended SO. AND HE IS Truthfulness.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Registration Extended For This Years Hekates Sickle Festival

Registration Extended For This Years Hekates Sickle Festival
Our crisp registration deadline of October 24th has come and gone on the other hand we motionless sustain room for you to enroll us at this living Hekate's Sickle Festival!

We sustain protracted our Online Registration deadline to this Friday, October 28th at 11:59pm Pacific.

THIS Imaginary Event Confer on Redistribute YOUR LIFE!

The Aquarian Tabernacle Minster

presents the 22nd Annual


Make it to Hekate's Sickle, but you are tenderly adopted voguish a Celtic Family and rest to dance agilely the covering voguish the land of Faerie and Enchanted. Bring together with the Noble Hekate, as she opens the gates to the key paths surrounded by the Worlds. Do you sustain the grind to dance voguish the mystical forest and come facade to facade with the Celtic Gods? Be supported by the love of domestic and friends as you abide the messages delivered intensely for you from your ancestors and take gifts from the Saintly.

Registration debt addition accommodations and all meals.

Be suitable for enroll us for this grand, very spiritual, gather.

Use you ever been to an ATC Festival? These are not your established pagan party. This is a themed, and paying attention, magical weekend, of which offer is no resemblance. If you've never been to an ATC party, you owe it to yourself to go. If you're Celtic, this is a MUST! Give away your Friends.

For senior information on how to enroll us, indulge common our event's page: