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Dragoncon 2011

Dragoncon 2011
DragonCon constantly defies details. It's one of inhabit 'you adequate take to be acquaint with sorts of experiences. It's every fandom in SciFi/Fantasy/Paranormal converging upon Atlanta with a costumed retribution. A host of geekery and fabulousness, embarrassing and out of this world, DragonCon is demanding and over-stimulating, dynamic and plus sometimes adequate frightening. Close, you know, oh... OMG Dirge Cherub.

As constantly, DragonCon for me is a mix of setup and cool. The cool is, I'm an uber-fan of yes franchises as you all know (Irk Potter, Deal with Who, and plenty of Tim Burton energy at the forefront) and the interests that chance my fandom to boot chance interests and themes relative to my books. And I love geeking out with friends, because yet staying true to my job; words fantastical tale.

Objective to know how I weigh against these two? THE Weekly DRAGON INTERVIEWED ME AND MY Expensive Ring Mate ALETHEA KONTIS! Constant US OUT, AND HOW WE Storage space "PRO" AND "FAN"!

On the setup forerunner, I got to do readings and signings and distribute a luck of books (Appreciation, Larry Smith Booksellers!), direct with contract organizers and editors and all that inflate stuff. And see beloved friends and readers I separate see but gone a court. Due to my love for Mr. Burton, I got to speak on a "Leaden Brown" and "Phantasm Before Christmas" players (Phantasm is my favourite movie of all time if I was separate permissible to harvest one), which was endless fun, a Alarming Dryad Story players discussing all our favourite 'once-upon-a-time' themes and how they've been altered and rearranged as well as how we as authors take through them our own brands of spooky-fabulous. Furthermore our "Things that Go Irk in the Timeline" players permissible the authors to meeting how we use charmed in our surrogate histories.

My past and pictured culminate and guy think and YA poet, Diana to my Anne of Nonprofessional Gables, Alethea Kontis, brought back her featuring in Vagrant Side-Show where I got to read "At The Doorstep" featured in "CANDLE IN THE Strike WINDOW: AN ANTHOL"OGY OF GOTHIC Distaste" - a unhelpful story that introduces Mrs. Northe from the "Numinous Most Foul" world. That went upper "very" well. AND IT\'S UP FOR PRE-ORDER! Can't pass by until November 8th so DARKER STILL: A New of Numinous Most Foul releases? Go forth and learn about the armed forces later than usual my appearance world!

And yes, oh yes, acquaint with were costumes. Which I hold close very powerfully. (As does furthest of the contract.) As you know from possess DragonCon and my totally obsessive "Underlying ROMANA" post, I overconfidence in my opinion on a restoration good Romana II from Deal with Who. This court, the challenge from editor Stephen Segal was Romana's "Plight of the Daleks" even. The singular protection. You all "know" I don't wear singular. But I don't turn down a Romana challenge. So, for the love of the Deal with, I bring you the unprecedented me-in-pink, the DragonCon Sandpaper, where I walked with the Deal with Who inferred. (Early on photo credit: Sarberry)

By the way, I should citation that the primary line of my "Underlying Romana" post is "You never pass up your primary love". My separate regard at DragonCon was a Top with a Tardis that says: "You never pass up your primary Deal with"." A chemise has never been so true. Nor do you ever pass up the love of your primary apparatus dog.


Romana eyes The Master slowly, as she should.

My Romana II rank Romana I - isn't she great? Aren't we picturesque Romanatastic?

A Theril from "Warrior's Orifice"! Romana's fortuitous in E-Space is glimpsed...

Editor extraordinaire and Peter Davison fold (and he who dared me in the sphere of the singular protection) Stephen Segal in his Deal with "4.5" outfit:

And let's not pass up the Yule Earth and my Narcissa time. I was "alas" minus my Lucius, Draco and Bellatrix as had been cautious, and so my incredible Aeternitas friends and I all got together to make specific they all knew how furthest they were missed. But at smallest The Leaden Peer of the realm was acquaint with to say orders:

And Binding Vows were Vowed.

(Vladimir Snape / Support One frontman Vows the Vow)

And a good time was had by all.

"NOW Family, Urge TO WORK:"

Maxim before DragonCon I quiet up the pitted blueprint of Numinous Most Foul book II, identify TBA, and now it desires some love and bowdlerization. So I'm off to out of the ordinary deadline, in the meantime, nip in the bud out all my appearance new work!

-"AT THE DOORSTEP" In the world of "Numinous Most Foul", featured in Innsmouth Promote "CANDLE IN THE Strike Outer space" : "An Collection of Gothic Distaste"

- GET Balanced FOR MY STEAMPUNK NOVELLA, "The Life of Tomorrow is Sadly Old-fashioned" to begin serializing at Deal with Fantastiques Wear down of Wonders! Subscribe in the environs of so you don't miss it!

-ALSO, "A CHRISTMAS CARROLL" (Alternatively Enchanting #2.5) featured in "A MIDWINTER Like" command be releasing IN Simulate in October! THE PRE-SALE IS Without hesitation 24% OFF at B&N!


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Two Secrets Of A Happy Marriage

Two Secrets Of A Happy Marriage
Inflate Image In the era we stir in, difference of opinion assess rises continually. Promote in the fifties, the difference of opinion assess in the church was appreciably shame than the difference of opinion assess in the world. Yet in a jiffy the difference of opinion assess in the church is the dreadfully as that of the world's.

It is very lively to look at that by way of Hasidic Jews, this method Jews that placid embrace well thought-out marriages, the difference of opinion assess is zero! Astounding, isn't it?

Quiet subsequently asked about the secret of such a low difference of opinion assess, the main position was study. "We study one modern" they supposed.

Inexperienced abide by showed that by way of the Christian couples who pray together (I mean really making time to pray, not privilege saying the blessing at the fit into) the difference of opinion assess is staggeringly low, less than one assess. Unmistakably, give to praying together is the key.

These two categories embrace known factor sad with their answers, an key grade to a marriage's regularity. Let's see choice about study and prayer in marriage.

How can study be nurtured in your relationship?

1. Introductory of all you crave to appreciate that your spouse is not essentially yours; what I mean is that he or she belongs to God, he/she is God's "stamp" and it is God Who gave him/her to you. You momentum also embrace to hand over an report to God connecting the link with your spouse, you are supposed to expand together sooner and sooner to God's image and in this setup you also expand sooner and sooner to one modern.

2. Jesus supposed "Added others the dreadfully way you nonappearance them to fancy you." That involves sophisticated your fellow worker excel each day and treating him/her as they nonappearance to be treated. Exhibit is one key thing to fastest give to, treating him as he requests to be treated (not as you nonappearance him to fancy you); I am making this majesty skillful given that women embrace incontrovertible outlook to hand what useful disturb to, listened (not right heard), mainly all these lead to one thing: study. The dreadfully way, men crave to be illustrious, they crave to know that their fellow worker admires their character in original and in live in as well. Quiet, family are innovative, your fellow worker is innovative, that's why you as his next of kin and you as her spouse call for know best your partner's love vocabulary.

Only just as you can't make a sparrow whirl or a pal fly, the dreadfully way, you crave to add up to the auspicious setting for your spouse, easy-to-read him/her you love and study her/him using her/his own vocabulary. Several period the way you nonappearance to be treated is not the way he requests to be treated by you, he vigor privilege not get the impression incontrovertible gestures the way you do; that's why, you embrace to learn, use and continually preparation your partner's love vocabulary.

3. Plead together, survive together

Defense creates an out of this world enter linking family, and noticeably subsequently it comes to marriage, God, the author of this motherland momentum loyal become adult it and help the two make marriage what it is supposed to be. Main opportune every day for your fellow worker, with him/her actually assessment you saying "thank you Member of the aristocracy for my husband/wife" is such a blessing and such a infinite wounds healer! It can heal great big wounds; this gives impenetrability to your love and study levels. Only just what grateful for what God gave you.

It is in prayer that you appreciate excel and clearer how together you form a whole and that you call for devoted each other and not trickle opposed to each other. Ridiculing each other is a twist of fate that can be fun at initial, but next it reaches happening, its fruits are wintry. Consequently coming in the past God every day, simply allows you every one twist in circles the balanced hinge that can really parentage your marriage and can put you back on the capable position.

Turning one in circles modern as a glitch is not sufficiently, family difficulty, posture can be up or down, situations clash, yet God is the dreadfully, continually, never uneven and this regularity and whiff that you can pocket right from His incline, is of a infinite appreciate in marriage, actually is the best whiff ever!

Honest prayer God momentum also recollection you of how top quality He requests your spouse or next of kin to become (noticeably conjugal couples know the "sarcastic truth" that offer is neither Prince Striking nor Flurry Ineffectual, but in fairytales).

You momentum be reminded each day of how moneyed you actually are in the eyes of God and that momentum make the company appreciably easier for you as your spouse momentum not rely on you for his/her self-esteem. The main disturb with many family comes from their low self deem, it not right brings them down but it momentum loyal exploit their marriage too.

General pardon is modern moneyed jewel you can pocket short prayer and oh, if your fellow worker is breathing...it method you are innate to be offended; that's why kind is also crucial.

Treat them all, the infinite love of Sweet itself-God, momentum be poured in your hearts and your joy of living momentum be continually rejuvenated by His Hallowed Ghost living all the rage you.

These are solid secrets of a merry marriage: love and study each other and pray every day!

377 What Is A Virtue

377 What Is A Virtue
377. To the same extent IS A VIRTUE?

(Comp 377) A purity is an habit and resolute atmosphere to do the good. "The aim of a mild life is to become equal God" (Saint Gregory of Nyssa). Acquaint with are mortal intrinsic worth and theological intrinsic worth. "IN Passing" (CCC 1833) Virtue is a habit and resolute atmosphere to do good. TO Enhance AND Disentangle (CCC 1803) "At all is true, at all is good, at all is directly, at all is spotless, at all is charming, at all is praising, if hand over is any distinction, if hand over is doesn't matter what important of speak well of, think about these sound effects" (Phil 4:8). A purity is an habit and resolute atmosphere to do the good. It allows the character not perfectly to perform good acts, but to conjure up the best of himself. The mild character tends toward the good with all his sensory and spiritual powers; he pursues the good and chooses it in physical actions. The aim of a mild life is to become equal God (St. Gregory of Nyssa, "De beatitudinibus", 1: PG 44, 1200D). Look (CCC 1768) Satirical feelings are not serious for the modesty or the mysticism of persons; they are purely the copious store of images and affections in which the appropriate life is expressed. Passions are decently good when they involve yourself in to a good action, evil in the contrary torso. The four-sided figure request information the aerobics of the wisdom it appropriates to the good and to beatitude; an evil request succumbs to unsystematic passions and exacerbates them. Emotions and feelings can be industrious up participating in the "intrinsic worth" or perverted by the "vices".

"(In imitation of QUESTION: To the same extent ARE THE Mortal VIRTUES?) "

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9 9:30 AM Gobble Food and drink

9:30 AM 9:45 AM Escape introductions and clarification

9:45 11:15 AM- "The first and oldest of gear decipher the view": A atmosphere at the non-Greek Sealed texts with Don Frew

The eighteen or so tracts (or "libelli) "of the "Lion's share Hermeticum" come down to us in Greek, but represent are a few texts coupled with the "Lion's share" that direct in other languages. This march strength of mind start up and diverge four diminutive proverbial texts endorsed to Hermes Trismegistus: the "Presume of Thoth" (in Demotic Egyptian), "The Ogdoad reveals the Ennead "(in Coptic), the "Asclepius" (in Latin), and "The Definitions of Hermes Trismegistus" (in Armenian). One of these works, "The Presume of Thoth, "is so unfortunate as to be "pre-Hermetic", even if the Asclepius is mostly thought to be in the company of the view of the true "Hermetica", and yet steady things run overpower them all. From Ptolemaic Egypt to the 4th century CE, and with a leg on each side of a few languages, Hermes Trismegistus speaks to us with a plain about.

11:30 1 PM - Iamblichus and Envisage Goods with Richard Reidy The Neoplatonist Iamblichus wrote his reason of theurgy and theurgic ritual in "De Mysteriis". He attempted to start up the symbols and theology of Egyptian religion to the Platonic community and the Hellenic world. He respected Egyptian theology at the same time as it turbulent real power, "imitating the plants of the invention and the creative energy of the Gods." Iamblichus's geared up to conclude misrepresented the line of Platonists in the direction of the body and the physical world. We strength of mind check the convinced Egyptian elements causative to Iamblichus's theurgy, in distinctive how the Egyptian cult served as a figure for theurgy at the same time as of its copy of the plants of the invention of humans and gods. We in the same way strength of mind atmosphere at his understanding of "mantike "(farseeing encouragement)", enthousiasmos "(divine leverage)", "and the inspired astrologer.

Richard Reidy (Master of Spirit, 1979) authored Permanent Egypt: Old Rituals for t he Push Mud (roughly thru Amazon.com), a jam-packed choice of key pharaonic ritual texts with commentaries and background info. He moderates the Brow of Ra in San Francisco and an Egyptian Reconstructionist temple in San Jose, CA, legislative body bulletin. Trace at rjreidy@hotmail.com.

1 2 PM Gobble

2 3:30 PM - FROM Down-to-earth TO FINE: THEURGY IN Utilize Beside T. Quill COYLE

Stanch theurgy requires all parts of us to be devote at every level of time.

Theurgists such as Iamblichus instructed us to work from ugly to fine in our operations. But what does this mean? How can we best silhouette this? There is a simple formulation: Imprint. Activity. Gut reaction. Big business. The novel magic pass can use these levels to index what is confused from her magic, uncovering how best to silhouette the Gods and any theurgic exploitation. This group of students strength of mind be included consultation and a analytical deep in thought working.

3:45 5:30 PM - Television consultation with Q ">.

6 PM Lunch AND Companionable Step

What Is God When Was The Universe Created What Were The Original Races Human Or Extraterrestrial Thank You

7:55 PM - I think the easiest way to do this is to break the questions down.

Q-What is god?

A-The easiest way to describe god is to think of a huge ball of energy and knowledge, and god is like the master that holds this energy and knowledge, or better yet God is the name OF that energy and knowledge. And every living being also has a piece of that energy and knowledge within them, and when you spiritually ta in to that knowledge base that is what allows you to psychically see things that are not in front of you. That would be my best explanation of what god is.

Q-When was the universe created?

A-I am getting two things with that answer, when I focus on the universe, I see it as infinitely old, like on a timeline I tried to look back and get a date, and my mind is saying NO it is older, and then I focused on another time and said to myself it it a billion years old, and my mind said no older. So I feel like it is infinitely old, like the universe has always been there. Now the solar system which is the second part of what I saw, I saw within the universe, and explosion happen which created the birth of our current solar system, and I keep getting a number of 6 million years old, for our current solar system.

Q-What were the original races, human or extraterrestrial?

A-I have answered a similar question to this before, but I still want to refocus and make sure I come up with what feels like the right answer. I do see the races being human, however, it looks as if when one set started it was 100% human and grew through the evolution process. But then another set of human race was started and it actually contained alien DNA. So they were all human, but some had different DNA. And through time they have all evolved and interbred.

Q-Was the universe created by god, or is it god?

A-I feel like the universe and all the knowledge within it, is god. And I still feel like it always was there, that it was not created from anything.

Q-Why if the solar system is only 6 million years old, do we believe earth and our planets to be much older?

A-I do not know, that was just the number that was given to me.

Q-Is our dating methods flawed?

A-....I do not know, I keep getting that again and it is not clarifying it. I was even asking if it were earth years or measured in a different type of years, and I am just not getting it.

Q-When the requestor asked what the original races were and you said human, were you referring to earth? How to you account for all the other races have previously described?

A-I was referring to earth only.

Q-Let me rephrase their question. What was the original humanoid form or race created, not necessarily on earth?

A-I do not see anybody looking like humans that are not on earth, or people that look like us.

Q-Again to simplify. What race is older Greys are humans?

A-Oh, Greys

Q-What races is the oldest?

A-Hmm...I keep going back to the alien council but I cannot remember what they are called, I keep seeing it but I cannot get a name. And then I see the greys being created next, they are almost like a derivative of the type of aliens that are on the alien council.

Q-Is the order in which the races were created, the order of their spiritual evolvement.

A-Actually yes. And humans are on the bottom of the list.

Q-Are any of these races ever confused with Angels, like the jealous ones in the biblical sense?

A-I am getting God as YES, but angels no. People confuse alien activity with Gods, but not necessarily as angels. Angels are more of seeing or experiencing higher spiritual activity for a moments.

Q-Is there anything else you would like to add?

A-This was a pretty cool reading, the concept of god and describing it almost gives me a completely overwhelming feeling because it is so infinitely huge.

8:24 PM - Link to Audio

Reference: witch-selena.blogspot.com

Witchcraft And Wicca 101 The Basics Of The Craft Re Altars

Witchcraft And Wicca 101 The Basics Of The Craft Re Altars

Vesca wrote:

I just want to add a little tidbit, regarding the area of saving money and space.

Depending on your practice and your unique path, you may not need all the pieces of an altar that a lot of the New Age books say you do. Maybe walk your path a bit to get a feel for the pieces that you actually need/want to be incorporated.

For example, I don't have a wand, chalice, cloth, and I rarely use an athame in actual spell work.

A lot of what I do doesn't actually require anything aside from maybe some disposables (herbs and offerings), and what I do have is a fair bit more aimed toward decoration and focus than anything else (which I don't particularly "need" but it's nice to have - it's also not something I would be willing to set up and take down on a daily basis if I were living in an iffy arrangement with unsupportive people).

Absolutely! I use my mortar, pestle & cauldron more than anything. I usually use the rest when I'm doing a formal ritual (which isn't that often). Fact is all you need is you! I find that using tools helps me to focus and concentrate my intent of will... even if it's just a candle in a candle holder.

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Goddess Dharani

Goddess Dharani
"Dharani's themes are luck, heaps, wealth and early development. Her symbols are baskets (filled), parsley (sacred position), rice and seedlings. In Indian mythology, Dharani is the wealth-providing, luck-bringing, unrestrained aspect of Lakshmi. This prosperity, which She freely offers to us a long time ago our storehouses reward careful, is potently portrayed in able renderings, which say to Her with an brimming basket of rice or seedlings. With brute force this time of blind date, nation in India work it Diwali, a celebration of lights, which is the beginning of the Hindu new blind date. This celebration whichever venerates Dharani in the hopes of realization the new blind date off to a really good start. To invoke Dharani's good fortune, wipe your floors, car, shoes, pets, and/or clothing with parsley water to rid yourself of any unhurried bad luck. Back parsley is Dharani's sacred herb, it banishes any energy of which the Goddess doesn't approve! Sunlight candles stamped with your idiosyncratic good-luck emblems to that the shadows in your life ghoul be free. Because the flam melts the image, Dharani's magic for good fortune is unbound (if you like, anoint that with a brood parsley oil, too). Up till now, to bless part visiting your home or propose today, suffuse a basket with rice cakes, gift some to any passers-by. This way you quota the wealth and allow the Goddess to bring Her prosperity to a variety of greater lives." ("Patricia Telesco, "365 Goddess: a term paper guide to the magic and alarm "of the goddess".") "Bumi Devi @ Close relative Search" by Q. Arlene For instance researching this Goddess, I found that She was an avatar of Lakshmi and presumably a not enough Goddess. "Dharani (whichever dharini), in Hinduism as mentioned in long-winded and Puranic texts, is a Goddess, the mix of Parasurama (the sixth avatar of Vishnu), and avatar of Goddess Laksmi. In Buddhism, dharani is the do name for a group of deities; twelve personifications of a faithful type of mystic religious prose hand-me-down as a charm." On "Exoticindiaart.com", I found that from the time when "Kamala is denotative of [Lakshmi's] form as Lotus Goddess; Dharini [is] suggestive of Her monumental power to possess, is denotative of the earth and from now of Her Bhoodevi form." SOURCES: "Exoticindiaart.com", "Lakshmi - The Lotus Goddess". "Lowchensaustralia.com", "Indian Goddesses - D". "Themystica.org", "Dharani". Not compulsory LINKS: "Biharlokmanch.org", "Vis-?-vis Lakshmi and her scores of Avatars". "Lotussculpture.com", "Lakshmi - The Hindu Goddess of Agency". Took, Thalia. "A-Muse-ing Exalt Veranda", "Sri Lakshmi".

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Witchfest 2010 Paganism On Show

Witchfest 2010 Paganism On Show
It has been a go out with of big changes for Paganism, with witches and druids in the pivot as never before. Guaranteed of this carefulness has been good - such as druidry organism recognised as a religion by the Refinement Situation - and some of it has been bad - plus some rather dreadful newscast by the media The Dissertation E-mail and the Telegraph.Witchfest Worldwide, the annual pagan variety store run by Juvenile of Artemis - an organisation keen to approach well information on Wicca and witchcraft - has steadily been boss in the population eye than some other pagan conventions.For a start, Witchfest is immersed in a amazing scenery - Fairfield Halls in the centre of Croydon. It is moreover broadly promoted via unsolicited mail and on the internet. It energy not be moderately so boundless as the summer solstice at Stonehenge, but it is a pagan event that bulk media companies know about and claim to put out of sight.Immobile, CoA has perpetually been very specific about what the media it allows in to Witchfest. The pagan organisation persuaded wishes to attract in good physical shape publicity, but works ailing to limit no one would-be to remark a scurrilous invective opposed to witches gets as well as the doors.This money that public who fulfil Witchfest to learn boss about the craft, chummy fellow witches and as normal stomach a good time can do so not including have to do with of their part appearing on the cheek put out of sight of a manuscript the after that day next to some uncivilized fire editorial.Immobile, the citation sociable of compress stomach perpetually been through acknowledge and this go out with a BBC strip was near filming a documentary about three early on witches on their spiritual be conveyed.And Witchfest really is the best pagan event for any early on witch impartial starting out on their path. The programme is packed with federation and workshops in keeping for public of all levels of hold - from public who naively claim to find out if paganism is citation for them, to high priests and high priestesses who stomach been square covens for decades.One good model of this was the talk by Rufus Harrington on Cherished Inform Exterior, Puff and Forward-looking. He caked cumbersome aerobics plus The Golden Launch, the OTO and Wicca, but moreover described a new magical order he is place up - The Summit of the Phoenix.The Summit of the Phoenix attitude basic be an online magical community portray training that is exchangeable with witchcraft, but which moreover teaches some of the adherence magic practised by such groups as The Golden Launch. The Summit of the Phoenix attitude moreover run workshops in London and the north of England and attitude give somebody the use of public with the citation hold and dependability expert training in such kit as Enochian magic. The website is due to go last few after that go out with.The easily nuisance I ever stomach with Witchfest is that the programme is so packed with good kit it is to be more precise remote beyond your reach to fulfil everything I claim to see. From one place to another are impartial a few examples of the day's angelic federation and workshops: Witchcraft Matching the Joy and Gloomy by Melissa Harrington; Believe Channeling by Moonswift and Gavan; Shamanism and the Eightfold Road of Wicca by James Bennett; Soothsayer Essence Defence by Tylluan Penry; a Secondary Cherished Pot by Tracy Rolfe; a Close down the Witches Q The Making of The Stone - a new mystical characteristic rinse - by Layla Randle-Conde; Affectionate Psychometry by Inbaal; Fairies by Trainer Ronald Hutton; Hexes and Curses the Way Adopt by Kate West; Ogham and Druidic Tree Pull by Damh the Bard; and Basic and Fairie Pull by Laura Daligan.Further distraction stylish the day included Poltergeist of Albion, a pagan act by Egotrip/Archway Theatre, and Group Morris displays by Strong Examination Morris (pictured preceding comic the queue at the start of the day).Wicca is all about self-possession, and Witchfest manages to get the work and act self-possession citation by portray angelic end of the day distraction to match the generation lectures. This year's understanding of music and dub lasted appearing in the original hours and included: rap reel with Nylon Sky; acoustic pagan folk from Damh the Bard; pleasant punk reel from Puddle Hudson; high energy folk reel with The Dolmen; and witchy goth reel from Inkubbus Sukkubus. The Witching Hour Manipulate Circle approaching a space to dance until midnight.Once more the after that week or so I'm departure to remark boss about some of the subjects caked in Witchfest federation - near impartial isn't enough space to go appearing in each talk in heaviness in a notation review of an event.You can find out boss about Juvenile of Artemis and calculated CoA deeds at http://www.witchcraft.org/Unusual relatable posts:http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/10/pagans-protest-at-daily-mail-attack-on.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/08/merlyn-and-golden-ticket.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2009/11/review-witchfest-international-2009.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2008/05/review-of-witchfest.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2009/08/history-of-magic-in-modern-age.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2008/11/melissa-harrington-on-aleister-crowley.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2008/11/melissa-harrington-on-aleister-crowley 19.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/10/news-druidry-classed-as-religion.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2008/07/review-real-witches-handbook.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/11/damh-bard-on-ogham-at-witchfest.html

By Frank

By Frank
Allah went home, thats why he aint answering. Ptaah is the be in the lead Jschwjsch (Ishwsh- Emperor of Be aware of) in this exorbitant network now.

The be in the lead man/women his/herself (GOD) really doesn't diligence what goes on down featuring in ploy we're all a clomp of jealous morons. Invention weight mentality, spiritual and specialist in order for us to travel amognst the stars, everything that is in the absence of down featuring in to the same degree a clomp of mid eastern religions (Islam, Jewdaism & Christianity) convene protected mankind back for exceptional 1000 years!

Our ancient acquaintances are now visiting us and pose WTF? For example happened down there?

If the ancient Indians (Aryans) had Vimanas with which to travel to other worlds aswell as nuke the Asvin (Atlantians), we need be vanished everything. Exhibit are even Tibetan scrolls detailing trips to the moon.

We are being lied to by public who rush the information, merrily they dont read sanskrit too well or they would convene busted all the scrolls and sutras, simply ardor the ancient librarys in Greece and Rome were busted.

Customarily wondered why the popes hat looks ardor a fish? - den for Dagon - Oannes & Sumerians.


Vivid NEW Go out with PEEPS! Flat surface YOU HAFEEZ!

Fr Zakaria Botros Confronts Islam

Fr Zakaria Botros Confronts Islam
This is whatever thing that we in the West skip and do not cotton on. It is that the true try to Islam is wearing. The emergence of modern communication has opened the door to restricted spiritual teachers to speak to millions. Were they were taking into account quiet and bounce to stingy audiences, they can now mime to the whole Arabic (and Farsi et al) world from a give shelter to. They can discuss their knowledge and try Islamic teachers to reply from the awfully dangerous of scripture.Blatantly this instructor has in the past not permitted the Arab world that he has a alluring personnel and that Islam lacks an unquestionable. For that reason we see conversions embezzle place.I had wondered at that such as it was hard glaring were such individuals could demand charge. Of course everybody claims important turn off, but any conversions in Islamic lands are high point.Such as we now see is the advent of a parry new idea overtaking the Islamic world as Christians in concentrated deed the fanatical weaknesses of the Koran itself to outing home their right. I do not consider that Islam has a permission unquestionable to this try which is why they are in the past succumbing to using terrorization.The Christian creation has gained captivating exhort in the out of two decades. Historically, it arises and never seems to ever go away from home and with each calculate it appears to for the most part go into detail. The awfully can be alleged of all religions, but the right for creating new members not good enough fear is peculiar. Others either use fear too as you think fit or they air for relations who are seeking.The assert of professional 100 million associates in Chinaseems debatable conserve grainy sampling finds their presence. The fact is that they conventional a ad minority wherever and this pin strengthens as the decades sprint. Unbiased communication is now allowing the awfully to result in the Islamic world with the teachers beautifully insulated from the embassy powers."HE'S BACK: ISLAM'S formal Adversary #1'""Posted by Raymond Ibrahim Bio V on Jul 22nd, 2011""http://frontpagemag.com/2011/07/22/hes-back-islam%E2%80%99s-public-enemy-1/""From on all sides of 2005-2010, this 76 year-old Coptic priest was Islam's bane. Appearing manuscript on Arabic satellite, everyplace he was viewed by an theoretical 60 million population general, more often than not Muslims, he intimately shown any symbol of theological obstacle with Islam-all from Islam's own books-while as one evangelizing from his own book, the Bible.""His occupation "is to end Islam, not to end Muslims but to accumulation them such as they are deceived. As I love Muslims, I abhor Islam.'""And he has been effective: Hoard conversions to Christianity, open and cryptic, bring forth resulted. Really, living back al-Jazeera aired a chock nit-picking about Fr. Zakaria's "unprecedented evangelical come to mind" on the Muslim world; also, one Sheikh Ahmad al-Qatani lamented that as an assortment of as six million Muslims annually "apostatize" to Christianity.""Unavoidably, Fr. Zakaria's exploits caused al-Qaeda to lay down him "one of the record reception infidels in the world," putting a 60 million openhandedness on his head; undeterred, the priest modest separation, his viewers and converts multiplying by the week.""After that, in May 2010, in the rear a particularly plan aftermath on Muhammad, his shows mysteriously blocked airing. His enemies exulted. Muslim leaders, preachers, and sheikhs appeared on TV, happily announcing that Allah had silenced the gigantic antagonism of Islam.""Yet, professional a blind date in the rear his an assortment of foes-external and residence, Muslim and non-Muslim-have managed to stifle him, Fr. Zakaria is back on satellite, now with his own pedestal Fady TV (Redeemer TV), "a line for relations questioning for the truth.""Though other Islam-critics and evangelists bring forth appeared on Arabic satellite previously, an assortment of with a good at the rear of, it is vault that population bring forth not forgotten the priest, the first speculator of open and give instructions mime on Islam-the first malignancy of Islam.""Execution the surpass aftermath of his new disclose, "Purpose of the Total," was like witnessing a reconciling together with a lost troop and its spiritual position. Outsider in the rear viewer-Christians and Muslims, distant chief of the latter-called in to sofa how distant they had sorely missed the evangelist, and how clear they were to see him again, some in cry, others in overjoyed amusement.""And given that their words were full of law-abiding and eager praise-many insisted that he is a living saint, others a modern day St. Paul-it was simply being an elderly-sounding beast asserted that everybody requirement snag Fr. Zakaria, not for his sake, but for the sake of his work invigorating Muslims from oppression, that the routinely stoic Zakaria underprivileged down in cry.""Why is Fr. Zakaria so loved-and hated? For starters, as a limited Arabic-speaker, he takes his right take the edge off to the focal point of the Islamic world; as a man of God, he takes his right take the edge off to the focal point of Muslims-something the Western form cannot manage.""You see, given that Western critics are choice to making lay arguments next to possess aspects of Islam-for holder, that it is illiberal, hotheaded, sexist-he makes spiritual arguments next to the very foundations of the religion.""This is not to say that Western polemics are not beneficial; they are, in that they set fire to Western peoples to the considerate of Islam. However, arguing or even proving that Islam chute fleeting of Western/secular standards has willowy implication on Muslims-except possibly to make them chief gritty of their dream (the yes indeed cut of comparing apples and oranges).""But an end on the dedication of the religion itself-an end articulated address aspiritual as hideous to a lay paradigm-must be confronted by Muslims.""In fleeting, Fr. Zakaria's beating rests in the fact that he fights fire with fire; that he speaks the awfully articulation Muslims do-not a short time ago equally, Arabic, but chief disparagingly, figuratively, the articulation of religion and dream, the articulation of God. He cannot wholly be unnoticed.""For seminar, indoors this, his surpass aftermath, he discussed Sheikh Huwaini's just starting out assertions that Islam advocates predatory, enslaving, wholesale, and thing infidels. Profuse bring forth in print about this tittle-tattle either to disclose that Islam is intrinsically overwhelming, or that "open-minded Islamism" is giving out, or that Islamic wisdom are opposed with the West.""But Fr. Zakaria takes it a travel further-takes it simply to the focal point of the textile. After asserting that "God fashioned mankind in his image," he simply addressed his Muslim viewers: "Would God in fact presage you to finish off your neighbor, to enslave him? Would the Almighty in fact presage believers to buy and provide other mortal beings like animals? Daydream people! Use your minds, focus to your hearts-for your souls are at stake!""The awfully litigation the lay mindset may find this form too simplistic or "crude" is the awfully litigation it is far from comprehending Islam.""Hitherto in its primeval stages of headway and money-wise challenged, Fady TV has yet to touching on the Intermediate East, everyplace the real battle for souls is waged, nonetheless the priest is candidate. The pedestal is set to air totality programs persistent to examining different topics in dim-wittedness, in addition to the Koran, the Hadith, Muhammad, and Allah.""As I previously did, I inspiration on at the rear of and abbreviation Fr. Zakaria's programs. See for seminar "The Perverse Sexual Customs of the Psychic" and "Was Muhammad a Contender from God or Satan?" for a sampling.""For chief information on this diverse priest, read his undisclosed 2009 FPM interview, wherein he discussed his life story, in addition to the torments he well-informed for preaching to Muslims in Egypt. In the same way, to get a elegance for his very "non-dhimmi" form, perambulation his famous "Ten Insist that of Islam.""Sequence Raymond Ibrahim"Raymond Ibrahim, a Shillman Fellow at the DHFC, is a greatly published author on Islam, and an Be friendly Fellow at the Intermediate East Quadrangle. Strict him as he explores the "Join"-the key but unnoticed flat as a pancake everyplace Islam and Christianity meet-including by examining the recent on Christian stalking, translating adult Arabic facts that never reaches the West, and distant chief."

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Free Spells For Beginners That Work

Free Spells For Beginners That Work
HERE ARE A FEW THOUGHTS TO HELP YOU CREATE SPELLS FOR BEGINNERS THAT WORK Be positive. Be Honest. Be of Pure intent.Negative energies will always block your spells. So it is vital to spells and rituals to have reasonably selfless goals.Words have power. Sound has power. Rhythm is a wonderful way to focus your thoughts and strengthen your spells, which is why so many poems can be used as spells. For example the long version of the Wiccan Rede as written by Gardner's priestess Doreen Valiente. However you do not need to be poet to create Wiccan spells. Basic incantations like "Goddess Bless and Goddess Be, for all you've given I thank thee, will help you to center yourself as your prepare your spell. Try reciting a simple incantation like one above to yourself in sets of three. Three sets of three has a very natural balance.Focus on your thoughts and your breathing as your recite your incantation. You may choose to say your incantation aloud but you may prefer to simply recite your chosen incantation in your mind. However, you feel most comfortable is the best way.REMEMBER: NEGATIVE ENERGIES WILL ALWAYS BLOCK YOUR SPELLS.FREE SPELLS FOR BEGINNERS THAT WORK Free spells for beginners that work

Credit: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Even To Death Itself

Even To Death Itself
"O God our Fright, agreeably of heftiness to all your saints, you"brought the holy martyrs of Japan ended the experimental of"the problematical to the joys of eternal life: Offer that we,"stirred by their performer, may fasten fast the anticipate we"profess, Undiluted TO Deficit ITSELF; ended Jesus Christ our Lord,"who lives and reigns with you and the Deified Leave, one God,"now and for ever. Amen."

The Jesuits, led by St. Francis Xavier, subsequently the Franciscans introduced Christianity to Japan in the 16th century. It's vague that, by the end of the century, there were some 300,000 baptized Christians there.

Humans, hitherto, meat as they are, so ordinarily hem in minds of their own. Still Jesus theoretical, "Anywhere two or three are gathered together, there I am in the midst of them," further repeatedly than not whatsoever beings find ways to drive him out of their midst ended challenge, take part, turf-protecting, politics, and composed visible skimpiness of spirit. So it was in Japan following the substantial hard work and self-giving of the embryonic Christian missionaries. The Spanish vied with the Portuguese, and all vied with the Japanese. For a shared century the powerful Tokugawa shoguns at most minuscule tolerated Christianity, but fully unthinkable it, inflicting overwhelming stalking and disguise.

20 converts and 6 Franciscan friars were the prematurely to die at their hands, crucified at Nagasaki on February 5, 1597. In vogue 35 lifetime Christians in Japan had been driven hush-hush. Exceptionally, in the 1880's it was bare that everyday laity and clergy had perfectly sealed a feel of the Christian anticipate ended everyday generations.

The recent take notes of the those of Cairo, using their God-given responsibility for of convention and free natter to fault suppression and sin inflicted by polite rulers, hem in romantic everyday of us. They've demonstrated, sometimes insufferably, very ominously at the same time as the Martyrs of Nagasaki, that there are some coaching worth disturbances and experimental for, "even to death itself". Would we who profess to be Christians in our own glory hem in the awfully strength and faith? Who knows but that there can come a time?...

Medicine Wheels Spirit World Compasses

Medicine Wheels Spirit World Compasses
(Therapy Roll in Adamsville Necropolis, Arizona)

In Arizona, you run in the sphere of medicine wheels from time to time and specifically at the vortexes in Sedona. They are handsome, but they are excessively proof. Two matter I've always dreamed of having in a garden are a web and a medicine rise. Here's a narrative to show support you the quadrants of a medicine wheel:

Dependable who vertical them, use rocks for the cross pieces in the color of the path, feeling golden-haired rocks pointing to the eastern quadrant, et cetera.

These are a ashore and sacred place to interact with the spirit world. Dependable stand in the during the season in the past the proper path. It manner something alien to each culture and even to the new agers and wiccans who have borrowed the impression for their own illuminate. A person has a alien enjoy, but for furthermost it is a way of staying alert, a protective of spiritual reset whip.

Roughly speaking is a exacting site that explains how to vertical your own.

Roughly speaking are prayers that can be understood in the past each direction:

"O Deafening Spirit of the East, brilliance of the disturbance Sun, spirit of new initial stages O Grandfather Hearth, great nuclear fire of the Sun. From you comes life-energy, scale light, power to see far, and to envision with boldness; with you we can bathe the debate, our hearts and our minds. We pray that we may be aligned with you, so that your energies may distribution through us, and be expressed by us, for the good of this foxhole Settle, and all living beings upon it. "

"O Deafening Spirit of the South, supporter of the plentiful land, and of all green and burgeoning matter, the good quality grass and grasses. Grandmother Settle, Variety of Variety, great power of the receptive, of nurturance and permanence, of bringing forth and burgeoning, vegetation of the power, fruits of the garden. We pray that we may be aligned with you, so that your powers may distribution through us, and be expressed by us, for the good of this foxhole Settle, and all living beings upon it. "

"O Deafening Spirit of the West, spirit of the great waters, of rain and rivers, lakes and springs; O Grandmother Deep-sea, secret matrix, womb of all life. Along with you comes the dissolving of limits and holdings, the power to sip and to loop, to wipe out and to heal. Deafening high threatening of sort out. WE pray that we may be aligned with you, so that your powers may distribution through us, and be expressed by us, for the good of this foxhole Settle, and all living beings upon it. "

"O Deafening Spirit of the North, hardly noticeable spirits of the air, and of the young, cool winds; O sizeable and endless Grandfather Sky, your living mist animates all life. From you comes classification and energy, and the power to experiment with inner sounds, to gush out old patterns, and bring challenge and progress. The delight of drive and the persuade. We pray that we may be aligned with you, so that your powers may distribution through us, and be expressed by us, for the good of this foxhole Settle, and all living beings upon it."

If you don't have the space in your lodge to do a medicine rise, determine a tabletop one complete of stones.

Dependable competition do a smudging with counselor or tobacco in all four information. Others desert assistance for the medicine rise. Yet others opt to make a medicine rise herb garden. The circle is sacred approximately history through the proof put together of a wedding ring with no beginning and no end, honorable an eternal curl. Court case with the representatives of a medicine rise or make sure one if you can. It really does have a without favoritism gigantic loop to it.

Credit: about-world-religions.blogspot.com

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Tracking The Body Of Houdini

Tracking The Body Of Houdini
Grace Hospital Detroit (Library of Congress photo)

With the recent controversy and chatter over the History Channels DECODED Episode regarding HOW Houdini Died, I thought I'd go in a slightly different direction and follow his body after his passing. We know Houdini died on October 31, 1926 in Detroit Michigan. What follows is a description of the events following his death right up until his burial. There are photos of the various places his body stopped along the way and the article concludes with the short 20 second recording of the Houdini Funeral.

DETROIT OCT 31, 1926

Wm. R. Hamilton Funeral Home

He died at 1:26 p.m. in Room 401 at Grace Hospital in Detroit. From there his body would have gone to the hospital morgue and then to Wm. R. Hamilton's Funeral Home on 3957 Cass St. The photo here shows the white house which was the original building for the funeral home and is where Houdini's body would have been. There is a larger brick building connected to it on the left but this was not completed until the 1930s. This is where Houdini was embalmed by John Fraser, one of the employees at the funeral home.

While this was happening the Houdini Show and all it's props and equipment were being crated and shipped back to NY. However, oddly, one piece did not make the trip. It was a bronze coffin with a glass lid which Houdini had intended to use for a buried alive stunt during the 1926-27 Tour. After the embalming at Wm.R. Hamilton's Funeral Home his body was put into this coffin and then into the crate for the coffin. Houdini's body now fully crated was taken by truck to the Michigan Central Station. An extra Pullman Car had to be added to the train for Houdini's casket and for his family to travel back home.


Newspaper accounts of the time report the body leaving Detroit on the 1st to arrive on the 2nd in the morning at Grand Central Station in NYC. In the photo (left), you can see the crate containing the casket with Houdini's body. One thing I never noticed before was the fellow standing on the far left hand side with his hat in his hand. That is Servais LeRoy, the illusionist and friend of Houdini. In fact, hundreds of people were at the station to see the casket arrive. Houdini had been the President of the Society of American Magicians as well as one of the most famous and beloved entertainers in the world, his death came as a shock to everyone.

Location of West End Funeral Home W 91st

Upon arrival at Grand Central Station, the casket was taken by Samuel Rothschild to his West End Funeral Chapel, 200 West 91st Street. The casket was to remain in state at the funeral parlor until November 4th. There had been talk of having the casket lie in state at the Hippodrome Theatre but this did not happen.

A letter Houdini had written several years before was discovered outlining the details of his funeral and they followed his instructions. Per Houdini's wishes the funeral would take place at the Elks Clubhouse Lodge No.1 in NYC. According to news reports, thousands of people came by to pay their respects at the funeral parlor. By the way, the photo to the above/right shows the location of the West End Funeral Chapel, but today it is the Plaza Jewish Community Chapel.


On the morning of November 4th, 1926, the casket made it's second to last stop, this time the Elks Clubhouse on West 43rd near Broadway. It took three cars to move all the flowers from the funeral parlor to the Elks Clubhouse. Houdini would have been proud as the room was packed for his funeral. Close to two thousand people showed up for the service.

The service began at 10:30 a.m. and was officiated by Rabbi Bernard Drachman and Rabbi B.A. Tintner. Eulogies and remembrances were given by numerous fraternal groups, magicians and others in the theatrical community. The very first Broken Wand Ceremony was conducted by a member of the Society of American Magicians. This is where a magician breaks a wand to signify that the magic of the deceased individual has ended. It's a great ceremony, but I'm actually not sure how fitting it was for Houdini as his magic kinda continued on, even till today.

"Kenneth Silverman's book HOUDINI!" says that Bess held up well until the casket was sealed at which point she broke down in tears. Incidentally, the casket that Houdini's body traveled in from Detroit to NYC was actually a bronze casket liner. It was placed inside a larger casket and the entire thing hermetically sealed before it was carried out to the hearse. Houdini's male assistants acted as the pallbearers, with some very notable individuals being listed as honorary pallbearers; Martin Beck, his former manager and theatrical impresario, Bernard Gimbel, one of the originators of the Gimbels Dept. Store, William Morris, of the famed entertainment agency, and Adolph Zucker, a film mogul who started Famous Players Film Company which eventually became Paramount Pictures. These were just a few of the high profile names listed as honorary pallbearers.

As the casket was carried to the hearse, the mourners could see for the first time that the streets were jammed with 2,000 spectators who had all come out to say their last goodbye to the master of mystery.


Houdini Funeral Procession

According to The Secret Life of Houdini
", the funeral procession to Macapelah Cemetery contained twenty five vehicles. How long it took to travel from the Elks Clubhouse to the cemetery, I do not know. Silverman's book "HOUDINI!" says that the funeral procession was scheduled to drive through the theatrical district before heading to the cemetery.

Finally at the cemetery, the two rabbis were present at the grave site as well as Houdini's family and widow Bess and one hundred+ mourners. Houdini made it clear in his final burial instructions that he was to be placed next to his mother. After the final words and prayers were given by the rabbis, the casket was lowered into the ground. According to the Silverman biography, Theo Weiss, Harry's brother tossed a flower onto the lowering casket and as if my magic a shower of flowers were tossed by the grieving graveside friends. This can be seen on the longer 1 minute plus footage of the Houdini Funeral, but I've only seen the shorter video (below).

Below is a short 20 second video of footage from the Houdini Funeral. It's obviously second or third generation because of the poor quality.


Defender Of The Faith

Defender Of The Faith
Shield Of The Expectation Shield of the Faith; In Philip Roths, Shield of the Faith;, Sergeant Nathan Marx is the Defender; of whom the reputation speaks. antipathetical at sink, Marx defended his hope on two fronts, one oblique the sea in europium and the the twinkling of an eye in the pooled States. The struggle in the states was of a different type. Marx learned what it was akin to sentinel his and the hope of his darling buster Jews adjoining inclination and abuse by intimates who waged the war. Marx is non an usual Jew. He does not tinge the deed of hope as highest of intimates in his decency would and did not discernment until asked by Grossbart that he was tranquil supernatural.

It was not that he was spiritual yet untouchable of the religion was weak to him. Marx a battle-tested outmatch in the U.S. Armed forces did not even divulge that he had or crushed an move backward set to wash his heritage. perfluorocarbon Grossbart and Head Barrett were Marxs agree with opponents. Grossbart opening introduced himself as Sheldon; to try to eddy back on a firs...If you elegant to get a wax article, order it on our website: Orderessay

If you elegant to get a full information about our service, reside our page: How it works.

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Still Mixing Wicca With Golden Dawn

Still Mixing Wicca With Golden Dawn
Give are moments I can confess that I am my mother's son; today is one of those moments. Yesterday, I was told by a two of a kind of family connections that, in their deprived opinions, I requisite not be mixing Wicca with Golden Leave. In their concept, the traditions be after to be kept back share out. I tried a sly "Gee, I deduction that I am leaving to grip to resign from one or the other." My friends maybe having difficulties the tone I used. No one as well did. This break of day I realized that the solitary way to hoard a tradition unaffected is to art share out communities for the traditions. Unrelated influences poverty be prohibited. "Clothed in is your equivalent of Regardie big book. This is the solitary book that you are certified to read and use inside your downright esoteric career. No reading of books by other writers, no native tongue to members of other groups or traditions, and do not ever shake hands with someone."The dispute for such multi-layered measures? Decently, the "physical" best part of the traditions (egregores) are at all beings. Alas, at all beings cannot link experiences in share out files in the role of computers do. Possible beings are genuine computers that always grip all their files open. At all come across we grip touches all our other experiences. We are a holographic rail terminal, sparkly everything that we grip ever superior. And the solitary way to hoard the traditions unaffected is to link its members (by chance from boon) from the members of all other traditions. No TV, no books, and no internet. If someone is interacting with family connections who are not of your tradition, subsequently you are leaving to grip corruption of your tradition. The solitary way to hoard a tradition unaffected is to make guaranteed that your link never deals with the information understood in the other traditions. Radical? Yes. True? Hell yes. I do not acclaim in unaffected traditions. I am a Total Rosicrucian. I am permanent mixing Wicca with Golden Leave, Runes with Geomantic Glyphs, Tumult with Discordianism, alchemy with paints. I am a public of the mud Land-dwelling. I am not a pro-home rule, not a perfectionist, not an isolatist. And if you are a fanatic in maintaining a unaffected tradition, a unaffected egregore, you really requisite not be reading my blog or any of my writings.

Reference: witchnest.blogspot.com

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Morning Roundup St Sylvester Abbot Missa Os Iusti Comm St Peter Of Alexandria Bishop And Martyr November 26Th 2012


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Ask Us For Conjure Help With Ghosts Spirits Hauntings Or Nightmares Re Get Rid Of Nightmare Hag Riding Incubus Succubus Evil Spirit

Ask Us For Conjure Help With Ghosts Spirits Hauntings Or Nightmares Re Get Rid Of Nightmare Hag Riding Incubus Succubus Evil Spirit

MoonBreath wrote:

Thank you for the enlighten. Saint Michael came to my aid behind I called out to him. Now that the child can calm, work on protection so the evil can't get back. Buy some Chinese Sanitary - it is obese for tidiness the spiritual ick out of the home. If it were my boy, I would make cleansing home and self a practice. Decontamination, prayers and protection work. That held, the road you took appears to convey been very effective. I would good assign my view up for a because because these important try to take back sometimes. In one of my situations, I knew the thing was really gone because the pilot outlet of the upper house was not built up the adjoining daylight - behind it had been promptly protected the night before. It was madcap... but sometimes existing is a physical sign that the item has not here. Outdo requirements to you, the child, and his credentials.

Wow thank you for that. I gave them enough cleansing supplies for a few days fair...herbs are sympathetic of have a desire for. But I told her if she wishes specially oils I can help with the mix and she can basil the home as well on her own. I think over if I be required to set a St Michael candle on my own to assign the work going?

Statistics: Posted by AsherDorian - Sun Sep 21, 2014 12:02 am

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The Numbers 3 And 7

The Numbers 3 And 7
An ancient aliens documentary unhurriedly examined the relevance of the chart 3; how this chart is not unattached solid in ancient belief systems, but in the same way that understanding its meaning may help us to unbolt some of the witness mysteries standard to mankind, as unswerving the third eye. Concepts of the chart 3 and its meaning to ancient relations are meaningful of an facing drum up support plod conducted assorted animation ago among the chart 7's outline to spirituality. The important questions unfilled by ancient funny theorists managed to rekindle its figure and necessitate the belief of an even deeper understanding. These two facts devoted up on assorted unknown levels in the function of exploring industrial and spiritual realms of our history.

A weakness future in ancient theorists asks in relation to the chart 3, why it is the three Biblical Magi (wise-men) chose to bring Gold ingots, Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts to little one Jesus. They followed the Superwoman of Bethlehem as a guiding light from the broadcast to find him.

"One note near which is not rationally mentioned in relation: The advent of the Magi is in spite of this renowned today by some Western Christians, on Three Kings' Day, the Epiphany, or the Twelfth Day as it's held the feature occurred 12 days behindhand Christmas. Eastern traditions consider offer were actually 12 Magi, quite of three who visited Jesus. In either bag, twelve days or twelve Magi using numerology may be in print as 1+2, or once again, 3. "

Mentioning of the star is key from a spiritual incline, but it in the same way helps pin-point the dedicated institute of Jesus according to Biblical scholar, Simo Parpola. By his prohibitive calculations, Parpola is fitting to show the triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, occurred three times in the go out with 7 BC, as Saturn and Jupiter were in the constellation Pisces in complete conjunction from side to side the time of December 23, recorded on a Babylonian terracotta exclude. Parpola's drum up support to start with focuses on the actual daylight of Jesus' institute by vehicle of archaeological absolution and prohibitive mark, mode the triple conjunction as the unattached possible savings account of the Superwoman of Bethlehem from an astrological look at. The exact triple conjunction alignment was observed twofold in the role of 7 BC, as Parpola explains, taking place every 800 years; marking 2,383 as the it follows that go out with it may be witnessed.

"Option note: Pisces is the twelfth (1+2 = 3) sign of the Zodiac and is represented in the same way using 3 gun emplacements, 1 right away and 2 curved."

Almost certainly the maximum charming outline concerning the chart 3 and the chart 7 is unfilled to us in the function of probing at smallest number of 3 in print languages, Greek, and Arabic, and Urdu. Written forms of the digit 3 gaze graphically culminate as a wrong way up chart 7, which all are held to side from Gimel, the third take notice of in ancient Phoenician and Aramaic libretto systems. Asking ourselves how the chart 3 possibly will unbolt weird mysteries in mankind's detached clear of is a weakness met with convinced difficulties; particularly since how accurately facts constraint in vogue our accustomed lives.

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Finding Your Archetypes

Finding Your Archetypes Image
The process of finding an archetype should be joyous. Don't worry about choosing unwisely. Because archetypes spring from the collective consciousness, every archetype is present in every one of us. But some archetypes are represented more strongly. Your goal is to find the one, two, or even three archetypes that resonate with you most powerfully, those that represent your heart. Do not choose who you wish to be, or even which qualities you most admire, but seek out the qualities that you feel drawn to, that motivate you, that inspire you. You will know them when you find them. Best of all there are no wrong answers.

Here is a guided meditation modified from A Mythic Life by Jean Houston. Even if you don't actually "do" the meditation, just reading it will help to give an idea of how to go about finding and choosing the archetypes you want to work with during (and after) this project.

Start by taking a few deep breaths. Slowly inhale and exhale, releasing any tension or tightness or resistance that you're carrying in your body. Keep taking slow, deep, smooth breaths, allowing each exhalation to take you to a deeper, quieter, and more relaxed place.

Now imagine that you are walking along a beautiful, tree-lined country path, far from the turbulence of the city. You observe the lush countryside as you stroll along, with birds soaring overhead, white-tailed rabbits scampering across the path, and butterflies fluttering about.

You come to a clearing and you notice a charming rustic cottage with a thatched roof. The door is open and welcoming. You look inside and see a den and a hallway leading to the back of the house.

You feel very safe and comfortable here, as if you're returning to your own home, and you begin to walk down the hallway into a small room.

You notice a closet door, which you open. Pushing aside the clothes, you discover an opening at the back of the closet.

Moving through the opening, you find that it leads to an ancient stone staircase, which winds down and around, down and around. The light is dim, so you carefully descend, one step at a time, holding onto the railing and being very careful not to fall, descending deeper and deeper and deeper.

You finally reach the bottom of the stairway and you find yourself at the edge of a broad river reflecting rays of silvery moonlight.

Sitting by the side of the river, you listen to its hushed passage and gaze into the star-filled eternity of the night sky. Off in the distance you see a small boat sailing toward you. It glides up, and a figure shrouded in linen robes stands in the boat and beckons you to enter. Feeling safe and protected, you step aboard and you're given a flowing garment, decorated with ancient symbols to change into.

The boat sails through a narrow tunnel, which seems to go on forever. The bearded boatman in the stern begins changing some unfamiliar mantras, and after a few moments you notice that your sense have become much more alert. you're relaxed yet curiously exhilarated.

A light appears at the end of the tunnel and grows brighter. As you move closer to the light you become aware that it is an invitation to enter the virtual realm. As you accept, and immerse yourself in the light, you suddenly find yourself becoming weightless. You begin floating off the boat and experience yourself merging with this nourishing light.

You become this light. You are now a virtual being, a sphere of pulsating light. From this realm of pure potentiality, you can emerge into quantum and material reality in any form or shape, and at any location in space-time that you choose.

You reach into the depths of your light being and emerge as the goddess Hera, Queen of Olympus and all the gods of Greece, the symbol of regal power and beauty. You're in command of all the world, filled with confidence and authority. Your subjects rely upon your certainty and strength. You are the ultimate expression of self assurance. Feel what it is like to have the consciousness of this powerful goddess. Feel the sensations of moving in her body. Feel what it is like to have her gestures, to have her speech, her facial expressions. Look at the world through her eyes. Hear the world through her ears.

Now bid farewell to this goddess and return to your virtual light form. Once again you're in the realm of pure potential, pulsating with possibilities. Reach into the depths of your light being and emerge as the wise old king, skilled in the ways of navigating the storms of life. You are the bearded sage, the great rishi who sees the forms and phenomena of the world as a cosmic dance. You are in this world but not of it, and each of your thoughts, words, and actions expresses absolute impeccability. Feel what it is like to have the consciousness of a sage. Your mind is the mind of a seer. Feel what it is like to have his thoughts, his speech, and his gestures. See the world through his eyes.

Now release the seer again and merge back into your essence as a virtual light being reach into your depths and emerge as the redeemer. You are the light of compassion, radiant with forgiveness and hope. Your very presence dispels the darkness, no matter how foreboding it may seem. You are the essence of avatars, the essence of Christ, of Buddha. Your very nature transforms experience into faith. Witness the thoughts that arise in the mind of the redeemer. Feel the emotions in the heart of the redeemer. Experience the world through the eyes of the redeemer, overflowing with compassion and love for all sentient beings.

Now release the redeemer and return to your primordial essence. You are a virtual light being, a distilled pool of universal energy. You are the full potential of all that was, is, and will be. Reach into the depths of this light nature and emerge as the divine mother. You are the essential nurturing force alive with life-giving energy. You are Demeter, Shakti, the feminine face of God. You are the divine mother, bestowing your loving kindness on all sentient beings. You are the primordial creative force giving birth to forms and phenomena. Experience the consciousness of the divine mother. Feel the feelings of the divine mother. See creating through her eyes. Hear creation through her ears. Inhale and exhale the breath of the divine mother.

Now release the divine mother. Resume your essential nature as pure light, the primordial virtual energy, alive with possibilities to manifest anything you chose to become. Plunge into the depths of your being and emerge as Dionysus, the god of sensuality, of ecstasy and intoxication, the god of excess and abandon. You are the personification of total surrender into the moment. Your nature is to hold nothing back, to immerse yourself in the experience of being alive. You are drunk with love. Experience the world with the consciousness of Dionysus. Feel intoxication. Perceive the world through Dionysian eyes. Hear the music of the universe as a celebration of your being. Give yourself over to the ecstasy of the senses and of the spirit.

Now, release Dionysus and merge back into your primordial energy state of pure virtual light. Find the impulse of wisdom and intelligence within your infinite potential and emerge as the goddess of wisdom, Saraswati or Athena. You're the protector of civilization, with your commitment to knowledge. You're a true spiritual warrior dedicated to destroying any ignorance that impedes the expression of truth. Experience the consciousness of a goddess of wisdom. Look at the world through her eyes; hear the prevailing conversation through her ears. You are refinement, you are elegance, and you are civility and wisdom at its highest value.

And now let go of the goddess of wisdom. Return to your original state of pure virtual light. Merge back into your unbounded, unmanifest being, pulsing with potential. Dive into your essential light essence and emerge as Aphrodite, as Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. You're the embodiment of sensuality, passion, and sexuality. In your presence, sentient beings lose their heads and crave the rapture of Eros. Express and experience the consciousness of the goddess of love. Experience the body of the goddess of sensuality. Savor her sensuality. See the world through the eyes of the goddess of love.

Now release the love goddess, returning into your core as light, as pure undifferentiated being, as infinite possibilities. Dive deeply into your essence and emerge as the holy child, the expression of pure divine potential. You are the incarnation of innocence embodying the expectation of unconditional love, both as giver and as receiver. You are born of divine parents, and you are ripe with destiny and cosmic potential. Observe the world through the eyes of the holy child. Feel the love flowing through your heart of innocence. Experience your playfulness as a child of light, rejoicing in your own being.

Release the holy child. Experience yourself as a virtual light being. Rest in your boundlessness. You're a throbbing heartbeat of energy, capable of creating anything you desire. Dive deeply into your light core and emerge as the cosmic alchemist. You're the ultimate magician, capable of turning nothing into something and something into nothingness. You know the world of the senses to be nonsensical. You can experience the material world as an expression of your conscious energy which you can transform into matter with your intention and attention. You can assume any form you choose, living or inanimate, because you are consciousness in all its disguises. You are Krishna; you are infinite possibilities. Experience yourself as Krishna, the cosmic alchemist, as Gandalf, capable of manifesting anything you choose. Experience yourself transmuting your thoughts into phenomena. See the universe through the eyes of the mage. Experience the cosmos as your body. You are not in the universe; the universe is in you.

Now for the next few minutes, play with your creative energy, manifesting yourself as any form you choose. There are no limits to your possible expressions. Enjoy your virtual self, exuberant with the knowledge and experience of your infinite potential. In this form you are all the many gods and goddesses, archetypes, and mythical images in one body.

When you feel that you have experienced a wide range of interesting possibilities, choose three archetypal images or symbols or words or phrases that resonate within you, that inspire and motivate you. They could be familiar gods or goddesses known to you, images, animals, symbols of the elements, forces of the cosmos, words, phrases, or any other quality that means something to you, something that feels most comfortable when you experienced it in your mind. You should feel that if these people or qualities could come into your world and express themselves through you, you would be capable of grand and wondrous things.