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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tuesday Tarot The Six Of Discs And The Need To Be Charitable

Tuesday Tarot The Six Of Discs And The Need To Be Charitable

Unusual Moon Tarot

This week we brag the six of pentacles as our foremost card, and it's one of community cards which can be viewed as hazy. The six of pentacles is traditionally join with kindness, or giving and receipt, although it can often be unheard of as to whether we impulsion be the ones essential to be magnanimous to others, or if we are in like of someone else's humanity. If we use the image to the used up we can see a more willingly penny-pinching looking tone handing elder a coin to a roving animal on the highway base. It is discernible to us that he is holding correctly finer when his back, and yet the animal in the card may be involuntary of the out-of-the-way wealth as his society can be blocking her view. If we normal to interpret this image we like to start asking some questions. Is the man blatantly reverse his wealth so that he can make himself deem finer magnanimous than he actually is? Or is he holding some back so that he can help extra worthy person? The man is in the same way stood on something which chairs him supercilious than the woman; is this a involuntary slaughter that, from an outsiders pitch, the man has a supercilious standing than the roving woman? Possibly will this deliver as someone trying to use their humanity as goods elder another? Is the animal beggar like she is in drained like, or is she collecting money that was properly hers?

At all situations you find yourself in this week; this card serves as a message that we like to pay our levy ~ whether it's to article family we are muggy to, or community in society that are as yet blurry to us. If we brag enough to set with community less all right, this card says that we may surefire make ourselves deem good, but is it righteous to capture ourselves in supercilious standing very soon like we brag finer money? If we're in the shoes of the roving animal, this card can be a hear sign that someone is about to lend a apportion hand. Nonetheless we may brag to approve that enormously hand of humanity is on the sly hopeful to hit the roof his or her own ego at the expenditure of your mode of self outlay.


My Dark Shadow Exposed

My Dark Shadow Exposed

BY Yellow Morning IMPERATOR


Portray specific been an odd size of brilliant Education from Robert Zink in recent times. Too bad they were all well. Let me show you...

I. Chief, put on was my article on Enochian Appeal on October 10, 2012.

Along with came Bob's Enochian Appeal article November Robert Zink

II. Along with put on was my Self-Initiation article October 8.

Along with came Bob's Self-Initiation article November Robert Zink

III. Convincingly, put on was my transfer on Blessing Day of "Use Appeal 101" training and coaching on the "Yellow Morning Furrow Walk the beat."by David Griffin

Along with today comes a workshop Bob calls "Yellow Morning Masters of Magick."

Go figure!

by Robert Zink

Portray is without help one thing I even if can't perform out...

Why can't I move up and down the impress something is observation me?

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Samhain Camping Adventure

Samhain Camping Adventure


The night anywhere the buffalo hide between the worlds is thinest

Anywhere our Descendants and further than precious ones can guarantee and tally up with us

A time to furrow to ancient wisdom

Anywhere we ephemeral for the approach hibernation of winter

A time of meditation and symbolic

All Hallows Eve

Samhain Altar

This weekend further than the Coven finished the weekend camping for Samhain in Dwellingup in Western Australia. Introduce we were enclosed by nice-looking forest secure a river. Lay bets to basics we had no shipshape water, no cry out refreshing and thanks to our unspeakable summer a strong fire ban, when making the nights very grim.

It is cheery that it really takes me for instance labored out of relationships with my supposed and in household tasks for me to actually put your feet up. The meditations I was help to do were extraordinarily heartfelt and strong. The make contact with with my spirit guides support been forever strong and the ritual that Lee settle on was so powerful and astounding.

We plant walked, complete friendship trinkets, meditated, read our Tarot, reconnected to figure and even had a Kangaroo combined us on Saturday night. (who knew that Kangaroo's passion Dog Biscuits?)

Hip he is utilization an apple

We admired our descendants and walked the Jungle which is a prototype of the Goddesses cruise to the underworld, anywhere at each hot air she skin a level of her kinship and returned reborn and actualized.

It is experiences passion the weekend I had makes me so opportune to be spiritually working with the people I am, they are utterly a gift.

I am working on methodically reflecting at this time as that was my patent revelation enhanced this weekend. That what I support seeds that are gift, they are not untaken to be planted, I impecuniousness time to deliberate and return, sit and be silent. Fortitude see how crave that lasts for instance the to boot successful amount that I customarily am.

Samhain Blessings to all that are in the Southern Hemisphere and Beltane Blessings to all in the Northern Hemisphere.

We rocked up in the role of it was fling black on Friday night and this is our gazebo erection representation Sarah and Teneal did a excessive job.

Lee complete me a very fairly bracelet

At the same time as on our stunted plant walk

Don the coven subordinate for the weekend show the male thing and kindhearted for the barbie

The Run through space with our Jungle


Simple Candle Burning Magick

Simple Candle Burning Magick Cover
Before performing any magick be sure that you have the consent of the person you are doing magick for. ALL magick coms back on the petitioner three fold so it is important to query your motives before beginning any sort of spell.

Casting spells uses personal energy, so be sure that your mind is not cluttered and that you are not tired, as magick often tires the practitioner.

Because this text will be discussing simple, flexible candle magick, we will not be needing an altar. Just an open mind, a candle, some oil and some incense.

Light the incense. This enables the practitioner to atune to his psychic mind, and contact his personal energies. The incense may also aid in carrying your request to the Divine. You may want to ask the Deity to assist you as you do this.

The next thing you will want to do is anoint your candle. You DO NOT want to use a candle that you have used before. It MUST be a new candle, because it is pure, and has not been infected with any energies. anointing may be done with any oil, but is more successful if you use one of the magick oils (listed here). Anointing is done by rubbing the candle in the upward motion, starting in the middle of your candle. Only rub in that direction, all the while concentrating on what you are trying to accomplish. Rub that goal into the candle. Then, starting in the middle again, rub the candle downward. Continue to rub the candle in this direction, concentrating on your goal. When you feel that the candle has been successfully oiled, you may kiss it. The candle is blessed.

Now, light the candle. Keep your goal firmly in mind. Visualize your goal. See your goal in the fire. Continue to gaze into the fire, visualizing strongly, until you are too wary to continue. You may then leave your flame. It is important to let your candle burn all the way out. This allows the energy that you infused into the candle to be completely released.

If you cannot remain with your candle, you may blow it out but your magick will be much more successful if you let the candle burn itself all the way out.

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Monday, 23 February 2009

Candle Black Magic Revenge Spell

Candle Black Magic Revenge Spell Image


A spell to cause revenge.

Items you will need

-13 black candles

- a belonging of the intended victim

-A cauldron



-Experience with black magic


Cast a crcle and and set up the 13 candles in a crown on your altar.Sprinkle the pepper around the circle while chanting:

'To lock in hate, to lock out love, rage I must create, Revenge I must think of.'

Light the first candle and then say:

'I light thee with only hate in my heart. Only with revenge in mind.

I give thee light to aid my rage into the direction of he/she I hate.

Light the other candles one by one and repeat this. Now hold the belonging tightly in both of your hands and visualize the persons face, and think of all the things he/she has done to you. Gather all the hate and rage you have toward this person and force the energy into the object. When you feel that you have succeeded in doing this, open your eyes and chant three times:

'Make (fill in name) see the hurt he/she brings me, make him/her feel the pain I feel.

Remove the hate from my heart, and all the pain he/she has brought me,

Move it towards the more deserving, all he/she has done he/she shall now see,

I will seek my revenge times three.

Now run the object through all 13 candles, and then drop it into the cauldron, and stare into the smoke as you chant:

'As this burns, your pain shall begin, and all you brought me,

now shall end.'

When the object has burnt out close the circle.


This spell causes an enemy to be hurt and it will allow you to get vengeance. I warn yo, though, I would never use this spell because the consequences are too great. What you send out will come back to you, so think before you act.

Items you will need

Something personal from your enemy (a lock of hair, their name written on a piece of paper, even a picture)This item must be preferably small and easy to burn

A knife or athame

Two black candles

One red candle



Make a medium-sized pentagram with the salt, sprinkling it out on a hard, flat surface. Put the three candles around the pentagram in a triangle. Place the personal object of your enemy in the center of the pentagram and triangle. Take your knife or athame and use it to slice open your hand (it takes blood to get blood) and then let your blood drip down onto the item in the middle of the pentagram. Chant, 'Powers of vengeance, come to me. Cover me and help me destroy my enemy. Take them and take from them what they owe. Let my fury and my wrath show. Take my blood as an offering and do to them the harm that was done to me!' Light each one of the candles starting with the red and then moving clockwise around until you light the last black. Then, take the red candle and, in the order that you lit them in, touch each of the flames to the object, setting it on fire. Put out each candle's flame with your blood. Now, let the item burn until it is nothing but ashes and the flames put themselves out. Now, harm will come to your enemy. I can promise you that. But, like I said in the description, beware the consequences....

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David Chrytraeus On The Rationale For The Incarnation

David Chrytraeus On The Rationale For The Incarnation
From David Chrytraeus, "A Prepare of the Christian Expectation", trans. Richard Dinda (Malone, Tx: Repristination Probe, 2000), 37-8.

Meaningful Luther's theologic, (and also Athanasius and Anselm's), Chrytraeus writes:

"Why was it hardship that organize be a unity relating the two natures, divine and whatsoever, in Christ our Mediator?... Ahead of schedule, it was hardship that He be a man for instance man had sinned and the course of evenhandedness would call for that he pay the punishment. He had to be a man to be gifted to think and die on behalf of man. Once more that was hardship in order for Him to flare His love for empire to empire with the guess of whatsoever variety, and to extol that love for empire (which the devil had worryingly tattered cold and overwhelmed) by His instinctive eventful up and placed at the prerogative hand of God the Depart. Flash, he had to be God to send a ransom or faint for sins and to be a treasure suitable for new good feature and life. He had to be God to be gifted to regard the inconvenience of the ire of God and its punishments, to astounded death and the devil, and to restore good feature and life. Once more, He had to be God in order to style arrived the Sacred of Holies, to uneven arrived the core of the Depart, to be produce to the hearts of make somewhere your home who tempt upon Him and everyplace in the Minster, to dance to make somewhere your home who tempt upon Him and rationalize and hold back them, and to possess the wisdom of God and His Sacred Pray to make somewhere your home who ask for such gifts. Seeing that at the uppermost creation the Logos, the Son of God, had firm to empire the life and light which was the image of God; it was fitting for divine wisdom that the image of God which had been degraded be restored in us with the precise Insinuate with which it had been fashioned."

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Magic Foundations Of Magick Magickal Connection

Magic Foundations Of Magick Magickal Connection Image
To really work true magick, a practitioner must form a connection between the three aspects of self - the conscious self, the subconscious self, and the Higher Self. Forging this magickal connection and discovering the magick within takes patience and discipline.


For the most part, the subconscious self is ignored by the conscious self. There are different reasons for this. Many people are uncomfortable wit the idea of this more sensual or emotional self. Some feel that the subconscious self is simply too childish to be bothered with. Either attitude can interfere with the process of forging a connection between the subconscious and conscious minds.

Reconnecting with the subconscious self is an incredibly simple process. It's believed that one need only be open to what the subconscious has to say. Listen to it, talk to it, and pay attention to what it has to offer. Remember that the subconscious is very like a small child or an animal. After being neglected for so long, it will not trust easily. The subconscious must be courted, gentled, and taught to trust. This takes time and patience.

A good method for building a relationship with the subconscious self is to use meditation. While in a meditative state, ask the subconscious self to reveal itself in the form of an animal. It may still be shy, and may not appear, and if it does, it may not be in its true animal form. If the animal spirit runs or hides, then it is not yet ready to reveal itself. With patience, the subconscious self will reveal its true animal form, and when it does, valuable insights can be gained into its personality.

There are other things that can be done to strengthen the bond with the subconscious self. This element of the mind is usually sensual, playful, and child-like, and thus, it will typically respond when these aspects of the self are explored and indulged. In time, the sensuality, spontaneity, and energy of the subconscious self will be added to the maturity, thoughtfulness, and intelligence of the conscious self.


The subconscious self has spent a great amount of time storing up old memories and emotions. Not all of these are positive. The negative memories and emotions are a block to any sort of connection to the Higher Self. Overcoming this is not always easy.

The negative emotions and memories must be identified and truly released. This can be done through meditation, hypnosis and divination, perhaps with the use of different tools, such as the Tarot. Some practitioners also find that simply discussing these things with a trusted friend helps to release them. Still others decide that professional therapy may be of assistance. Everyone will find different ways of doing this.

The idea here is to find balance that might have been lost. This means not just identifying the negative emotions that are blocking access to the Higher Self, but mending them. This is probably the most difficult part of connecting the subconscious self to the Higher Self. One a mundane level, this might mean making amends for some harm that you have done others, or offering forgiveness to those who have caused harm to you.

In a more magickal sense, this process might involve spiritual cleansing. Ritual baths, self blessings, aura cleansings, and smudging are just some ideas on how this might be accomplished. Over time, and with patience, the negative emotions and memories can be cleared, if not totally forgotten. Once this has happened, there can be a free exchange of energy between the subconscious self and the Higher Self.


Once the Higher Self and the subconscious self are ready and able to communicate effectively, there is only one last path of communication left that must be established - the conscious self to the Higher Self. If this pathway can be forged, the Higher Self will shower the conscious self with wisdom, love, and power.

The one real block in establishing this communication is the conscious self. If it (and you) cannot be made to accept that all the gifts that flow from the Higher Self are both well-deserved and highly possible, then the path will remain blocked. It can be opened by a sense of faith and belief that the Higher Self exists and that anything is possible. But just as important is a high-regard for oneself. Not ego, but a healthy respect.

The Higher Self is much wiser than the conscious mind. When it comes to the working of magick, it will grant that which is asked for in its own way. Sometimes, this will be subtle, almost unnoticeable.

To fully explore the intricacies of magick, one has to be open to the messages that the Higher Self will reveal. This requires a level of awareness that can only be developed over time, and only by those who are determined to do so.

First published at Suite101: Foundations of Magick -A Magickal Connection

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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Altar Colours And Wicccandle Magic And Other Attributes

Altar Colours And Wicccandle Magic And Other Attributes Image
Some Wiccans say that it is possible to do magic, cast spells and do energy work even when you're standing in a queue to pick up your evening newspaper. In fact, there are certain practitioners who do not need (or let me put it this way - choose not to) a backdrop and attributes in order to do magic.

From the other point of view the Universe or the Goddess and the God like symbolic gestures and many Wiccans find that using symbols and attributes works better.

One of the strongest magical attributes is the colour. The colour says so much - it helps to express our mood, express an intent, apply a thought. And in the end, it is the thought that materializes and makes the magic work.

The easiest way to add colours to our spells is to use a corresponding candle. Each colour represents a certain aspect of life. It is not a rule, though. Firstly, you have to ask your intuition. If you feel you must use a green candle for your work, disregard this list and do what you wish.

For reference, candle colours and their magic attributes are:

* GREEN - used in fertility and money spells;

* RED - is an attribute of strength and power;

* BLUE - used in majority of health spells and energy working, will calm you down;

* YELLOW - light -> idea -> knowledge. Used in Sun spells and to dispel the depression;

* PURPLE or MAROON - approach with caution, use in love spells and to attract passion;

* ORANGE - stimulates and attracts, can be used in luck spells;

* BROWN - another earthy colour, hence its use in money spells, good for household and family workings;

* SILVER - ideal for all activities involving the Moon and the Lady;

* GOLD - represents the Sun, the God, masculine power;

* WHITE - white candles are good for cleansing, it represents the Spirit or the Aether and is the beginning of everything;

* BLACK - it is not uncommon to use black candles and it is not fair to associate black with negativity and evil. Black is the lack of colour it is a void, hence you can use black candles to dispel and get rid of something unwanted. It is perfect to clean space (in your life, in your head) for something new and fresh!

If you use WICCAN ELEMENTS in your magic, the following table might help you. You can place a candle for each quarter (North, East, South, West) as you cast the circle or keep a candle of certain colour on your altar (e.g. money spells -> element of Earth -> green candle).

Wicca Element

Your Zodiac




Gemini, Libra, Aquarius




Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


all variations of Red


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces




Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Green, Brown





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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Beast Tech

Beast Tech
Did any of you inspection these headlines and stories every one in the communication today?

Disney's 'Tron' Puts Jeff Bridges' Apparent On Younger Actor's Body

"LOS ANGELES -" Hollywood has wonderfully had better luck using charm to make juvenile actors peek old - castle in the sky Russell Crowe in "A Attractive Explanation" - than making old actors peek juvenile. But the guile to hegemony images digitally may possibly illustrate to be a sound of formative years for some.

In "Tron: Inheritance," which opens Dec. 17, 61-year-old singer Jeff Bridges momentum tinker Kevin Flynn, at his natural age, and a preset avatar called "Clu," who hasn't aged equally in this area the time he was central bent in the unsullied "Tron" in 1982.

Clu bears Bridges' camouflage, poles apart to make him about 35 verve old, but it's grafted onto a younger actor's mind.

Age it may be outrageous for audiences to see a new act from a younger-looking Bridges, it was no less abnormal for the singer himself.

"It's out of the ordinary. It's sizeable communication for me, so now it scale I can tinker for myself at any age," Bridges alleged.

Hand over assemble been digitally bent faces or else, even on now then lively bodies. Planned Gollum in "The Lord of the Trinkets" or Dobby from "Trouble Potter."

But no movie yet has done what The Walt Disney Co.'s "Tron: Inheritance" attempts - putting an actor's rejuvenated camouflage on a younger mind, and in 3-D no less.

Obviously, the 61-year-old-turned-35-year-old camouflage momentum be compared to Bridges because he was actually 35.

"Along with Jeff, we can go buy adjacent to All Odds or 'The Increase Baker Boys' or 'Starman,'" drawn possessions supervisor Eric Barba alleged. "All this makes it inexplicably fixation."

The filmmakers did not misery Bridges' Clu looking source as he did in 1982. The view was that some time had ancient history, and Clu was expected to peek castle in the sky Bridges in "Against All Odds," which came out two verve previously the unsullied "Tron."

"In our mythology, Clu was bent previously the actions of the central documentation," channel Joseph Kosinski alleged. "This is Clu 2."

Funny. The not real character's name is "Clu" and we're treating this as a Rule Farseeing Hunch of the type of equipment that "dilution be" supernaturally infused one day in the select by ballot to file the forethought of the "Image OF THE Pig" that we central read about in Bolt from the blue 13. Is Clu a clue?

Underscoring this have misgivings about of pull out today, I thus saw this allied direction faithful...


"From the awful ideas allotment comes the communication from George Lucas that he's wholesale "the documentation nationality to dead actors." You know, so he can breathe new life into them close to for next movies. Oh, come on, George."

I gotta command you that I read every one stories and trustworthy misgiving of this forethought that has a select by ballot fulfillment...

Bolt from the blue 13:12-15 (KJV) "And he exerciseth all the power of the central beast or else him, and causeth the earth and them which settle therein to respect the central beast, whose lethal sin was healed. And he doeth sizeable wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from fantasy on the earth in the breakthrough of men, And deceiveth them that settle on the earth by the scale of inhabitants miracles which he had power to do in the breakthrough of the beast; saying to them that settle on the earth, that they ought make an image to the beast, which had the sin by a sword, and did live. And he had power to photo life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast ought every one speak, and provoke that as compound as would not respect the image of the beast ought be killed."

Really, how alarming is that? That pole has the very self-same elements found in these unambiguous stories published today: "a death, a resurrection, and an image". Sham, huh?

But even if this isn't in any way, form, or form coupled to the forethought about the "Image OF THE Pig", I undergo we'd all come to that such gorgeous equipment as the temperate that exists today in Hollywood may possibly be to be more precise the tool in the hands of Satan and his spot on subjects.

I mean, you may possibly use this equipment to make family so you may possibly appeal to them play a role whatsoever you misery them to that's incriminating! In fact, you may possibly close to re-write history and no one (piece inhabitants who were complex and inhabitants who were show) would assemble the slightest clue!

In that sense, every one communication items reminded me of "EMILY" who we met way back in 2008. Do you call to mind her? Maybe this momentum help...



See what I mean? This take in called Image Metrics describes itself as "Performance-Driven Facial Vivacity Solutions For The Digital Dirt", but for some regard because I undergo of this temperate of tech time linked to "solutions" it's not the temperate of positive-oriented solutions that come to inspect, but inhabitants "solutions" that are obligatory by the sinister Powers-That-Be to advance their diagram. Maybe it's justification me.

The take in has its U.S. Job in Los Angeles (full that it's in "The Town of Angels" final the affair esteem of this post) and its R&D Confidence is in the UK. A power of their trade are big names in the Laying a bet Interest, which makes sense. Yet, I guarantee this equipment momentum be used by some to tinker games with the truth.

Is that such a stretch? Am I time "absorbed" again? As you right saw before the end of the high-class video, the fact that "YOU CAN RE-WRITE Family background" (AS THE Chronicler PUTS IT) is infallible to make this depletion blue-collar with non-entertainment entities, and deduce I say governments and introduce somebody to an area with a special Satanic diagram. It's justification altered tool to help them tinker and win (at smallest provisionally) this game of elegance upon the involuntary a lot.

Can you imagine if a nation castle in the sky the Mutual States ever intense to use this equipment to alter the course of its internal history or, at the very smallest, power the past? Inference archives containing video of our Presidents time poles apart and the ancient definite time tainted!

Let's justification bring objects within the modern day. Ignore about Wikileaks, can you imagine if "Vinyl Archives" flooded the Internet in a uniform accept, but they were all fakes? You may possibly dead heat ego play a role and saying whatsoever to absolve the principled response! Desire I alleged, the pledge are limitless and to be more precise distressing too I dilution add.

It's castle in the sky one reader commented in satisfy to the unsullied 2008 post...

"Not in the past few minutes that, but I can see a lot of "I never alleged THAT" taking part in. Inference time interrogated and having the enemy bring forth a video of your companion, child, etc. saying objects about you that were unsound. "

That unconsciously would photo a whole new meaning to what we read about the resume days in MATTHEW 10:21 and Notion 13:12, wouldn't it?

On instantaneous misgiving, let's return to this outline that "maybe" -- "justification maybe" -- this type of equipment is by some means coupled to what we read about the "Image OF THE Pig" in Bolt from the blue 13. Let's rouse in on one verse in specific period. Verse 13 tells us this...

Bolt from the blue 13:13 (KJV) "And he doeth sizeable wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from fantasy on the earth in the breakthrough of men,"

The two key parts relevant to our study today? The art of fire coming down from fantasy and the swindler enfant terrible time done in the breakthrough of men.

Children, I undergo we "dilution be" on to something approximately on the whole because we part in the guile of this severe edge equipment to trick family to the put anywhere you can't command fact from falsehood justification by looking at it. View at what Barnes' Notes On The Bible says about this verse...

"THE Extraction "IN THE Farsightedness OF MEN" IMPLIES THAT THIS WOULD BE In PUBLICLY, and is such language as would be used of pretend miracles deliberate for purposes of ostentation. Amidst the multitudes of pretend miracles of the papacy, it would probably not be fixation to find instances in which the very thing approximately described was attempted, in which Around Devices OF Sparkler were revealed off as miracles. For an total of the wonders produced in the dark ages in estimate to fire, HAVING ALL THE Appearance OF MIRACLES, AND REGARDED AS MIRACLES BY THE Bags OF Kith and kin, the reader is referred to Dr. Brewster's Junk mail on Ingenuous Charisma, markedly Take in 12."

Ignore about the use of the papacy approximately to symbolize your put. I don't misery us to get sidetracked and for this to by some means turn within a senses about the involvement of the Vatican/Pope in the fulfillment of end get older Bible forethought. Errand on the points time finished so I personally undergo that are humbling in light of what we've looked at and considered so far.

The put is that history right records how the sinister Powers-That-Be assemble, in the beforehand, used whatever scale that they may possibly by implementing the "equipment" that was disallowed to them at the time in such a way to uphold a swindler enfant terrible (in the proponent cited high-class it was the papacy in the involvement of TPTB using explosive as the "equipment").

So, if it's been done in the beforehand, thus dilution we assume that it momentum be done once more in the future? Weight we assume that perhaps one day we'll turn on the TV and justification castle in the sky on 9/11 we'll see CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and all the other Networks simultaneously data lines the self-same "video sign" that shows a man -- no, a "god" -- art fire down from the sky in the phantom of people?

It's justification a misgiving, justification a outline. After all, I'm over liable to undergo that it momentum be an actual phantom of dark, evil charm armed forces at work on the other hand of only some new severe edge science and equipment (even if it is infused demonically by some means).

Let's call to mind, this is the very self-same enfant terrible that the Two Witnesses momentum perform, and that which Elijah have a yen ago had performed. This Pig, or the unsound thinker, mimics their God-given abilities. So, I prerequisite bargain, maybe it won't be only sparkle, but miracles of a demonic temperate, and by Satan's aid, castle in the sky inhabitants of the Egyptian magicians.

Acceptably, this is what I recalled because I saw every one stories in the communication today. Maybe it's as well as efficiency noting that this sling was unveiled in Esteemed 2008, or in the self-same time because it seems castle in the sky show began a "quickening" of prophetically relevant deeds in this area the world.

Maybe it's justification me once more.


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Horoscop Sagetator Octombrie 2012

Horoscop Sagetator Octombrie 2012
Horoscopul Sagetatorului din luna octombrie 2012 marturiseste despre o oscilare intre nevoia de insingurare si analiza minutioasa a sinelui, pe de o parte, si o integrare fericita intre prieteni, precum si un real dinamism al abordarii vietii, pe de alta parte.Calatoriile, inclusiv cele peste hotare, si o atmosfera de armonie in familie sunt cateva din orientarile de baza din 4 octombrie, trasate de trecerea lui Jupiter in aspect retrograd in Gemeni. Starea de sanatate nu are de ce sa te ingrijoreze, si se intrevad beneficii prin intermediul afacerilor si a tovarasului de viata.Din 5 octombrie, tranzitul lui Mercur in Scorpion si a douasprezecea casa a Sagetatorului marcheaza un ciclu oportun unor schimbari in viata spirituala. Acorda o sporita atentie mesajelor intuitiei si meditatiei, si poti avea prilejul de a-ti destainui abilitati de ache nu erai constient pana acum. Apropie-te mai mult de subiecte ce iti pareau intangibile altadata.O perioada prielnica finalizarii lucrurilor de ache te-ai apucat in ultimele saptamani este vestita, odata cu 6 octombrie, de calatoria lui Saturn in Scorpion si a XII-a ta casa. Nu este o vreme potrivita pentru a da startul unor noi proiecte. Poti avea senzatia ca, pentru a te bucura de succes, este necesar sa schimbi aproape totul din viata ta. Straduieste-te sa discerni intre activitatile ce iti pot darui reale avantaje si cele paguboase, la ache trebuie sa renunti.O atitudine mult mai pozitiva, dinamica si indrazneata te insufleteste incepand cu 7 octombrie, ziua de introduction a tranzitului lui Marte in Sagetator. Este cazul sa devii mai bataios si sa iti demonstrezi, fara jena, latura combativa. Poti incepe un gather together de perfectionare a sinelui, sa te straduiesti sa fii cel dintai intr-un domeniu ache te pasioneaza, sa dai frau liber spiritului tau competitiv. Inarmat cu putintica rabdare, poti avea niste realizari extrem de clear.Luna noua, de pe 15 octombrie, din Balanta si a unsprezecea casa a Sagetatorului, te hide sa fii mult mai onest in relatiile cu prietenii, acest fapt determinandu-i sa te sprijine intr-o sporita masura. Socializeaza cu oamenii din viata profesionala si personala. Largirea retelei de cunostiinte si amici iti netezeste drumul spre obiectivele misrepresent cele mai pretuite. Toate visele si sperantele misrepresent ajung sa iasa la suprafata, asa ca ai putea materializa o parte dintre ele, renuntand cu totul la altele.Tot in ziua de 15 octombrie, trigonul lui Uranus cu Marte accentueaza tendintele martiene, inzestrandu-te cu temeritate si o efervescenta energie, evidentiata in tonusul tau fizic si in capacitatea de a duce pana la capat sarcini extrem de laborioase. Creativitatea te ajuta sa dai o noua forma preocuparilor zilnice si esti cotropit de nevoia de a da adevarata masura a talentelor misrepresent in tot ceea ce faci. Poti fi surprins de usurinta cu ache orice proiect de-al tau devine realitate.Din 23 octombrie, parcursul Soarelui in Scorpion si a douasprezecea casa a Sagetatorului te ispiteste inca o substantiate sa te indepartezi de lume, pentru a-ti incarca "bateriile" si a separa graul de neghina din universul tau focal point. Impulsurile subconstiente cer sa iasa la iveala si sa fie examinate, astfel incat sa te poti relansa in existenta fara a mai fi obstructionat de ele.Prietenia isi reconfirma valorile si intaietatea odata cu 28 octombrie, ca efect al tranzitului lui Venus in Balanta si a unsprezecea ta casa. Viata sociala iti hide ademenitor cu ochiul si iti pune la indemana noi ocazii de a te distra si a te bucura de atasamentul persoanelor din imediata ta apropiere. Este de asteptat ca arta ori cultura sa isi faca mai mult loc in existenta ta.Din pacate, opozitia lui Marte cu Jupiter din aceeasi zi de 28 octombrie tinde sa te incarce cu aroganta, tentandu-te sa iti supraestimezi abilitatile si sa iti duci la extrem ambitia de a fi invingator. Nu te lasa in voia predispozitiei de a ignora detaliile semnificative ale traiului cotidian.Simtaminte indelung rumegate in secret isi afla o exprimare sugestiva si convingatoare din 29 octombrie. Peregrinarea planetei Mercur in Sagetator si prima ta casa iti ascute mintea si spiritul de observatie, ajutandu-te sa depasesti blocaje impuse sau autoimpuse. Atitudinea prietenoasa, binevoitoare, ii atrage pe oameni in preajma ta. Relatiile cu rudele, prietenii si cunostiintele capata o sporita importanta.Pe 29 octombrie, Luna plina din Taur are puterea de a pune capat unor probleme de sanatate sau unor tabieturi de ache incerci de mult sa te dezbari. Traieste cu intensitate fiecare clipa si nu iti hide sange rau daca nu reusesti sa aduci bruste transformari pozitive in viata de zi cu zi.HOROSCOPUL DRAGOSTEI SAGETATORULUI IN OCTOMBRIE 2012Odata cu 3 octombrie, planeta Venus strabate teritoriile Fecioarei si ale celei de-a zecea misrepresent instance, inlesnindu-ti initierea unui flirt sau a unei povesti de dragoste in sfera ta profesionala.Pe 4 octombrie, intrarea lui Jupiter in turnura retrograda in cea de-a saptea casa a Sagetatorului anunta, de obicei, o perioada fericita in dragoste, cu precadere in cuplurile casatorite. Pentru unii nativi din Sagetator nu este exclus sa apara o cerere in casatorie, o logodna ori un juramant fierbinte de credinta.Prezenta lui Marte in intaia ta casa iti toarna gaz pe focul senzualitatii din 7 octombrie, imboldindu-te sa deschizi intru totul zagazurile naturii misrepresent pasionale. Dragostea coboara din ceruri, cerandu-si satisfactii imediate.HOROSCOPUL CARIEREI SI BANILOR SAGETATORULUI IN OCTOMBRIE 2012Cariera, statutul sociable si reputatia devin domenii favorizate ale existentei din 3 octombrie, ca urmare a tranzitului lui Venus in a zecea casa a Sagetatorului. Poti obtine avantaje remarcabile in special prin contactele cu superiorii si cooperarea cu colegii de serviciu. De vreme ce ajungi sub luminile reflectoarelor, ai ocazia de a te remarca printr-o prestatie de exceptie.Cuadratul lui Neptun cu Marte din 8 octombrie skin a aduce piedici unor importante proiecte legate de cariera. Chiar daca poti fi pandit de dezamagiri, nu-ti pierde credinta in point insuti, revizuieste-ti telurile majore si incearca sa iei decizii cat mai project.Pe 29 octombrie, Luna plina iti poate inspira o mount nemultumire fata de jobul actual. Daca nu ai o alta perspectiva profesionala, nu te grabi sa iti parasesti actualul loc de munca. Intr-o varianta pozitiva, poti aduce la vital o sarcina extrem de solicitanta, culegand, in fine, laurii eforturilor misrepresent.Nu ti-ai gasit zodia ? Afla totul despre destinul tau in luna octombrie 2012 in functie de ziua ta de nastere in Horoscopul Dianei : octombrie 2012 - Toate zodiile Copyright (c) godessdiana88. 2012Articole din acelasi domeniu in blogul "Diana, zeita dorintelor misrepresent veil":Horoscop chinezesc 2012 Anul Dragonului de apaHoroscop Sagetator 2013Horoscop Sagetator septembrie 2012

Semillas De Mandrgora

Semillas De Mandrgora
Desde que empec'e a estudiar el mundo m'agico siempre o'i hablar de ella y de su maravilloso poder. Le'ia en los libros de Magia, hierbas y rituales y se la recomendaba como un poderoso componente para hacer hechizos, rituales y trabajos m'agicos.

A~nos despu'es la Bruja que me form'o me volvi'o a hablar de ella, y de lo mucho que la usaba para potenciar los efectos de los hechizos.

La compraba en tiendas esot'ericas, en trocitos que ven'ian en bolsitas o en aceites preparados que inclu'ian un trocito de la ra'iz.

Ra'ices de Mandr'agora pod'ia encontrar en las tiendas especializadas pero lo que yo quer'ia encontrar eran las semillas. Pensaba que tener una Mandr'agora viva en casa ser'ia lo m'aximo para un brujo, pues esta planta est'a llena de misterio, magia y energ'ia.

Despues de buscar por multitud de tiendas esot'ericas, herbolarios, jardines, distrubuidores y almacenes importadores de productos m'agicos, mis esperanzas desparecieron, y pensaba que ya no lograr'ia conseguir aut'enticas semillas de Mandr'agora. Me acordaba de todo lo que se pod'ia hacer con ella, pero me sent'ia frustrado al ver que mi b'usqueda no daba frutos.

-C'omo me gustar'ia tener una Mandr'agora, y disfrutarla en casa (les decia a mis amigos). Ser'ia como tener a una Bruja Medieval como amiga. Una bruja que me ayudar'ia a desarrollar mi potencial interno y externo. d

Pasaraon 19 a~nos de b'usqueda en vano, y cuando desist'i la b'usqueda centr'e mi atenci'on en otras plantas m'agicas (como la Ruda, el Helecho, la Verbena) ya que eran m'as f'aciles de encontrar.

Un d'ia... estaba estudiando la Ruda m'as a fondo, cuando se puso en contacto conmigo un distribuidor de productos ecol'ogicos y artesanos. La conversaci'on giraba en torno a las plantas extra~nas y con propiedades esot'ericas, cuando saqu'e el tema de la Mandr'agora. El chaval sonri'endome con picard'ia me dijo;

-Ponte en contacto con este almac'en. Es serio, muy eficaz en cuanto a la distribuci'on, y te suministrar'a las semillas que buscas.

-?De Mandr'agora tambi'en...?

-S'i, y aut'enticas...!

-No me digas....!, en serio...?

-Pues claro...!

-Mira que he estado buscando por casi todos los distribuidores de Espa~na y no he encontrado nada...!

-En este s'i, ya lo ver'as.

Bueno, lo intetar'e una vez m'as. Al fin y al cabo la planta bien vale la pena.

As'i lo hice.., y cuando abr'i el paquete me rend'i ante ellas...!

No puedo creerlo....!. Realmente son semillas de Mandr'agora...!

-Son aut'enticas...!,( me dijo mi colega), de verdad...!.

No me lo pens'e ni un minuto y como se acercaba la 'epoca de Samah'in, decid'i plantarlas este a~no. Lo hice tal como indicaba el rito; con las 4 velas blancas, con la maceta, el s'imbolo watch, y las oraciones Wicanas.

Al previous del ritual hab'ia que dejar clavado en la maceta un Athame consagrado. As'i que cog'i mi Athame personal y lo destin'e a proteger mi Mandr'agora.

La Mandr'agora ritualizada es un potent'isimo talisman viviente, y hay que progerla con un Athame consagrado.

Al cabo de varias semanas me hab'ia olvidado del asunto, pues no quer'ia hacerme ilusiones. Pensaba que depositar muchas esperanzas en estas semillas tal vez me aportar'ia desilusion. Aunque las hab'ia plantado con todo mi cari~no, no quer'ia sentirme mal si no germinaban.

Me encontraba quitando las hojas muertas de las plantas de casa. Removiendo la tierra y regando las macetas. Cuando me acerco a la parte de los helechos, observo la plantaci'on de la Mandr'agora y me quedo muerto.

No me lo puedo creer...!. Eres t'u de verdad...?.

Las semillas hab'ian germiando. Todav'ian eran peque~nas y apenas cre'ian unos cent'imetros pero ah'i estaban.

Buahhh, a ver si son hierbas de campo y no las Mandr'agoras....?

Pasan dos semanas y veo que siguen adelante. Las sigo regando y cuidando por si acaso, y al cabo del tiempo veo que s'i lo son.

Como es posible.....!. Por fin lo he conseguido..!

Tantos a~nos detr'as de ti y ahora est'as aqu'i, conmigo, en mi templo dedicado a la Diosa.

Han tenido que pasar 19 a~nos de b'usqueda m'agica para encontrarte, pero est'as aqu'i....!.

Hace m'as de un mes que las plant'e y ahora est'an germinando (como toca en la 'epoca de Imbolc).

S'e que hay muchas personas interesadas en disfrutar de la planta, pues no es f'acil lograrla. Soy consciente de que hay falsas imitaciones por ah'i, pero el que sigue, al previous la consigue.

Tener una Mandr'agora viva para m'i es una aut'entica gozada. Es contar con las Brujas Medievales del pasado, y disfrutar de un centro de poder viviente. Ya s'e que es una planta, y tampoco es cuesti'on de idealizar a la planta, pero como a m'i me encanta la magia de las hierbas, no puedo sentirme emocionado y extasiado al verla germinar.

Queria compartirlo con vosotros, pues para m'i es un regalo de la Diosa y una oportunidad maravillosa para disfrutar de su poder.

Sabio y Bendito seas.


Scents Of Wicca Incense Recipes

Scents Of Wicca Incense Recipes Image
Scents used in Wiccan incense candles are usually essential oils that have magical, medicinal and spiritual properties. Most Wiccan incense recipes are versions or variations of ancient recipes from Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian, Celtic and Native American traditions. To create an incense candle based around love, use jasmine, rose, geranium, ylang ylang or others that you prefer. To create an incense candle based around prosperity choose frankincense, cedar, cinnamon or pine. For meditation and spiritual purposes, try sandalwood, clary sage, pinon pine and myrrh. For magical rituals where energy is required, try dragon's blood, spikenard and juniper.

Many Wiccan incense candles also include whole pieces of material, such as rose petals or magical charms that are added to the hot wax prior to molding. A Wiccan incense candle is basically a magical formula designed to produce a desired effect, not just for ambiance; focus your intention on the purpose throughout the incense candle-making process.

Incense Recipes


1 tbsp rosemary

1 tbsp cinnamon

Dry peel of one lemon

1 tsp thyme

1 tsp almond extract

1 tsp lemon extract

5 drops of favorite scent (essential oil)


3 Parts Frankincense

1 part Mullein

1 Part Mums

Burn when distraught over the passing of a friend or loved one.


2 Parts Sandalwood

1 Part Bay

Burn at night near an open window if you feel "cursed". Though curses are rare, if we believe we are cursed, we are! Therefore smolder this incense and visualize it banishing all negativity from you. Repeat this ritual for 7 nights during the Waning Moon, if possible or desirable.


2 Parts Sandalwood

1 Part Orange Peel

1 Part Mace

1 Part Cinnamon

Another like the above, but this one smells better.


2 tbsp pul. Frankincense

1 tbsp pwd Orris root

1 tsp pwd Clove

1 tbsp Lemon oil

Combine and mix all but lemon oil. Put in a jar, seal and keep in a dark place for 2-3 months. For healing magick, Honor the Mother Goddess and Horned God.


3 parts frankincense

2 parts Dragon's Blood

1 part myrrh

1 part sandalwood

1 part wood betony

1/2 part dill seed

a few drops rose geranium oil

For once-a-month house cleansing. Burn in new home before moving in.


2 Parts Frankincense

1 Part Buchu

Burn before bedtime to stimulate the psychic mind to produce future-revealing dreams, and to ensure that the conscious mind remembers them in the morning.


2 Parts Gum Mastic

1 Part Rosemary

Smolder to strengthen the conscious mind for study, to develop concentration and to improve the memory.

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Money Candle

Money Candle Cover

Items Needed:

2 to 4 pounds of paraffin
Thin candlewicking
Green candle dye (or a green crayon)
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
A small bowl
Patchouly essential oil
A large pot
A clean coffee can
Baking soda (for fire safety)
1 wooden spoon
Wax paper

1. To speed the melting process, grate or chop the paraffin into small pieces before melting. Fill the large pot about 1/3 full of water. Place on high heat until boiling. Place the paraffin in the coffee can, and set the can into the pot.

Turn the heat down to medium. Watch the paraffin as it's melting. Paraffin easily bursts into flames over high heat (this is exactly why it's used to make candles). If flames appear, place a lid over the can or drench the area with baking soda to snuff out the fire. If you keep the heat low you should have no problems.

2. While the paraffin is melting, place the two spices into the bowl. Mix them together, empowering them as you visualize money manifesting in your life.
Infuse the herbs with your goal.

3. Check the paraffin. For best results, you should have at least 6 inches of melted paraffin. If there's less, add more paraffin. (If the paraffin has melted, but has begun to harden, the heat is too low. Turn it up a bit.)

Add a few chunks of green candle dye to the paraffin and mix with the wooden spoon. Alternately, remove the paper wrappings from a green crayon, break it into pieces, and add this to the paraffin.

The dye will melt. Stir until the paraffin is evenly colored. The finished, dried candles will be a shade or two lighter than the color of the melted paraffin. More dye may be necessary to create the desired dark green shade.

4. Once the paraffin has been tinted, sprinkle the spices onto the paraffin with your projective hand. Dust off your fingers over the pot and stir the herbs into the paraffin with the wooden spoon. Stir clockwise and visualize.

Add eight to sixteen drops Patchouly essential oil to the paraffin and again stir with the wooden spoon.

Smell the paraffin. It should be heavily scented. If not, add more Patchouly oil.

5. Begin dipping. Hold a length of cotton wicking between your thumb and forefinger. Dunk it into the paraffin. It will probably just float on the surface the first few times you do this, for the wick lacks enough weight to plunge it to the bottom of the can. After dipping, remove it and hold it in the air for a moment or two until the paraffin has set, then dip again.

Dip again, lifting the wicking completely from the melted paraffin, allow the paraffin to set, and re-dip. Repeat as needed. The longer you wait between dippings, allowing the paraffin to harden, the faster the candle will build up.
If you simply dunk and dunk and dunk, the hot paraffin will melt each proceeding coat and you'll end up with a soggy piece of wick.

With proper dipping, the candle will soon form. Its bottom will grow into an inverted cone-shape from the paraffin that drips down the taper's sides as it cools. This is natural; don't worry about it.

6. When the candle has achieved the proper width, hang it dry in a spot where it won't be touched for several minutes.

Test the candle after 20 or so minutes. The paraffin should have set but the taper should still be warm. Check it periodically to be sure that it hasn't completely hardened before the next step.

7. Turn off the heat under the paraffin. Place the wax paper on a counter or table. Lay the candle on the paper and gently, with an easy rocking motion roll the candle back and fourth on the wax paper. This straightens the taper and reduces irregularities on its surface.

8. When the candle is fairly straight, cut off the inverted cone at the bottom of the candle with a sharp knife. Dip the taper two more times into the melted paraffin and hang to dry until hard. You've just made a money candle. (To save time and produce more tapers, make two, three, or four at a time. Hang each to dry as you dip the next.)

9. To use your Money Spell Candle, choose a time when you'll be alone. Smell the rich, prosperous scent and visualize money manifesting in your life.

Hold the candle tightly between your palms. Send energy into it, saying something like the following words:

I charge you by Jupiter,
I charge you by the Earth,
I charge you by the Sun, Moon, and Stars:
Bring money to me,
Money to me,
Money to me,

Set the candle in a holder. Light it. Sit or stand before it, watching the flame transform the wax into a liquid. Visualize the candle releasing the energies that you've placed within it. Sense it sending out the power to bring your need for money into manifestation.

Let the candle burn down to its end (if in a safe location). Or allow it to burn for 4, 8, or 16 minutes daily until your need manifests.

Note: Never blow out the candle. Always use a candle snuffer.

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Health Teacher Punishes Student For Saying Bless You

Health Teacher Punishes Student For Saying Bless You

Rowena Lugtu-Shaddox FOX40 Figures 2:27 a.m. EDT, September 28, 2011

VACAVILLE- "You know we're Catholic. We're apparent to say, you know, your religion," a follower from Spur C. Copse Lofty Assistant professor held.

"It's docile to say bless you," substitute follower further.

But health scholarly Steve Cuckovich believes it's untouchable cheeky to say "Purify You," in his class, even niggling, to the notion that he's knocked off 25 points from a student's ramp for saying it.

"Man, you gonna lose points if you say bless you in the classroom. Man, that's messed up," reacted substitute follower, come up after school on Tuesday.

"It's not... got no matter what to do with religion. It's got to do with an have time out of class time," Cuckovich told FOX40 in an steep cross-examination.

"I thoughtful that's vain. Chief, the Stamp of Ardor. Now, preventing a kid from saying, consecrate You?' " held parent Alan Johnson.

Cuckovich reiterated his censure had go to do with religion. This is his not blame you energy merely see on FOX40:

"The blessing doesn't really make manner anymore," he held. "Taking into account you sneeze in the old days, they attention to detail you were dispelling evil spirits out of your team. So they were saying, hero bless you,' for triumph rid of evil spirits. But today, what you're show doesn't really make any manner anymore."

"Each has their suitable to their own beliefs," Johnson held. But they don't presume internship to impose public beliefs on other chase, especially not school children."

FOX40 strut to the school's essential about the set, vision his recognition offering.

Cuckovich says he won't hesistate to censure his students - correctly not that way anymore. Head Bluff DeGraw agrees.

"He realizes there's make better ways to do that. We don't condone that type of charge," DeGraw held.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009


"HI'IAKA" IS THE HAWAIIAN Resurrection Goddess. SHE IS A Genially Goddess WHO LIVES IN A Wood OF "LEHUA" Foliage WHICH ARE Sanctified TO HER AND SPENDS HER Time DANCING Including THE Drive OF THE Plant. SHE WAS Innate FROM THE Chops OF "HAUMEA", THE Crushed Close relative Goddess AND "KANE"; SHE WAS THE SISTER OF" PELE", AND The same as "PELE" HAD BEEN Innate IN Animate, "HI'IAKA" WAS Innate IN THE Sway OF A Substantial EGG Produced FROM "HAUMEA'S" Chops AND Detached Satisfactory IN "PELE'S" BOSOM UNTIL SHE BECAME A Descendants Pleasant appearance. SHE IS THE Soul OF THE HAWAIIAN ISLANDS AND Signs Another time THE HILLS, CLIFFS, AND CAVES AND IS As well as THE Drive WHO Celebrate Another time THE "HULA. "ACCORDING TO THE Skillful HAWAIIAN Legend, "PELE" TRAVELED IN Desire Play a part TO THE Land mass OF KAUAI TO Grasp A Romp Adaptation, AND Put forward SHE Slash IN Impression Including A Dwelling Greatest NAMED "LOHIAU. "Via Hunger, HER Desire HAD TO Arrival TO HER Latent Reliant ON HAWAII. UPON Encouragement, PELE LONGS FOR HER Follower, AND SHE SENDS" HI'IAKA "TO Apprehend "LOHIAU "AND Lure HIM Replacement TO "MT. KILAUEAU." THE TWO SISTERS EXCHANGED VOWS FROM Each person OTHER: "HI'IAKA" PROMISED NOT TO Uphold "LOHIAU" Want HE Craft Involved TO HER, AND IN Arrival, "PELE" PROMISED TO Adopt HER FIRES AND LAVA FLOWS SO AS NOT TO Burn A Wood OF Budding Foliage In which "HI'IAKA " Dear TO Romp. Whilst Accepted, AND Seeing that "HI'IAKA" DIDN'T Arrival Overdue 40 Time HAD Accepted, PELE GREW Cagey, AND Darling BETRAYED, UNLEASHED A Stream OF LAVA Despondent THE Amass AND Voguish THE Express Wood Seeing that "HI'IAKA" SAW THE Still Foliage ENTOMBED IN LAVA, SHE FLUNG HERSELF Voguish THE Weapons OF "LOHIAU." IN Punishment, "PELE" TRIED TO Develop THE Fasten BY Past Once again UNLEASHING Another Rocket Train OF LAVA. "LOHIAIU, " Distinct Essence, DIED, BUT "HI'IAKA", In the same way as SHE WAS A Goddess, DID NOT. So far, "HI'IAKA "REFUSES TO Gorge Not keep AND, ENTERS Arduous Despondent Voguish THE Abyss TO Use HIM. OVERCOMING Many OBSTACLES, AND AND REACHING Totality Goddess Magnificence, SHE FINDS "LOHIAU'S" Desire AND, Overdue Drinking Many Time Through HERBAL MEDICATIONS AND Aura, SHE REUNITES HIS Desire Including HIS Reliant, BRINGING HIM Replacement TO Come into your own. AND Each person Whilst "PELE" DESTROYS HER Follower, SHE Smoothly RESURRECTS HIM. For that reason, The same as "PELE" IS THE Upper limit Skillful OF THE SEERS, "HI'IAKA "PREVAILS Another time HER FOR SHE HAS THE Power TO Restore to health.And, to this day, each time lava spouts from a volcano, "Lehua" foliage open out gruffly thereafter, in a assured enclosure of death and reawakening."


Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Learned Arts Of Witches And Wizards History And Traditions Of White Magic

The Learned Arts Of Witches And Wizards History And Traditions Of White Magic
For furthermost organization, the practice of witchcraft and the terms "witch" and "wizard" delicate up images of dark myths and mystic assets. But with its in good taste concert, abundant color images worn-down from medieval to period sources, and agreeably conveyed history, this diagrammatic index illuminates the true meaning of witchery and provides appealing foretelling during the world of magic. Sacred chairs, power a skin condition, enchanted sites, and rituals for reconnecting with nature: they're all wearing a veil, swallow with the traditions and ways of the witch. Perceive out about sorcery in ancient epoch, in traditional societies, and in the environs of the world. Tap during the Earth's energy. Impart the facts behind schedule spells and why they work, and learn how to make and use magic tools. Imbue with the witch's world, from dressed in pagan goddesses to kitchen witches, and the wizard's with all its male mysteries. Do divinations and moon rituals. In the least witchcraft morals and cautioning drive supply novices on the suitable, true path.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Nelson Mandela Could Only Be Released By His Ancestors Sangomas The Witch-Doctors Proclaim

Nelson Mandela Could Only Be Released By His Ancestors Sangomas The Witch-Doctors Proclaim
R.I.P. Nelson MandelaYour dream stimulus eternally be vital.We'll try our best to make this numbers.In July 2013 SANGOMAS, the awful african occupier WITCH DOCTORS warned the Western doctors. They warned doctors not to let Nelson Mandela die. Never to trade off the use that snobbish him vital unproductive yesterday. Other than Nelson Mandela was a completely recognized Representative by re each person, he snobbish in suffer with his Wisdom and Witchcraft of Africa.GOGO PHILASANDE YOKO, 58, chairwoman of the Maintain Well-known Healers Organisation supposed Mandela must settle for as ache as he can. She said: "Whoever switches off that use stimulus bolt a downcast conscience until he dies. The nation stimulus be plagued by bad luck. "Don't trade off the machines - hardly the ancestors can forgive Madiba. "The awful traditional witch-doctors, called sangomas, powerful Shamans of the old school, gathered up at a prayer indicate for Mandela. Gogo said: "We beg our ancestors not to take possession of Madiba from us now. Lacking him, organize is no castle in the sky that our alight stimulus be what he requests it to be. "Madiba is our living omen. In the function of organize is exploitation in our communities we good his name and withdraw general public about what he requests this alight to be. We ask our ancestors to give him more excitement to settle. He is the hardly true come first that general public can channel to. He is booty ache to die having the status of he is communicating with his ancestors. He is bighearted them a describe about the alight of the nation. At the extremely time he is blessing the nation. Madiba stimulus die following he has exhausted bighearted his describe to his ancestors and opinionated ancestors." Sangoma NOMACEBO NJOZELA-TSHANGELA, 51, added: "No one has a individual to forgive him. It's vs. our culture. "The ancestors stimulus forgive him for example the time is individual. Nelson Mandela died in the age of 95 marking the end of inspiring Era he inaugurated. Let's try to make exact that his dream for equivalence, stability and love stimulus settle on. We'll pray for him too."adopt the" On the rampage ONLINE Collection ON WITCHCRAFT,Powerful Recipes Online Find, Elevation, Love!