Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Simple Candle Burning Magick

Simple Candle Burning Magick Cover
Before performing any magick be sure that you have the consent of the person you are doing magick for. ALL magick coms back on the petitioner three fold so it is important to query your motives before beginning any sort of spell.

Casting spells uses personal energy, so be sure that your mind is not cluttered and that you are not tired, as magick often tires the practitioner.

Because this text will be discussing simple, flexible candle magick, we will not be needing an altar. Just an open mind, a candle, some oil and some incense.

Light the incense. This enables the practitioner to atune to his psychic mind, and contact his personal energies. The incense may also aid in carrying your request to the Divine. You may want to ask the Deity to assist you as you do this.

The next thing you will want to do is anoint your candle. You DO NOT want to use a candle that you have used before. It MUST be a new candle, because it is pure, and has not been infected with any energies. anointing may be done with any oil, but is more successful if you use one of the magick oils (listed here). Anointing is done by rubbing the candle in the upward motion, starting in the middle of your candle. Only rub in that direction, all the while concentrating on what you are trying to accomplish. Rub that goal into the candle. Then, starting in the middle again, rub the candle downward. Continue to rub the candle in this direction, concentrating on your goal. When you feel that the candle has been successfully oiled, you may kiss it. The candle is blessed.

Now, light the candle. Keep your goal firmly in mind. Visualize your goal. See your goal in the fire. Continue to gaze into the fire, visualizing strongly, until you are too wary to continue. You may then leave your flame. It is important to let your candle burn all the way out. This allows the energy that you infused into the candle to be completely released.

If you cannot remain with your candle, you may blow it out but your magick will be much more successful if you let the candle burn itself all the way out.

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