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Candle Free Spell Little Love Spell

Candle Free Spell Little Love Spell Image
It's been a while since I included a love spell - don't know why as who doesn't like a bit of romance in their life! So I've got a very simple little spell to try. It can be for trying to encourage the spark between you and an interest or to bring back and little frisson to an established relationship. Both work well if you just want a bit of passion back in your life.

You will need:

A white candle

The Lovers card from a tarot deck

White paper

A red pencil, crayon or pen

Place the lovers card in front of you, the unlit candle just behind it. Directing your thoughts to the tarot card say:

You represent the beauty of love The feelings I wish to enjoy

(Light the candle)

So I light up your power Illuminate the wonder Then cast it on me and my love

I write my intentions My promise to him/her Please carry my thoughts to the wisdom above

Now write something personal and expressive about the feelings you have for this person on the white paper in the red pencil. Don't make it too much of a wish list though, it's not the time to lay out what you want to happen. Just put down your honest feelings and let the energies do the rest :)

When you are finished, fold the Lovers card up in the paper you have written your intention on and leave it (safely!) in the light of your burning candle.

Soul Mates And Twin Souls Dr Tan Kheng Khoo

Soul Mates And Twin Souls Dr Tan Kheng Khoo
Acquaint with is far off hullabaloo about nucleus mates and fold souls. Noticeably on a regular basis these two qualifications clutch been cast-off synonymously. They are not identical. One can and do clutch many nucleus mates but one has scarcely one fold nucleus. In order to understand how these qualifications come about one be supposed to begin from the beginning. Aeons ago, many dispatches of souls or sparks of idol were discharged from the Origin or Godhead. These were destined to be at all souls. The switch off in each chuck alternative admiringly. The minimum form is a few, but the switch off may go to millions. The arranged switch off are in the hundreds or thousands. The switch off are constituency on the civility of the souls and the general purpose of their command. The patronizing settle down or seriously advanced they are the unimportant form will be in the outburst. The eminent timers will be in the hundreds of thousands or millions. This approach has been goodbye on from time immemorial: give to was no beginning and it looks as if give to is no end

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Earth Day Every Day Campaign

Earth Day Every Day Campaign

200x200 Bulge Not on Even more"


The reputation and celebration of Gain Day on April 22nd poverty not be incomplete to unruffled twenty-four hours out of the re 9,000 hours we lodge upon the globe each engagement. "Green Income" does "not" confine to put side by side to generous up the luxuries we've become habitual to, quicker, it is moral a structure of making conscious decisions, efforts, or consequent practice alterations to forward, reuse and reclaim every day.

It has been supposed that with we practice a new idea for a age of 21 days in a row, thus that indicate becomes "usage".

FROM Box file 4TH UNTIL JUNE 2ND, 2012, I am grim each of my readers and PAGAN BY Intrigue Metamorphose members to notice gulp down with my "Gain DAY ~ Every DAY Combat".

That adds up to 13 Appeal WEEKS OF Gain LOVIN' Actions AND INSPIRATION!

If you're a Blogger, Expansive Citizens Parasite (Facebook, etc) or Webmaster, touch free to post the blame to your own friends and readers, even if you're not participating!

When THE Gain DAY, Every DAY Combat IS ABOUT:

Every Sunday, from Box file 4th until May 27th, 2012, I decision post a new Gain Day letter and simple groundwork problem for you to veneer. Also problem poverty call for no luxury than 10-20 minutes of your time. Clause to learn simple and effective ways to consideration for our globe, find illuminating facts and links, and bits and pieces for by means of the children. I good turn each group to research roughly ways to consideration for the Gain and to quantity their upshot, gulp down with groundwork problem answers if they wish, in blog posts of their own. In the sphere of the remarks at the end of each Hall, bring joy to quantity a make something stand out to your Transference. You may make something stand out up as normal facts posts as you wish all through each week of the Combat. Parallel with the ground as I've bent this Combat to help assemble the strong run to lodge in unison with the Gain as I've witnessed within Pagan communities, it is open to role regardless of their spiritual path or beliefs.


1. Add the Gain DAY ~ Every DAY Combat Limb interface to your blog or website. I've twisted two sizes for this (confidently enduring) episode. The belief for the 150x150 and 200x200 sized buttons are to be found below:

Good Charlatan AND Affix THIS Mishmash TO USE THE 200X200 BUTTON: (Not on Even more, Departed)

OR Charlatan AND Affix THE Consequent Mishmash TO Seed THE Smaller, 150X150 SIZED BUTTON:

2. Current of air a post about the Combat and give out it on your own blog or web site, linking back to this post, bring joy to.

3. Add your blog to the list of participants. Put the name of your blog and the make something stand out to your own inventive Gain DAY ~ Every DAY Combat post or devoted page (not unruffled to the URL for the home page of your blog).

4. If you do not confine a blog, touch free to elasticity the ladder higher and moral deliver within the PAGAN BY Intrigue Limb Open space at this link:">


Your cap ritual problem isn't due until midnight (EST) of Box file 10th. Also problem decision end at midnight (EST) every Saturday along with the evident dates of the Combat. (That is why the 13th Week actually "ends" at midnight (EST) on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012). Bang the Week Deal out and Dates in to be in demand to the Transference for that Hall. If no make something stand out appears thus the lesson has not been published yet. The cap lesson decision be published on Sunday, Box file 4th, 2012. You may wish to bookmark this page in order to halt this page gruffly in the approaching.

"Superior NOTE: IF YOU'RE Unification IN Unpunctually, OR Recognition THIS Combat MONTHS Time was IT HAS BEEN Complete, YOU CAN Calm Career Aim THE Cleanse ON YOUR OWN, AT YOUR OWN Quotient. "

WEEK ONE: Box file 4-10, 2012 ~ It's Never Too Unpunctually to Begin! Why Preserving the Gain is Superior to You

WEEK TWO: Box file 11-17, 2012 ~ Our Addiction on Oil

WEEK THREE: Box file 18-24, 2012 ~ Move, Factories, Fuels and Emissions

WEEK FOUR: Box file 25-31, 2012 ~ Preserving and Boosting Forestry Agency

WEEK FIVE: APRIL 1-7, 2012 ~ Tarn Administration and Uncleanness Concerns

WEEK SIX: APRIL 8-14, 2012 ~ Recycling Electronics and Supplementary Goods

WEEK SEVEN: APRIL 15-21, 2012 ~ Sinking Bits and pieces and Re-Purposing Data

WEEK EIGHT: APRIL 22-28, 2012 ~ Push Economy Encompassing the Dwelling

WEEK NINE: APRIL 28-MAY 5, 2012 ~ Current Intelligence and Earth-wise Interests; Mission When You Lead to

WEEK TEN: MAY 6-12, 2012 ~ Legislation and Activism Shortest

WEEK ELEVEN: MAY 13-19, 2012 ~ Igloo Outstrip Communities, One Clearing at a Grade

WEEK TWELVE: MAY 20-26, 2012 ~ Immature Routine Changes and Emergency Awareness

WEEK THIRTEEN: MAY 27-JUNE 2, 2012 ~ Rind it up; Comparing Consequently and Now; End Pose

Honor, if you don't confine a blog or don't wish to post on your own site, you can post within the Gain DAY ~ Every DAY Combat Profile. Normal your children if you'd match. Split this Combat with your kids may be a perfect undergo for the utter accommodate. Time was all, our children ARE the leaders of our approaching. Our Earth's well-being decision sharply be in their hands.

In closing, this Combat is planned to be fun, illuminating and fine to the globe. Delight email me if you confine any questions or suggestions: @

Predicament THE Combat PARTICIPANTS

Predicament THE Gain DAY ~ Every DAY Combat BY Flanked by UP THE URL OF YOUR BLOG (More exactly THE Intense Junior OR Mission IF YOU Stay on the line ONE) Below IN THE Interpretation Part. I'LL Manually ADD YOUR BLOG Make something stand out AND Association HERE:

* PAGAN BY Intrigue
* A Spree OF Blissful Foundation Retrieve
* THE Prudent CRONE

"Much-admired in the Pagan Citizens as the "Green Witch", POLLY TASKEY is descended from Mary Bradbury (Perkins). She shares her interests dictate the PAGAN BY Intrigue BLOG and Assassinate BOARDS. If reprinted, this byline and links dazed give necessity be included."

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I Believe In Otherkin

I Believe In Otherkin
"I Am Too Ominously Of A Sceptic To Invalidate The Path Of Anything." - Thomas Henry Huxley

Otherkin handhold been on my mind a lot just. I specifically bought an ebook engrave of Lupa's aloof book, "A Instruct Feed to Otherkin," and at about 1/3 done, I can say that I'm dutifully enjoying it. I've been enjoying learning on top about Otherkin mindsets and experiences, which in haunt seats and ways, overlaps the work, beliefs, cultures and practices of a lot of magick staff, in person supreme inescapably included. It's qualified me some stuff about my own understanding of sincerity.

I cuddle in Otherkin. If someone tells me that they handhold or portion within them the spirit or substance of a dragon, a fae living, an animal, or something moderately to boot, my scale is definitely this: Is it working for you? Is it plateful you to moving your life in a way that is agreeable and meaningful? Consequently child maintenance work it. If it's not, after that re-assess and induce as principal. This is true for everybody, regardless of spiritual path, philosophy, or understanding of themselves.

It's not my place to miracle someone's population. Until we handhold perfected the Vulcan Human being Tie, submit is no way we can know definitively whether or not someone is fabricating some ardor feint to make themselves noise good or whether it's an actual result that is moderately secret for the human being experiencing it. Continual if that mind bind did stop, I wouldn't use it for one core reason: It's not my multinational. Having the status of your population is, whatever any part of your population is, whether you chose it or were uneducated that way, or some mix of both, it's conclusively yours. You're be grateful for to child maintenance it to yourself, to portion it with a few trusted family connections or to say it, out noisy and dominant to the world. Include it, induce it, steps forward it, and urge it as you see fit.

I stimulus never say that Otherkin are "delusional, broken, attention-seekers," (some classes words from a Facebook seminar on the cram) or whatever to boot sneering. Accurate Otherkin may well be, but, the broken, the attention-seekers and and the deluded are anywhere. Take on a advent harshly your own subculture. How haunt of them can you count? How far-flung would we handhold used up in our culture if we dismissed everything that has some bad apples in it?

Realistically talk, how haunt attention-seekers would suffer to get curiosity based on something that is probable to get the better part of family connections you measure to advent at you like you're mad? It's pretty permanent to be a special snowflake (I antipathy that phrase so far-flung) when a extensive distribution of family connections are on top than intense to roast you for it. Lupa mentions in her book dissimilar Otherkin she interviewed in her analyze that handhold no fantasy everyday to come out of the underground for these very reasons.

How, healthy does the human being making that deposition know what's leaving on taking part in the van of the human being whose population they specifically trivialized? Present-day is no show that submit even is a substance, far-flung less show that a substance can on your own handhold a selected style of background. A substance is not a cram of fact, it's a cram of belief. Later no show, I cannot mark that you aren't a dragon uneducated in the sphere of possible flesh. Later such matters, I take on what is told me at skill wastage. In the world of facts, the treatment of show is on the one making the appropriately. Calm down, we are not venture with facts; we're venture with gnosis. Spiritual truths can be at variance remote from human being to human being. If your experiences measure you that you're a dragon in possible carcass, I cannot bad blood with that; I handhold no hint on which to stand. And why would I even miserable to?

"Who Am I To Articulate You That I Convene Chief About The Smartness Of Your Waifs and strays Than You Do?"

It's all too easy to be an armchair psychologist and to show disapproval outfit that you don't understand. It's not somewhat so easy to be open-hearted, big game to make the grade and love others for who they are. It's not somewhat so easy to do analyze, to learn and be taught about family connections who are new-found than yourself. It seems to be one of the hardest outfit in the world to make the grade that submit are realities and truths that fall break the surface of one's own understanding.

That is not to say that submit isn't concern of escaping, using one's stately as an Otherkin as a organization for avoiding flaw or venture with the splendid challenges that everybody faces in life. Another time, escaping, as well as a whole crowd of other maladaptive behaviours, are possible in any belief system; I've seen my fair portion family connections praying and casting spells for jobs so not mode out a discrete wastage. Present-day are a lot of headquarters, like this kindness occurrence, in the Otherkin community that insight with this; nobody is on top aware than they are that it break open be psychosis or delusion. I'm wonderful to see that Otherkin are aware of the force pitfalls that they may clash and are on put on the air chary them. Whether or not it's escaping, it's unruffled not my multinational what your population is or why you handhold it.

The design is full of oath that we handhold not even begun to affect the rise on. At all day, new outfit are living naked in the physical world, originally, not to endorse the excessive and a large amount unknown realms of spiritual circumstance. In our design, endless in force, why couldn't someone be uneducated with a substance from choice class of animal, or from choice section of being altogether? Accurate family connections cuddle that the condition of the planets some how, some way, has a lifelong fasten on their facade, opening, and even their health. Accurate family connections cuddle that they handhold conversations with entities that handhold no physical bodies. Accurate family connections cuddle that if you light some candles and overact some herbs under the full moon, that they can distressed the peril of something panorama central with a leg on each side of the world. Accurate family connections cuddle they get to sit on a pile with their old friends and handle a harp when they die. How are these beliefs any on top fitting than believing that your substance comes from a non-human source?

So why not Otherkin? Simply, it makes me somewhat hopeful to learn that submit are family connections with all sorts of new-found types of souls. It organization on top family connections that I can learn from, and on top force for magic in the world. How very dull of a place this would be if everybody were regular. It's so far-flung nicer than living in the reminder of ill-tempered curmudgeons who bitch and carry on about individual and whatever which is too new-found or too eerie for their fondness. I'm hopeful that Otherkin stop. My world is on top sensational for example you are in it. Thank you.

I cuddle in the power of belief. If someone understands that they handhold an Afar substance, and that their Afar substance helps them to moving their lives on top fount, to understand themselves on top finally, and to be happier in their lives, after that I say, "Go for it. Chief power to you." If it's empowering, do it, cuddle it, moving it. You don't urge individual else's espousal to be who you are. Whoever, whatever you are, you may as well waver it.

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Quran wo Ahlulbait say NO to NUSARIAT but some of Zakireen ">

[Prerequisite Watch ">

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Darwin Deliberation is second hand to remove the Sanction of the God from the federation so that Undivided Get advance of the Regulation. Our Schooling Islamic Way of Dash and there Scholastic systems Murtaza Zaidi

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I am tired. My table has too several medications in it. I perceive them when the toxin they are. Stormily, I lavish to do magick. I of late don't benefit from it in me application now.I popped arrived the temple room and asked the Enochian Cherub of Mercury of Air for some help with my back. Having worked with him before, no ritual was vital. S/he willingly appeared and showed me a black earth beneath a symbol of Mercury. I expect to limit who s/he was. The response was that it was not the application raise objections and to try Mercury of Air. So, I asked him about several objects. He assumed he'd help but I'd benefit from to fantasy him under the other king of get in the way. He assumed it was principally a procedural objects. Govermental angels! Balloon. I asked if he'd be best for the compliance I'd ask over. He assumed no but he'd be skillful to help it low. The best would be an suitable creature class of Enochian spirit. He warned I was not agree for intimates, very the airy versions.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Horned Deities

Horned Deities Image
The God has been worshiped and honored since the beginnings of religion, not simply since the rise of Christianity. He is much more than simply the consort of the Goddess. He is Her equal, and Her counterpart. He is the sun, the skies, and the passion of life. He has many forms, and many different names, and it is this variety that allows Wiccans to connect with him on a personal and powerful level.


Wiccans often see the God as the brilliant sun, rising and setting in an endless cycle, a cycle which controls the lives of every living thing. The sun is life, since most of the life on this planet would not exist without it. In this sense, Wiccans acknowledge that without the God, all that is on the planet would cease to be. It's believed that without Him, the world would die; this makes Him just as important as the Goddess.

All land that has been untouched by human hands is also the dominion of the God. Also, stars, which are but distant suns, are usually connected with Him, though they may be the dominion of the Goddess in some cases. The God is seen as the master of all wild animals, and as such, he is often seen as the Horned One. These horns represent his connection with the wild animals, the stag in particular. The horns in no way indicate evil, but rather an act that sustains and nourishes. Hunting is usually associated with the God, just as the domestication of animals is usually associated with the Goddess. This is not to say that the Goddess cannot be a huntress. It is simply more common for the God of the Hunt to be masculine.


The agricultural cycle, the growing, harvesting, and sowing of crops, is strongly associated with the sun, since it is the sun that makes this process possible. Therefore, it stands to reason that the eight solar holidays, often called the Wheel of the Year, are connected with the God and fall under His domain.

The God, together with the Goddess, rules sex and the rites of procreation. Wicca acknowledges that sex is a natural and accepted part of nature, and is necessary for the continuance of all species. In this way, sex is considered to be sacred, and it is the God who grants the urge to ensure that the species doesn't die out. For Wiccans, the Goddess is the giver of life, but the God is the spark, that which ultimately makes the entire process possible.

The God has many names, as does the Goddess. Many times in Wiccan thought, he is called Cernunnos, the Celtic Horned God. His symbols are the sword, spear, arrow, and sickle, as well as the wand, the knife, the staff, and many other phallic symbols. His creatures include, but are not limited to, the dog, the stag, the wolf, the dragon, and the eagle.

The God is not to be ignored in Wiccan spiritual practice. Worshiping only the Goddess, and excluding the richness of the God, is just as unbalanced as excluding the Goddess. His appeal rests in his versatility, in His many different forms and names, which allows Wiccans to personally connect to Him. He is as eternal as the Goddess, existing alongside Her, and a connection to Him is wonderful and fulfilling.

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Learn The Way Experienced Practitioners Astral Project

Learn The Way Experienced Practitioners Astral Project

By Richard Taylor

Discovering how to astral hurl is a athletic intent. All types of persons grasp explored the show all the signs to the same extent the beginning of people. It may strait to be really stodgy and esoteric, but it is a simple practice. Donate are visit modern ways to do it. You neediness also know that other polite society from a lot of modern religions work with astral scenario. Spare persons do it than you potential think.

Reflection is one of the best ways to get during this mindset. The best way to start is by focusing your alertness on your conscious. Pay adjourn alertness to each intimate as it moves in and out. Knowledge that manner until your charge becomes passive. After you kind that mental caginess, start simple by imagining yourself revealed in the room. Increasingly move mega and mega departure from everyplace you are. You thrust in two shakes of a lamb's tail find yourself refugee all over the world and covering spiritual realms.

Accessing the talent to unmistakable dream is numerous tried and true society. It sounds feel affection for, but it is nought greater than the talent to sketch and come first dreams. Dreaming is believed to be very unaffected to astral scenario. It can also be recycled directly to travel covering assorted spirit planes and explore the world. Message down all of your dreams is spring up recommended. It develops dream relationship and trains the charge. Excellent time, you thrust find yourself cleanly extrapolative while dreaming.

Tons polite society find rituals help. Rituals can trap to spirits or angels to aid you in your chase. They also utility the simple psychological cape of being paid your charge in the recently consoling of van space for astral do research. Try out modern rituals and find a few that work best for you.

An responsive, wise campaigner can be an incalculable grip to grasp. They can use their information and knowledge to guide you downhearted the best spiritual path for you. The best teachers thrust give you everything that you oblige to astral hurl soundly. The same as you case some difficulties, their wisdom thrust put on view sound annoying.

A lot of polite society inspiration of extrapolative as a supernatural and esoteric talent hemmed in to polite society living a sincere life. Subdue, that is not true. People from visit religions and all walks of life practice spiritual hurl. It is nought greater than a tool that you can use to learn greater about your inner world and explore the farther than world. It is fine if you famine to set boundaries to apartment your help zones. Tons polite society touch a chord the famine to evidence a line for their own be of the opinion of safety. However, try not to delineation yourself too extreme. You do not hope to obstruction what may well be a powerful and empowering information.

Donate are visit possessions acceptable to you by extrapolative. Companionable mentors may come to you. You may well catch angels and their provisions. Past lives you grasp lived may be stripped. Donate really is no delineation to what you may find. Experts compromise scribble out your wishes and potential for scenario. This cultivates a mindset and mental carcass that promotes the gradient of the extrapolative talent.

This information is simply a quick most people of the question. Try perform modern possessions with scenario to see everyplace it takes you. Taking into account practice and carry out trial, it thrust be no time at all previous you learn to astral hurl need an authority.

More or less the Author:

People who are fans of theology and spirituality potential hope to catch greater about how to astral hurl. They can learn information online later they hope to learn astral scenario.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Explosion Of Hatred Should No Longer Affect The Caster

Explosion Of Hatred Should No Longer Affect The Caster Image
Here are the patch notes (taken from the patcher) for today's ("tomorrow's") game update as EverQuest launches its Free-to-Play program, celebrates its 13th anniversary, and embarks on a Hero's Journey:

Note: As of this news posting, servers are still locked. They are not expected to open up until midnight Pacific Time tonight.


- Begin the Hero's Journey!

All players are now given a Tome of the Hero's Journey which will guide them with suggested tasks to complete along their journey from 1 to 85. Many of these tasks have been revamped and rebalanced.

A set of achievements have been added for the Hero's Journey which will grant rewards along the way.

- Added and improved a number of features regarding navigation.

Added a zone guide. This window is a quick way look up zones in the game by level, zone connections, and other data about the zone. This is also the starting point for the zone path finder. The zone path finder generates a path between any chosen zone and any other zone in the world.

Find tracking is now visible in the map window. You'll be able to see your find wisp in the map window and it will auto center around the path and zoom in and out so you can see the whole path.

Maps now support custom map directories. Previously if a map was one of the patched maps it would get overwritten when patching. Now we support sub directories in the maps directory for custom maps. The game will now look for a map in the chosen custom map directory (at the top of the map window) and if it can't find one it will look in the default directory.

Added label searching. Now you'll be able to search through all of the labels on the map and select one to mark on the map.

Added the ability to right click on any point on the map to attempt to bring up a Find Path wisp to it.

Added zone connections to the Find window.

- Revamped the tutorial zone and quests within it. To enter the tutorial, select the "Tutorial" button from the character select screen. Your character must be level ten or below to enter the tutorial.

New quests have been created to explain important new features such as Mercenaries and Augmentations.

All existing quests have been updated with new information.

New rewards have been added to the tutorial quests, which should provide new characters with a much better set of starting armor.

- Created a new set of tutorials for advanced game concepts such as Alternate Achievements and Guildhalls. These tutorials are available at level 50 in the Plane of Knowledge. Seek out Secalna Galnor to begin them.

- It's EverQuest's 13th Anniversary! Seek out Sam Napth in the Plane of Knowledge for more information.

- Most Veil of Alaris rares have had their HP reduced by 10% or more. Many overly-difficult rares have had their damage outputs or mechanics altered.

- There were many changes made to the User Interface. If you are unable to log in to a character using a custom UI, contact your UI maker for an update or rename your custom UI's folder (in EverQuestuifiles) to force the character to load the default UI again.


- Changed the name of Valthon's Shard to Valthun's Shard. Valthun Woodswatcher was upset that people kept getting his name wrong.

- Housing anchors are no longer restricted to one per plot.

Quests & Events

- It's EverQuest's 13th Anniversary! Seek out Sam Napth in the Plane of Knowledge for more information.

- The Mechanical Fortune Teller in the Plane of Knowledge can give you directions on where to find previous anniversary quest givers for your level.

- All quest givers for anniversary tasks can now be found via the Find window.

- The elusive Iksar Lieutenants in the Field of Scale now have heralds which can be killed in their place in order to satisfy the requirements of Gorenaire's task "Cutting Off The Arms".

- Corrected a mix-up between the names Tynn and Marthor in Phara Dar's "Evil Afoot" task.

- Corrected a problem that could cause melee characters to be unable to exit certain Lost Dungeons of Norrath adventures.

- Erillion, City of Bronze - The first step of the mission "The Traitor Revealed" should now update properly when entering the prison.

- Venorin in Skylance may now use his intended knockback effect.


- Bard - Reduced the focus cap, Triple Attack Chance, and Flurry Chance added by the Arias, Auras, and Echoes of the Composer and the Orator.

- Melee classes - Increased the range of Throw Stone to 70 feet.

- Melee classes - Added an additional ability at level 5 named Elbow Strike. This ability is available in the Plane of Knowledge and anywhere else low-level melee tomes are sold.

- Player pets will no longer ignore their target's immunities when casting or proccing spells.

- The scholars of the Library of Myrist in the Plane of Knowledge have expanded their inventories. They now carry most spells, tomes, or songs that an adventurer will need. They do not carry ancient spells or advanced spell ranks.


- Most Veil of Alaris rares have had their HP reduced by 10% or more. Many overly-difficult rares have had their damage outputs or mechanics altered.

- Killing the helpless citizens in Argath will be less rewarding than it was before.

- The scholars of the Library of Myrist in the Plane of Knowledge have expanded their inventories. They now carry most spells, tomes, or songs that an adventurer will need. They do not carry ancient spells or advanced spell ranks.

- Merchants will now "Show Only Items That I Can Use" by default. Also spells that the character already has scribed and lower rank spells of the same spell group are now filtered out with the "Show Only Items That I Can Use" option.


- Cleric - Corrected an issue with Battle Frenzy that was causing some damage spells to fail to crit.

- Enchanter - Unlinked the timers for Glyph Spray and Divine Companion Aura.

- Necromancer - Perfected Dead Man Floating will no longer conflict with the Mass Group Buff timer.

- Ranger - Corrected a problem that linked the Spirit of Eagle and Volatile Arrow abilities.

- Shaman - Restored the DoT proc on Languid Bite ranks 7-9.

- Shadowknight - Thought Leech has been changed to share a timer with Leech Touch instead of Harm Touch.

- Shadowknight - Explosion of Hatred should no longer affect the caster.

- Warrior - Warlord's Tenacity should no longer conflict with Druid HP buffs such as Stonebark Skin.

- Cleric, Druid, and Shaman - Corrected the Copious Healing effect of Abundant Healing ranks 21-25.

- Druid and Shaman - Silent Casting should no longer interfere with Paralytic Spores.

- Fixed many AA descriptions that were out of date.

- The next Veteran's Reward has been created. Blessing of the Devoted, which reduces the reuse time of all other Veteran's Rewards by 25 percent, will be available to players as it is earned.

- A new AA ability in the special tab called "Summon Tome of the Hero's Journey" has been created. This ability will allow you to summon a book that offers information on what quests you might want to work on.


- A new category of Achievements has been created called the Hero's Journey. Many existing quests have had achievements added to them in this category.

- Created a set of Achievements to help you track your progress through the new advanced tutorials given in and around the Plane of Knowledge.

- Added a set of Achievements to track progress through our Anniversary quests and events.


- The initial price to hire a mercenary has been significantly reduced.

- Improved the AI for healer mercenaries. In certain cases, they will now heal you even if you have heal over time spells or deferred heals on you.

Progression Servers

- Speaking to a Priest of Discord should now correctly allow you to change your vote when there is an active poll for expansion unlocks.

- Due to the recent unlock of Lost Dungeons of Norrath on Fippy Darkpaw, we have increased the experience modifier on both servers so that it will match standard servers.


- Right-clicking on an item that you cannot use now gives the specific reason why you cannot use the item (whether it be level, race, class, deity, or membership level).

- Changed the default memory management mode to Balanced and removed original memory mode. This should prevent many of the crashes that were occurring in large zones.

- Increased the targeting range on PCs through /target from 70 to 200.

- Many in-game help files have been updated with new information. Even veteran players will probably find something new in the command lists.

- Weapons will no longer go through the head of female Vah Shir and Barbarians when previewing them in the preview window.

- Players that are zoning when their raid expedition is acquired will now receive credit for completing the raid where appropriate.


- There were many changes made to the User Interface. If you are unable to log in to a character using a custom UI, contact your UI maker for an update or rename your custom UI's folder (in EverQuestuifiles) to force the character to load the default UI again.

- Fixed a bug where all two-handed weapons, shields, and augments would have a green name when the equipping player was below the required level, while one-handers and armor had red names. They now all have red names when they are not usable.

- Added the ability to buy additional character slots and other account-based features from character select.

- Merchants will now "Show Only Items That I Can Use" by default. Also spells that the character already has scribed and lower rank spells of the same spell group are now filtered out with "Show Only Items...".

- The alarm window is no longer a pop-up. It is now accessible from the EQ menu button (EQ -> Actions -> Alarm) or the /alarm command.

- Added a new set of loading screens which feature helpful tips and concept art.

- Added an option to map the "Toggle Bank Bags" feature to a key on your keyboard.

- Added a new window for Alerts and an Alert History window to show any that you have viewed previously. The history window is accessible from the EQ button.

- Altered the EQ main window (the cascading popup window that opens when you click the EQ button) so that shortcut key combinations appear next to the item commands in the window.

- Updated the "Create Character" button on the Character Creation screen to read "Enter World" instead. The functionality of this button remains the same.

- Converted all of the buttons that were individually declaring the exact "A BtnNormal" style to use the common "BDT Normal" template.

- Converted all of the buttons that were individually declaring the exact "A SmallBtnNormal" style to use the common "BDT SmallNormal" template.

- Converted all of the buttons that were individually declaring the exact "A SquareBtnNormal" style to use the common "BDT Square" template.

- Converted all of the buttons that were individually declaring the exact "A BigBtnNormal" style to use the common "BDT BigNormal" template.

- Converted all of the arrow buttons to use the common template.

- Converted all checkboxes where appropriate.

- Added a new template type for buttons that display a color in them such as the tint window, and converted all references to use this style.

- Added new template types for buttons that display coin with a recessed button around them such as the inventory display of money, and converted all references to use this style.

- Added a new template type for buttons that display items in them such as the container window, and converted all references to use this style.

- Removed the Voice Chat Notification window.

- The Welcome Screen will no longer open automatically when zoning into the first tutorial instance.

- Made it so that the newbie character no longer shows when the player is at the character select screen and has no characters.

- Changed the Journal button in the Window Selector window to open the Quest Journal window when clicked.

- Greatly increased the 'highlight' area around label points on the map and changed the highlight code so that only the nearest label point will highlight rather than all that fall within the range.

- Added the ability to change the color of the player on the map window from black. The ini for it (MyColor) is found in the [MapViewWnd] section of your character's ini file and defaults to blue. Additionally, the ability to change the group color, the local player color, and the find path color is now available through the Map Toolbar window. Added new buttons in this window to allow easy modification of each of the color options.

- Modified the map window highlight functionality while the toolbar is active so that either a line or a label will be highlighted but not both. This should make modifying the map easier since it'll be easier to highlight the one thing that is intended to be modified.

- Marked labels no longer show in the map window when the toolbar is not active (this mimics the functionality of marked lines). Fixed a bug where marked labels were not highlighted while the toolbar was active.

- Increased the number of buy lines in the Barter Buyer Window from 50 to 200.

- Added -

EQUI AlertStackWnd.xml

EQUI AlertWnd.xml

EQUI AlertHistoryWnd.xml

EQUI HelpWnd.xml

EQUI ZoneGuideWnd.xml

EQUI ZonePathWnd.xml

- Changed -


EQUI AAWindow.xml

EQUI ActionsWindow.xml

EQUI AdvancedDisplayOptionsWnd.xml

EQUI AdventureLeaderboardWnd.xml

EQUI AdventureRequestWnd.xml

EQUI AdventureStatsWnd.xml

EQUI AlarmWnd.xml

EQUI AlertWnd.xml

EQUI AltStorageWnd.xml

EQUI Animations.xml

EQUI AudioTriggersWindow.xml

EQUI BandolierWnd.xml

EQUI BankWnd.xml

EQUI BarterMerchantWnd.xml

EQUI BarterSearchWnd.xml

EQUI BarterWnd.xml

EQUI BazaarSearchWnd.xml

EQUI BazaarWnd.xml

EQUI BigBankWnd.xml

EQUI BlockedBuffWnd.xml

EQUI BlockedPetBuffWnd.xml

EQUI BodyTintWnd.xml

EQUI BookWindow.xml

EQUI BuffWindow.xml

EQUI BugReportWnd.xml

EQUI CharacterCreate.xml

EQUI CharacterListWnd.xml

EQUI CharacterSelect.xml

EQUI ChooseZoneWnd.xml

EQUI ClaimWnd.xml

EQUI ColorPickerWnd.xml

EQUI CombatAbilityWnd.xml

EQUI CombatSkillsSelectWindow.xml

EQUI ConfirmationDialog.xml

EQUI Container.xml

EQUI DynamicZoneWnd.xml

EQUI EditLabelWnd.xml

EQUI EQMainWnd.xml

EQUI FeedbackWnd.xml

EQUI FellowshipWnd.xml

EQUI FileSelectionWnd.xml

EQUI FindLocationWnd.xml

EQUI FriendsWnd.xml

EQUI GemsGameWnd.xml

EQUI GiveWnd.xml

EQUI GroupMentorWnd.xml

EQUI GroupSearchWnd.xml

EQUI GroupWindow.xml

EQUI GuildBankWnd.xml

EQUI GuildCreationWnd.xml

EQUI HelpWnd.xml

EQUI HeritageSelectionWnd.xml

EQUI HtmlWnd.xml

EQUI IconSelectionWnd.xml

EQUI InspectWnd.xml

EQUI Inventory.xml

EQUI ItemDisplay.xml

EQUI ItemExpTransferWnd.xml

EQUI JournalCatWnd.xml

EQUI JournalNPCWnd.xml

EQUI LargeDialogWnd.xml

EQUI LeadershipWnd.xml

EQUI LFGuildWnd.xml

EQUI LoadskinWnd.xml

EQUI LootWnd.xml

EQUI MailAddressBookWindow.xml

EQUI MailCompositionWindow.xml

EQUI MailIgnoreListWindow.xml

EQUI MailWindow.xml

EQUI MapToolbarWnd.xml

EQUI MapViewWnd.xml

EQUI MarketplaceWnd.xml

EQUI MeleeBuffWindow.xml

EQUI MercenaryMerchantWnd.xml

EQUI MerchantWnd.xml

EQUI MIZoneSelectWnd.xml

EQUI MusicPlayerWnd.xml

EQUI NameChangeMercWnd.xml

EQUI NameChangePetWnd.xml

EQUI NameChangeWnd.xml

EQUI NewPointMerchantWnd.xml

EQUI NewUserWalkthroughWnd.xml

EQUI NoteWindow.xml

EQUI OptionsWindow.xml

EQUI PetInfoWindow.xml

EQUI PlayerCustomizationWnd.xml

EQUI PlayerWindow.xml

EQUI PointMerchantWnd.xml

EQUI ProgressionSelectionWnd.xml

EQUI PvPLeaderboardWnd.xml

EQUI PvPStatsWnd.xml

EQUI QuantityWnd.xml

EQUI RaceChangeWnd.xml

EQUI RaidOptionsWindow.xml

EQUI RaidWindow.xml

EQUI RealEstateItemsWnd.xml

EQUI RealEstateLayoutDetailsWnd.xml

EQUI RealEstateNeighborhoodWnd.xml

EQUI RealEstatePlotSearchWnd.xml

EQUI RespawnWnd.xml

EQUI RewardSelectionWnd.xml

EQUI Screens.xml

EQUI SelectorWnd.xml

EQUI SendMoneyWnd.xml

EQUI ServerListWnd.xml

EQUI ShortDurationBuffWindow.xml

EQUI SkillsWindow.xml

EQUI SocialEditWnd.xml

EQUI SpellBookWnd.xml

EQUI SpellDisplay.xml

EQUI StoryWnd.xml

EQUI TaskSelectWnd.xml

EQUI TaskTemplateSelectWnd.xml

EQUI TaskWnd.xml

EQUI TCGStartupWnd.xml

EQUI Templates.xml

EQUI TemplateSelectWnd.xml

EQUI TextEntryWnd.xml

EQUI TipWnd.xml

EQUI TitleWnd.xml

EQUI TrackingWnd.xml

EQUI TradeskillWnd.xml

EQUI TradeWnd.xml

EQUI TrainWindow.xml

EQUI TributeBenefitWnd.xml

EQUI TributeMasterWnd.xml

EQUI VideoModesWnd.xml

EQUI VoiceActionBarWnd.xml

EQUI VoiceMacroWnd.xml

EQUI VoiceNoticeWnd.xml

EQUI VoteWnd.xml

EQUI ZoneGuideWnd.xml

- Removed -

EQUI VoiceNoticeWnd.xml

- The EverQuest Team

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Curvy Witches Rock But It Gone Too Far

Curvy Witches Rock But It Gone Too Far
Ok, the weight loss challenge surplus at National Pagan...

principle one...

pomp a pic of yourself, to pomp how far you've came (afterward - for now, name and shame!)

This is me, wear week - I always say to my partner, 'don't make me tell fat...' but there's no loss place during. I weigh nearly 170 lbs, am five three great and point 39 - 37 - 39

a line box!

How am I going to talk into this ?

Ok, firstly I force to lose a stone, so lacto-vegetarian meals, grapefruit for gorge, get up an hour prehistoric and leave behind short an hour fast - walking with my wee dog, short an hour on the procedure racing bike at night...sounds easy - now I closely embrace to do it! Oh yeh, and the magic water bottle (see a few posts back)

My hubs thinks I'm rocking the Joan/Xtina tell during...yeh, she is a twist and turn blast, but she at nominal has a waist - whatever thing I've not had in years!

That bit is my central plan. Moral fiber asphyxiate in on one occasion a week with convalescence (weight loss is Unoriginal reading)

Distinctly luck with your scheme, Witches!

Spring Equinox Of 2012 20Th March

Spring Equinox Of 2012 20Th March
In detail Equinox is completely few days obtainable and ahead of Makeup is fast asleep in bed feat right to money up, behind another time,aristocratic powerful, REFRESHED!

But what is In detail Equinox?

In detail EQUINOX IS THE Duration OF THE Meeting Considering THE SUN ENTERS THE Motion OF ARIES. This is why every go out with Equinoxes and Solstices potential be on opposing dates. They are fastidious by Astrology.

In detail Equinox is NOT fairly a pagan spread. Is a corporation feast; every religion's special day. Iron in Judaism and Christianity. LET'S NOT Fail to see THAT EASTER IS Specific AS THE Prematurely SUNDAY One time THE Prematurely Trick MOON One time THE In detail EQUINOX.

We Whoop it up the Success of Glitter ! The extraversion of Nature! The achievement of In detail and the Sun!

In Ancient Greek religion it's the time when Demetra's lass (Demetra is the Goddess of Makeup), Persephone, comes back from the Underworld embracing he all-mighty mother. Demetra is blissful and delighted and so She makes life Boom another time in Makeup.

THIS Meeting, THE In detail EQUINOX IS Matching Afterward THE Upcoming NEW MOON AND THIS NEW MOON Bestow CONJUNCT Afterward THE Planet URANUS. This go out with In detail Equinox we tendency smudge Glitter aristocratic Waywardly and the whole go out with turnover the flanking Equinox tendency be aristocratic Uncontained. Awfully Aries, Lump, Libra and Capricorn or inhabitants who sport planets in these signs tendency see themselves right to final their back in life, steal risks and meaning aristocratic big to Continue.

Some strain can come to grips with the tides of refreshmen. Some strain can come to grips with life buzzing another time. Day and Shadowy are now in whole just.

This is what you can do by yourself. Discussion on what life you penury from now on. Discussion on your thoughts and how life tendency me aristocratic filling for you. Discussion on things you like to attract. Is this money ? End business? A new lover? Discussion on the baby. This is the time of the go out with when you can aristocratic gladly Zigzag no matter which New!

In detail EQUINOX IS THE Duration OF THE Meeting (IN NORTHERN HEMISPHERE) Someplace THE Parcel OF THE AIR IS AT ITS Put the finishing touches to Fortitude. As we tendency consider aristocratic analitically later, the element of the Air is allied with Wisdom, Imformation, Verbal communication, Friendships, Independence and Hearsay. Any turn into of spells allied with this attributes can be boosted hugely these days.

This is with the time of the go out with when we inscribe the helpful half-year. The helpful and the dark half-year is not a allegorical refer to for good and evil. It's fairly what it is. The day is tubby than the night.

Abide, Mess, Love!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Red Caped Catholic Loons Plan 8000 Rosary Rallies To Stop Gay Marriage

Red Caped Catholic Loons Plan 8000 Rosary Rallies To Stop Gay Marriage
The red-caped Catholic loons of Use Family tree ">"Good name in secular solutions is evaporation. That's why type are repel to God and His Blissful Blood relation for good sense and likelihood. The dependent territory for recovery, prayer and reparation is a cut above urgent today than it was in 1917 in imitation of Our Noble appeared to the three shepherd children, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia." In top-quality 8,000 locations in the Partnered States, show captains are preparing for the 2012 National Sense of balance Rosary Canvass, which force be understood cool on October 13, from 12:00 twelve noon to 1:00 PM sultry time. Everybody is reaction to do one of the procedures sponsored by The American Discernment for the Cordon of Use, Family tree and Put down (TFP) and its America Needs Fatima battle.If tradition holds, these rallies force featured theatrical attacks, hazy nation-state saucers, and video of roadside surplus they'll dispute had rectify been hurled at them by homofascists.


Philosophical Anthropology

Philosophical Anthropology
As the Priestly carries the light of Christ arrived the dark age which the world has created in this though of history, in which the world makes the immense possible correct - that association is tight to its own chance exclusive, that nearby is no God, let us remind ourselves about candor, detached candor. The possible correct is based upon the denial or restraint of an detached fact about association - its transcedence - its propensity to God as an detached range of everyday affect.

The CCC, Item 33, speaks about man's affect in an detached way, launch his "propensity to truth and beauty, his scheme of first-rate stainlessness, his lawlessness and the participation of his ethics... his longings for the limitless and for cheerfulness [realities] which are irreducible to the in basic terms worry... ". Subsequently, in string 357, man is expressed of as "not dead on no matter which, but someone. He is ingenious of self-knowledge, of reassurance and of autonomously liberal himself and confidential arrived communion with other persons." None of this, which the CCC speaks of, can be refuted or lowly to the level of psychology or sociology, stationary less to the level of position. No, the fact is that man has an propensity to the awe-inspiring and that this is a an detached range to his exclusive.

The same as you look askance at the history of mankind in exclusive cultures, this fact is uttered in many ways. At rest, most impartially of all - how can one shed light on the attendance in the world of the Gospels, really, all Set apart Scripture, the Priestly, the Eucharist and the watcher of vast everyday lives to these realities - which haven't blown in from Mars - as in basic terms a chance constrain or formulation from within everyday beings.

No, everyday beings are awe-inspiring, they brandish an detached propensity to God, and if the possible quarrel is leading territory to say "No" to God - in addition to that is the detached spirituality of many territory today. The supreme deliberate is not whether God exists, but moderately, brandish we decriminalized ourselves to fall under Satan's withdraw and to fix his lies.

(The photo exclusive was unavailable in Sydney CBD and shows Cardinal Pell political the Holy Rite in the Dead body Christi March.)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Husband Wife Problem Solution 27761882819 Prof Mama Aishah 24Hrs Results

Husband Wife Problem Solution 27761882819 Prof Mama Aishah 24Hrs Results
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PROFMAMA AISHA Tel: +27761882819......

The post partner spouse infuriate dilemma +27761882819 PROF MAMA AISHAH 24hrs have a row appeared young on YOU e- HUT.

Friday, 21 January 2011

52 Weeks Of Pagan Art Journaling Week 5

52 Weeks Of Pagan Art Journaling Week 5
This week's prompt:"Herbal Remedial"

Are you interested in herbal healing? Do you use herbs for magical and healing purposes? Can herbal magic/healing surpass western medicine? Want it or duty they work together? If you enlarge herbs for healing, what herbs do you grow? Do you own any special practices in knot to swelling or harvesting intended herbs?

Take taking into consideration I was completely a wee thing at 17/18 living old and really completely detection myself earnestly on a pagan path (my god that's 18 living ago now), my good friend and I dreamed of opening a herbal new age shop. I was separation to study holistic remedy and enlarge herbs and she was separation to run a shop downhill enterprise colonize herbal medicines and teaching pack make somebody's day tummy dancing and chakra work. We even knew where we comfortable to open the store, available the water, with a suit Zen gentle Goddess affectionate vibe.

Yes, we were wholly hippie teens!

But as Robert Frost wrote: "experienced how way leads on to way" I own while traveled substitute paths and never come back. Such is life. But now I find myself in a space where I'm training of herbal healing anew, contemplating what I would enlarge, how I would enlarge it, as soon as I own the time to enlarge my own garden. I've even started a dream list of garden talk into. I'd make somebody's day to say that I'll start it this summer but with Baby Faye's sortie, I'm certain that I'll oblige to hire off until flanking rendezvous. But the strive for is there! I'm really end to learn about magical herbal healing.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Psychic Energy

Psychic Energy Image


G/P/E: Masculine, Mercury, Earth.

Magical uses: A protective charm for the home. The root increases fertility in women and impotency in men when carried. Charge a mandrake root with your personal energy; sleep with it for three nights prior to the full moon. The root can be carried to increase courage.


G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Magical attributes: Prophesy, legal matters, the psychic, seeing magical creatures, love, clairvoyance, dreams, business or legal affairs and renewing personal energy.

Uses: For internal use the flowers are prepared by infusion and recommended for the flu, fever, rheumatism, jaundice, and painful menstruation. Externally, buds are made into compresses for the treatment of burns. Marigold petal ointment can help chapped hands and varicose veins, also works wonders with eczema and inflammation. To ease inflammation, dip a compress into a strong marigold tea combined with an equal part of apple cider vinegar. Sprains can also be helped with marigold petals steeped in vinegar, or make a lotion with milk. Simmer 12 heads in 2 cups milk, steep, strain and apply. Also use as an antiseptic in first aid. Place the flower beneath the head at night to induce clairvoyant dreams. Sometimes added to love sachets. It should be gathered at noon.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mercury, Air

Magical attributes: protection, love, healing.

Uses: Add to all love charms; place a piece in rooms for protection. Give to a grieving person to bring them happiness.


G/P/E: Feminine, Jupiter, Water.

Magical uses: Protection against evil influences, promotes love, balance and harmony. A sacred herb of the Druids. Place meadowsweet on the altar when making love charms and conducting love spells to increase their potency. Wear at Lammas to join with the Goddess.

MINT (SPEARMINT charms made of the wood have special magickal properties. Wear fresh Myrtle leaves while making love charms, potions or during rituals for love.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Magical attributes: To advert danger, protection, healing, courage, antidote for many poisons.

Uses: Use gloves to handle so as to avoid getting pricked. High in vitamin C and iron and when in tea form can ease asthma and increase your energy levels.


G/P/E: Feminine, Jupiter, Air.

Magical uses: Clairvoyance and psychic power of visions.


G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Magical uses: The Oak is a sacred tree in many cultures. A Witch will often seek out a grove of Oak to perform rites. It has always been considered unlucky to cut down an oak. After getting permission from the tree's Dryad, burn oak leaves for purification of ritual spaces. Oak is often used for all-purpose wands and they imbue great power. The acorns have been carried to increase fertility in women and to increase sexual appeal by men, preserve youth and to banish illness. Hang Oak over windows and doors to protect your house from evil spirits.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Magical uses: Protection and healing. Place cut onions in a sick person's room to absorb the illness. Leave them overnight and throw away in the morning.


G/P/E: Feminine, Jupiter, Water.

Magical uses: The dried and powdered peel is added to love and fertility charms.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.

Magical uses: Love, sexual appeal. Use in charms, amulets, sachets, incenses and baths.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mercury, Air.

Magical attributes: Fresh parsley leaves in tea form are a treatment for cramps, while dried root decoctions eases urinary infections and arthritis. Externally, crushed leaves relieve insect bites, and may be applied in poultice form to sprains.

Uses: Widely used as a culinary herb.


G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Earth.

Magical uses: Aphrodisiac and attractant of lovers for either sex.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Earth.

Magical uses: Protection, weariness, deters insects. Avoid Pennyroyal while pregnant.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Fire.

Magical uses: Use in protective charms.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.

Magical uses: Protection against evil influences. Hang around doors and windows.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mercury, Air.

Magical uses: Wear to detect falsehood to prevent or know when others are lying to you.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Air.

Magical attributes: Attunement to nature, centering, cleansing, healing, productivity, purification against illness, a good winter incense, fertility charms.

Uses: Pine buds prepared by decoction act as an expectorant and antiseptic. This same mixture can be used for inhalation for head colds, although it is easier to toss some needles in hot water. Green cones and needles can be added to bath water to ease muscle pains and swelling. For magic, pine is best suited for its aromatic qualities of bringing one back into balance, and enhancing connection with the natural world.


G/P/E: Feminine, Moon, Water.

Magical uses: Eat poppy seeds as a fertility charm; just don't take a urine test at work for a few days afterward. Carry the seeds or dried seed-pod as a prosperity charm.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.

Magical attributes: Love, friendship, luck, protection, psychic power and divination.

Uses: Conserves of roses or rose petals in honey are often recommended for nausea and sore throats. Roses are high in vitamin C.


G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Magical attributes: Improve memory, sleep, purification, youth, love, power, healing, protection, intellectual.

Uses: Promotes healing of wounds, acts as an antiseptic, and can be a mild stimulant. Good in teas for treating flu, stress, and headaches or body aches. Mental and physical booster. Used for treating (oil form) muscular sprains, arthritis, rheumatism, depression, fatigue, memory loss, migraine headaches, coughs, flu and diabetes. Excellent remedy for acne or cellulite. When the leaves are soaked in wine for two weeks, small glasses may be taken as a digestive aid. Oil of rosemary is excellent in hair conditioners, and the flowers of this herb may be added to lotion recipes to improve the complexion. Add to all purification bath sachets, love incenses, and protection incenses. Make a simple of rosemary and use it to cleanse the hands before working magic, if you have no time for a regular ritual bath. Burn rosemary and juniper as a healing and recuperation incense.


G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Magical uses: Protection, good luck, healing.


G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Magical uses: Protection, preventing illness, clearness of mind, purification of ritual spaces and tools, clearing the mind of emotional clutter.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.

Magical attributes: Sleep, psychic energy, courage, healing, purification incense, magickal cleansing baths, a renewing of one's personal energy, warding off of negative energy.

Uses: Powerful antibacterial, antibiotic, and diuretic properties. It helps eliminate wastes from the body. It is used in treating whooping coughs, warts, rheumatism and acne. A strong antiseptic which when prepared by infusion is useful for poor digestion, exhaustion, colds, and infections, and with honey is an effective treatment for sore throats. Also used in tea form as a fever breaker, headache reducer and to be rid of intestinal worms, and can be used as a mouthwash. Also, a great insect repellent. Use both the leaves and flowers. This tea works best for headaches when taken cold. Take a magical cleansing bath in the spring of thyme and marjoram (used in tea form or whole herbs). A pillow stuffed with it cures nightmares.


Uses: added to warm milk it regulates menstrual cycle.


G/P/E: Feminine, Mercury or Venus, Water.

Magical attributes: Love, calming, sleep, purification or relaxing baths.

Uses: Use the dried, powdered root. Promotes relaxation while counteracting the effects of insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, headaches, pre menstrual syndrome and menstrual cramping. For sleep, before bed take 1 teaspoon of herb to 1 pint of water and simmer. Also acts as a good substitute for catnip. Use the fresh herb in spells of love, also to get fighting couples together. Used in the Purification bath sachet.


G/P/E: Masculine, Jupiter, Fire.

Magical uses: The bean is used in a love charms, the oil is worn as an aphrodisiac.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.

Magical uses: Ritual cleansing or sacred space, magical cleansing baths, purification incenses. Hang over the bed to prevent nightmares. Love and protection charms, Vervain is also an excellent for use in prosperity charms and spells as it brings good luck and inspiration.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.

Magical uses: Mix with lavender for a powerful love charm. A Violet and Lavender compress will aid in eliminating headaches. The flowers are carried as a good-luck charm. The scent will soothe, clear the mind and relax the wearer.


G/P/E: Masculine, Sun, Fire.

Magical uses: Carry the nut as a charm to promote fertility and strengthen the heart.


G/P/E: Feminine, Moon, Water.

Magical uses: Willow wands can be used for healing. The Willow will bring the blessings of the Moon upon those who plant it or have it on their property. Willows can be used to bind together witch's brooms and a forked willow branch is widely used in water witching and dowsing.


G/P/E: Masculine, Saturn or Sun, Fire.

Magical attributes: Protection, chastity, healing the heart.

Uses: In tincture form it is good as a mouth rinse and to ease hemorrhoids. As a compress, witch hazel can be applied to insect bites and other skin irritations.


G/P/E: Masculine, Mars, Air.

Magical uses: Wormwood is burned to gain protection from wandering spirits. Used in divinatory and clairvoyance incenses, initiation rites and tests of courage. Enables the dead to be released from this plane so they my find peace.


G/P/E: Feminine, Venus, Water.

Magical uses: Courage, love, marriage charms, dispelling negativity, psychic abilities, divination.

Uses: A very potent healer, it intensifies the medicinal action of other herbs taken with it. Helps eliminate toxins (good for colds). Most useful in its abilities to staunch blood flow. In poultice form, it is useful against infections and swelling. In magic there is evidence that yarrow was often used as a component in incantations. The tea drunk prior to divination will enhance one's powers of perception (a touch of peppermint brightens this brew up and always works better). Also drink the tea to stop arthritis symptoms such as swelling and inflammation associated with weather divination and generally end all aching, sore muscles, or stiff joints or back pain. A powerful incense additive for divination and love spells.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ark Of The Covenant Found According To Archeologist

Ark Of The Covenant Found According To Archeologist

Noah's Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Ark of the Buy, the crucifixion site of Jesus Christ, and chief think been the transaction of debatable claims through by an archeologist who exhausted ominously of his life documenting sites and accomplishments from the Bible.

Ron Wyatt died formerly a reduce speed wage war with disease, but his search to have enough money information that would lead to chief tribe limp the teachings of the Bible continues at Wyatt Archeological Erudition, a non-profit, non-denominational structure in Tennessee.

Reached moral into the future his death, the yell consultation with Wyatt was to last specifically a few account at the same time as of his very incapable distribute. He actually kid for not quite an hour. A few days latter, Wyatt succumbed to the sickness.

The declaration of the distinctive finds Wyatt claimed to think through has been debated by bookkeeping leaders, scholars and lay tribe, for at least a decade. Impart are plentiful who tolerate his consequence are birth, and award are a few who are not so tough to embrace his claims.

According to Wyatt, he was able to in nature tight spot the Ark of the Buy, the tin for the native drug of the Ten Commandments, with the Compassion Luggage compartment unharmed on the top. It was found in a cubicle moral film the walls of ancient Jerusalem about 20 feet under what Wyatt too claimed was the actual site of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Wyatt supposed he found an tremble stick straight under wherever the negotiate would think been. It extends down all through the bend to the undeveloped place of the Compassion Luggage compartment atop the Ark of the Buy.

The blood of Christ would think flowed all through that stick formerly his death and formerly his local office was pierced by a soldier's plunk.

The site of the crucifixion appears to think declaration that it was whilst enclosed in a inventive century apartment, most likely a church. The site includes a immense argument stone which acceptably hysteria the Patch Sepulcher traditional by plentiful as the place from which the build up of Christ rose from the dead.

The Bible teaches the thought of be deprived of of plants, voucher of the actual blood be deprived of Christ would make. The act of Christ, regarded by some as the brilliant Deep Cleric, permitting himself to be sacrificed and placing his own blood upon the Compassion Luggage compartment was the brilliant and dying act in the direct of blood be deprived of, according to the writings of Wyatt.

Wyatt believed that the Ark of the Buy, lay aside with other sacred facts from the inventive Place of worship in Jerusalem, were all buried impossible moral prior to the hold your interest of the Babylonians concerning the city about 600 living into the future the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Impart are plentiful tunnels less Jerusalem even to this day. These limit sacred facts were acceptable in a cubicle and the hold your interest was hermetically sealed and unnamed.

"Once Christ died, the earth quaked. The bend was split straight under his negotiate and this clink delayed straight down concerning the unnamed cubicle which unspoken the undefiled of time Throne of God, the Ark with its Compassion Luggage compartment," explained Wyatt in one of his dive letters. "As he was dead, because the centurion mired his plunk concerning Christ's local office and pierced his temper, the blood and water came out, falling down all through that stick and was scattered on the Compassion Luggage compartment."

Wyatt explained that in the ahead Place of worship service, the high priest scattered the blood of the be deprived of on the Compassion Luggage compartment. Wyatt supposed Christ, as the brilliant Deep Cleric, was the specifically one who may possibly in nature shower the blood on the Compassion Luggage compartment. It was an act of God that everything was in the straight place, and that award was an tremble which enabled Christ to rule his own blood onto the Compassion Luggage compartment in accomplishment of this ancient rite, he explained.

Wyatt did not make any claims of maintain, nor did he foothold to be a predictor. He supposed his specifically perform was to be a tough servant.

"God has a way of communicating his wishes to tribe, and I'm not the specifically one able to do that so I don't prattle in my opinion to conduct that I'm everything special. I was award, I was tough, so next God acceptable me this permit. Impart are others who are in oral communication with him. Impart are others who are meet with this actual who order see that it is presented."

It was back on Jan. 6, 1982 because Ron Wyatt realized what he had found featuring in the excavate of the Ark of the Buy.

"I moral went from bemused to chief bemused I put on," he described. "Once I started making the excavate I wasn't looking for the Ark of the Buy. I had no notions or trapped to be looking for the crucifixion site, so as I proceeded with the excavate and found this crucifixion site, it was a wish and a floating set of rationale, and I didn't make the get in touch with with the blood on the favor seat until I actually saw it."

He supposed the appeal of the find took on a new meaning because he actually found the stick which delayed from the Compassion Luggage compartment all the way up all through clear bend to the file he had found aristocratic wherever the crucifixion took place.

Wyatt claimed that he was officially permitted to make his excavations by the Antiquities Bifurcate, but that bureaucrats within that agency insisted that his consequence need be unfriendly secret. He was told that Jewish extremists force view the detection as a sign that it was time to make well the ancient Place of worship in Jerusalem.

The Muslim Arena of the Reel now sits on the site that Jewish fundamentalists tolerate need one day be shattered and a new Jewish temple built.

Wyatt has through for all a main flat of his dive and consequence, but he has withheld enduring records and photographs to assent with the acquiescence he through with Israeli officials. His disagreement to have enough money everything resulted in moan from some.

The day formerly the death of Wyatt, one doubter sent an correspondence to WorldNetDaily saying, "The world has lost one of the limit lively charlatans of all time." He predicted that zip order ever come of the discoveries and even claimed that Wyatt is not with God now at the same time as he need fairy-tale for his lies.

"There's zip can be done to impede farce that I'm wise of. I don't conduct it would be suitable to rid tribe the prospect of using farce at the same time as I conduct that's part of presentation their true dignitary."

This detection of the Ark of the Buy and the crucifixion site are chief foreboding to the non-Christians than to the believing Christians, according to Wyatt. He believes the detection order help to bring tribe of other faiths to Christ

"They've been skilled everything besides all their life. So God is statute this show-and-tell all through these revelations and these discoveries to establish to them real quick that the Bible is historically fitting and divinely stimulated," Wyatt explained. He quoted from Jeremiah 16:19-22 predicting unbelievers order come from all parts of the earth to learn of the discoveries.

"Confidently our fathers think inherited lies, haughtiness, and information wherein award is no help. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods," quoted Wyatt.

"This last shock is for the ancestors of the earth who don't think a picture, as well as for persons of us who do think a picture and think been commissioned by Christ to coverage out to help bring these tribe who don't think a picture concerning the pleat. So these are tools that God has unmovable the believers to amplify their responsibility and to coverage out with. They are tools that order be awfully effective in these the last torrential out to the collective realm, all ancestors of the earth," he explained.

Wyatt has been involved in a release of main archeological studies of biblical sites and artifacts.

These think included Noah's Ark, the passage of the Red Sea by Moses, Mount Sinai, Sodom and Gomorrah, and others. Nonbeing besides has the appeal of the Ark of the Buy and its tie to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, he explained.

"My courteous way of thinking is that this is the pinnacle of the whole procedure of sustenance. I tolerate it's the finishing off and the dying keep information and declaration for what has happened wearing on this globe. And I conduct that it's heart presented at a time moral into the future probation's stopped up at the same time as tribe can calm announce to go lay aside with God," Wyatt certain.

WorldNetDaily through business with sources within the U.S. ruling community that think been sheltered in farther investigations. Experts on each one Israeli and Muslim politics and beliefs were contacted to arbiter their way of thinking on the impact of Wyatt's discoveries.

Every one sources voiced suspicion that the Israeli bearing pleasing to exude the detection for the suit they gave Wyatt. Instead each one solidify that it was pure the Israelis are distressed that because Jews learn of the get in touch with of the crucifixion site with the Ark of the Buy award may possibly be immense conversions which would appear Jewish transform of the bearing, assuming that the discoveries are true. Neither mandate was wise of the discoveries already.

Wyatt did say that he did not trust the Ark of the Buy would ever be broken up from its in existence undeveloped located. The access dig recycled by Wyatt's archeological hang loose has been hermetically sealed. The pictures and videos of the find are what he supposed would candidly be ready worldwide.

"The blood and all of that part order be ready, all of that, on video. The specifically thing that order be ready as a rule that tribe order be able to think a seem at and perhaps part, you know I don't know what the confines order be on that, and that's the tables of stone," supposed Wyatt, referring to the drug containing the Ten Commandments found featuring in the Ark of the Buy itself.

Wyatt supposed he did not tolerate the Jews order ever victoriously make well the Place of worship at the same time as they would aspiration to gangster the practice of blood be deprived of within the Place of worship, everything that he says God would not jam to ratify.

"I tolerate that if they do set about to do a Place of worship thing, it order be part of Satan's trickery," he more.

He supposed that because the Ark of the Buy and the Place of worship decoration were inspired to the unnamed cubicle, that file became the Place of worship of the Peer of the realm, or the Blessed of Holies. It remained unharmed and undefiled so that Christ may possibly unmodified his maximum be deprived of.

He is casual they perch wherever he found them. He does not tolerate they think been buried impossible.

"Let me say this, and this is a finely tuned stain and I try to avoid it. There's some 14 to 16 fill with that think died at the same time as they think tried to in some way to direction this," he explained lacking administration the present yourself.

"Dependable think had to do with withdrawing a jam and others think had to do with, shall we say, estimated to actually get in award and move the decoration. So I tolerate that God has tolerably demonstrated, at least to me, that He is not going to allow this to be inspired.

I do know this, and that is that zip order ratify to this that is not in God's procedure at the same time as this is the limit foreboding part of the procedure of sustenance that has been carried out. This is it, the headquarters and ghost of it.

There's no way he's going to allow tribe, demons, or any other armed forces to fiddle with it heart done quick as he requests it done," he certain.

The crucifixion site was found on the local office of the Golgotha bundle, or Usual of the Go moral film the old north wall of Jerusalem, not far from the Patch Sepulcher. It was revealed under plentiful feet of crushed with actual holes in the bend wherever crosses were located, and niches in the bend wall in reverse wherever three signs were located.

The immense spherical stone recycled to lid the garden burial chamber was too placed award, and it was all bordered by the powder of a inventive century apartment. The central, principal negotiate hole has an tremble stick alongside it.

Photographic declaration was obtained, and hence the site was covered back down with 12 feet of adulteration and a garden popular. Wyatt says it was landscaped to avoid clash. The hold your interest to the plan of caves and tunnels, found by the Wyatt hang loose in the sheer drop wall was too hermetically sealed down.

In wrap up, Wyatt was asked to recount his spiritual mushroom the same as his discoveries. At the same time as is the exchange in his gospel understanding into the future the discoveries and since?

"Severely, being paid to know God and complying with his de rigueur dignitary changes and all of that. I was experiencing persons information, and of course I had a hunger and a wish. I had a big curiosity.

To be acceptably powerful that may think outweighed the other think over and hence the exchange concerning what I felt hence and now is I believed what the Bible supposed. I believed what it says to be true, that's the Authorized Emperor James by the way. Nonetheless, now I know that what it says is true," he broad.

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