Monday, 1 June 2009

Candle Spell Worksheet

Candle Spell Worksheet Cover
Candle Magick is the most inexpensive and most widely used type of Magick. Any candle you use for ANY type of Magickal use should be UNUSED. NEVER use a candle that has already been lit, even once. On the appropriate day and moon phase for your spell choose your candle based on the type of spell you will be doing. Choose by color, shape, size, scent, etc. Always cast your circle before doing ANY kind of Magickal workings. Remember, this is for your own protection. Hold your candle in front of you and state your goal, then chant your rhyme or spell, and while chanting, close your eyes and concentrate, invisioning the outcome of your spell, with your desired results. Feel free to take your time doing this, and make a complete picture in your mind. Next, before burning your candle, you have to "dress" it with the appropriate oils. This is to establish a link between you and your candle through a "primary sensorial experience." In other words, by touching your candle, you are transferring your personal vibrations into it, therefore, becoming "one" with the candle. Start at the top (North) and rub the oil to the halfway point, always brushing in the same direction. Repeat the same procedure from the bottom (South) and working up to the halfway point. Finally, it is time to light your candle. This should be the point where you are concentrating most on the outcome of your spell. Light the candle with a lighter or with another candle. NEVER light a candle with matches. Concentrate for a few moments, or as your spell requires. Take into account that you now have all the elements of the Candle Magick working for your now: Earth, Fire, Air, Will, and Spirit. If your candle goes out, DO NOT RELIGHT IT. It is probably telling you that this is the wrong time to perform this spell, and to try again another night, using a new candle. Let your candle burn according to the spell. If your spell requires the candle to burn completely, you do not have to stay with it, just make sure that it is in a safe and protected place. Afterwords, check the melted wax. Your candle may have left you a message. When your spell is done, extinguish your candle if needed. NEVER BLOW IT OUT. This is actually an insult to the fire gods, saying that Air is stronger than Fire, and since no Element outranks another, this is to be carefully avoided. Either use a candle extinguisher, or pinch the flame out with your fingers. The remains of your candle can be thrown away or buried in a sacred place.

The following questions will help you to create a successful candle spell. By answering them, you will aquatint yourself with the elements of magick. Print this page and add it to your spellbook. It can also be used for other types of spells as well. Enjoy!

Magickal Intention:

Candle Type:

How long will it burn?

Phase of the Moon:

Astrological Phase:






Magickal Decoration:


Where will the candle be placed for the duration of the spell?

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