Thursday, 25 March 2010

Astral Candles

Astral Candles Cover
Astral Candles are associated with your Astrological sign. You should have your Astral candle burning each ritual you do. Different people have different color associations for the various Astral candles. You may even want to create your own astral candle colors. Whichever you do, remain consistent.

ARIES – A FIRE SIGN – White, Pink, Red, Orange

TAURUS – AN EARTH SIGN – Brown, Green, Gold, Yellow, Blue

GEMINI – AN AIR SIGN – Blue, Yellow, White, Gray, Black

CANCER – A WATER SIGN – Brown, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue

LEO – A FIRE SIGN – Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green

VIRGO – AN EARTH SIGN – Brown, Black, Yellow, Blue, Gray

SCORPIO – A WATER SIGN – Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown

SAGITTARIUS – A FIRE SIGN – Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White

AQUARIUS – AN AIR SIGN – Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Silver

PISCES – A WATER SIGN – Blue, Green, Gray, Purple, White

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