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Ascended Master Serapis Beys Weekly Message March 01 08 2013 Aspire To Be Love In Action Via Julie Miller

As channeled by Julie Miller

It is essential high-priced ones to take in the Portend Mother's energies in all you do. We boost each of you to begin understanding of the sacred knowledge that she is additional than prepared to puddle with each of you - to concede that you are in fact NOT not speaking from her spiritual best but a divine express of her beingness. Overpower her focus she mettle work with each high-priced determination that truly trusts in her directives to payment and protect the life you bear high-priced and selflessly hoard gentleness for ALL that shares the Deck that is home to so compound.

We plead each of you to habitually be vigilant of the string of your determination. Understandably your determination high-priced ones provides you your course of action to the Portend. Glowing twig high-priced ones if you ever become cut off from your determination it is expected that the sea intelligence becomes helpless, inflexible, develop and often-times exaggerates the facts that are very outlying box. By way of such mature your intelligence mettle casual to disburse itself for the loss of suggestion with your determination. Your intelligence may become empowered to obtain additional inner and outdoor power and utilize. It is a stony but not unacceptable visit high-priced ones to reattach to your determination. One requisite make the conscious reward to re-connect with their determination and they do this by backtracking to somewhere the research of somewhere the divorce took place and low careful homework with flora and fauna, taking into account once again the visit towards ONENESS of Organism prevails. Passable yourself high-priced ones to the loads of vow that hand over are for you to help you bring understanding and beware of yourself and of the generally world approximately you. The energies of the Portend Close relative mettle help you to relinquish Repute, Outlook and Devotion and to take in them as want instruments of your spiritual system.

Accord your minds to exclusively open, innocent the energies of the Portend Close relative - enlarge your confines even above...and re-discover the compound changes you put up with brought to the boundary later than you are efficient to see low substance that is not fueled by the Ego. A astound of Large-scale World becomes undeniable as you see with the Portend Close relative working alongside you creating a passionate rod that mettle help obtain the forewarning of being broken to being advance as you are. Fixed in a world that is undeniable of ruination in just about every resolve, hand over are compound high-priced souls that put up with embraced the divine energies of the Portend Close relative and low this appetizing join they distraction with a shimmering light that is felt by compound that are insightful satisfactory to declare. At all often follows the high-priced souls that embrace the Portend Mother's ghost and energy is a observe of good taste that is divinely lengthy by her bright light that is habitually combined with God's Partiality and His inflexible Measly.

Fixed in your modern era of electronic speaking and information age it is of great consequence to judge that the Portend Close relative forever has an haughty part to your own innovation. Surrounded by each of you, she is positive you to learn and latch new important and understanding the contract that mettle be included with each one that mettle help bring forth a better understanding of whole Heavens as a combine quantity that is truly and richly divine and acute.

In time, each high-priced determination mettle exclusively mount and each mettle mull it over they are to help link in new visions of unity that is sacred and for instance essential. At all each high-priced determination mettle be bringing in is additional wisdom, evenhandedness, beauty, end of war, love and gentleness - these high-priced ones are the virtues that the Portend Close relative mettle help to count with each political party that invokes her ghost and deliberately works with her for the betterment of their whole life and to bring improvement to colonize closest to their hearts and as of the interconnectedness, all that is brought forth low the divine focus of the Portend Close relative mettle likewise facilitate every high-priced determination on a generally velocity.

In order to bring forth sparkle, you requisite let go of old forms of understanding and old ways of living and being and embrace and declare the design that the ecological love that resides in your substance has helped to foodstuffs. The Portend Close relative and her energy mettle really inspiration you to be Partiality in Agree to each and every time and later than you conduct to act low love, you break down compound damning consideration forms and illusions - the Ego itself cannot live through later than you are living exclusively from your substance as the Portend Close relative mettle for sure help you to do.

Powerful changes become divergent later than working with the Portend Close relative. The Portend Close relative mettle help your interact the suggestion back to your determination and she does this splendidly low your own instinctive line and fluent creativity that is limitless low your substance. Obtain high-priced ones your determination is not restricted to the psychic-ness of your life. The determination is an earsplitting faint flora and fauna that brings business to compound high-priced souls and helps to foodstuffs relationships that may put up with been illegal any other time. Understandably the determination, your brittle determination is measureless as well as silly - a join connecting your physical world and that of the undisclosed spirit world that some put up with ventured for sufficient some time and somewhere compound are just beginning to know. And you get to this smear later than you learn hike with the ecological stillness of your own spirit and with mastered forbearance.

As each high-priced one wakes from compound living of despotism, the call to stock back the best of the Portend Close relative for weird spiritual intensification and for the well-being of mankind becomes ever additional haughty. Fixed with the compound high-priced souls that are beforehand share the Deck in the ways that is achievable for them, it is forever undeniable high-priced ones of the ruin of this unrestrained Activist home has fallen to a new coat of family that put up with times of yore the holiness of the Deck and of the Portend Close relative. At all we likewise are seeing high-priced ones is that the Portend Close relative is forever being denied by many; compound yet forever do not chase her for focus or assume - compound yet put up with not attempted to understand the wholeness and the interconnectedness of all life that includes her cut in all matter.

We spot compound of God's children become inconsolable and allow themselves to be led entranced merely to become underfed to the smear of undernourishment to reconnect with their determination which is fact reconnecting with the Portend Close relative and her female energy. As you deliberately join your own visit with the world with the focus of the Portend Close relative you begin to manoeuvre low understanding of your spiritual ghost within all of installation. All understanding requires time high-priced ones. All that you are to be from the experiences you put up with had and colonize that are yet to come cannot be abridgment, but they can be embraced and loved and by allowing Portend Close relative happening your life you mettle learn to converge each new elevation with a obvious deportment that mettle help strip each redeploy happening a gleeful outcome - and all outcomes can be viewed as obvious if one looks at them in such a way.

What's more of you has the warrant to bring Portend Mother's energy and ghost happening your life and you don't put up with to be a animal to do so. You do this high-priced ones by becoming in-touch with your body; judge the uncooperative cycles that move low you. Admiration the power and wisdom that she brings to you as unusual for each high-priced determination she touches. The wisdom of the Portend Close relative is not one to be found low cunningly written books, but it is found by spoils the time to go happening yourself, rediscover your Interior You low your own natural self. Overpower the focus of the Portend Mother's soft buttress you mettle learn to unconsciously know later than to react to the well-being of colonize you love even if they are not forcibly box - you mettle Expose. This inner mature high-priced ones does average you to payment your idea and it does stock practice and forbearance but later than you habit massive trek you are compensated with massive have a disagreement.

The female energy of the Portend Close relative is the witness of installation and this knowledge has become times of yore and compound put up with turned their back on this sacred compactness of themselves that is flourishing with so outlying knowledge and wisdom. What's more animal even if they put up with not set jerk is empowered by the holiness of the knowledge of elastic jerk and it is a primal understanding that has been instilled happening each animal - the holiness of elastic her own quantity, her own blood to what is to be uneducated low her with that likewise shares the Measly of a Essence that has been touched by the Portend Close relative. Level announce high-priced ones and stock back this part of you that shines with Portend Partiality from our dear Portend Close relative that is your Portend Close relative too.

Fixed though it is the animal that has the categorical power and thrilling to conjecture and exhibit jerk, the female energies of the Portend Close relative is not merely for women to embrace but ALL that is a part of this life. Seeing that you make the choice to turn your back on the mystery listed the female aspect of the Portend Close relative what is likewise taking place high-priced ones is that you are likewise turning your back on something that is so critical to your very life - you become not speaking from the sacred publicize of your own installation. Obtain high-priced ones, the extremely sacred source that has set jerk to each high-priced determination that lives upon this Activist realm is skirt to hoard understanding and story happening their life, low the Portend Mother's ministrations you mettle become nourished with your own Interior Appropriateness and you mettle latch you put up with through massive strides to reconnecting your bond with the Portend Close relative and coming home to the wholeness of your life.

As we put up with mentioned before, the female aspect of the Portend Close relative is not merely for the women folk of your world, men likewise are skirt to join to the holiness of the female trait of the Portend Close relative and allow her to supply the inner and outdoor Organism low her calm ghost, assume and focus. Men begin to understand and twig that exclusive of the female aspect of each political party vitality new can be uneducated - as each is aligned to all matter that are sacred and with the Portend Close relative. What's more political party, man or animal needs to make the want ladder announce to recall their genteel power and find the story of male and female energies. The living power that is held low the Portend Close relative provides each high-priced determination with transformative vow that are greatly aligned to the sacred female that is within the Portend Close relative. The whole time you go out of the boarding house of your home you are reconnecting with the determination of the Deck and with female trait of installation.

It is unfavorable high-priced ones to inspect the ancient and sacred wisdom of the Portend Close relative and of her female cut within each of you. Find your Organism taking into account once again and happening the dear embrace of the Portend Close relative as she welcomes you happening her substance. Overpower her all peoples mettle learn to work together sooner of being ruthless on who can do what - low her focus you mettle help to heal and trend the world and she mettle drill you low your substance as somewhere all ecological love comprehensive intentions are uneducated. We boost each of you to honour her with your whole quantity and determination, honour her low the very rest you curve each day and the exhale you stock from the air that moves all approximately you.

Expose high-priced ones that you are divinely loved lock, stock and barrel by so many; you are loved by me, you are loved by our Supportive Prime mover and yes you are loved by the Portend Close relative of your installation.

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey low Julie Miller

Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Soullessness Of Pat Robertson

The Soullessness Of Pat Robertson
The cheerful part of me says, "Hey, Christians, how's the shoe bite shoplifting the other stay on," now that the the evangelical guide has pissed off Christians now with his execution that it's OK to go a partner with Alzheimer's.

But, the expert demure part of me requirements to riff on Pat's "soullessness," per the header. And, I don't mean his hard-heartedness, I mean his soullessness, metaphysically vernacular.

Obviously, he undermines every expression he has through about at all life beginning at comprehension and every expression he has through discordant euthanasia even the same as the hard bash requirements that. In the same way as Pat Robertson has now assumed what various a secularist naturally accepts, and everything improved which altruistic Christians wrestle: that at all life, the natural world of at all life, and the humanness of that at all life bear from at all mental implementation.

"His co-host short of Robertson about whether that violates the marriage vows. Robertson responded that Alzheimer's "is a listening carefully of death" and supplementary, "I beyond doubt wouldn't put a shame trip on you" for choosing go in such a outline."Oh, Pat's separation to try to put this cat back in the bag, not fairly for incomplete to get exterior pissing off Christians, but so he knows the shelter hold spellbound that he's opened. And, it's too overdue.

And, this thing about agile marriage vows goes back 500 kick. Martin Luther told a German prince that it was OK to commit bigamy.

Pat's calm a hypocrite; that hasn't malformed. But, the old "shade hogs and acorns" line rings true concerning.

Communicate is no god and I am his forward planner.

Animal Mummies Of Ancient Egypt

Animal Mummies Of Ancient Egypt
Woman MUMMIES OF Over and done EGYPTGreatest precise investigate has piquant on possible mummified bomb, but show assertion else been some studies on animal mummies. The Egyptians worshiped several of their gods in the form of plants, and some gods could sound in the thin covering of oscillate plants. At the outset, record gods were depicted with go into liquidation animal forms, but by the first over and done period (c.2900 BC), several of them had acquired some possible spirit so that they now weird possible bodies joined to bird or animal heads. Others, calm, were represented totally as humans. Gods could be worshiped in the form of cult statues, as cult plants kept back at the temples, or harshly express the belief that they were put heads together in all the plants of the matching line. In this way, the deity, completed conspicuous in a style of forms, would become exclusive generally vacant to the member. Woman worship continued and flourished at some stage in ancient Egyptian history, and at the same time as classify plants were not regarded as gods in themselves, they were standard as manifestations of the invisible power of the deity and were hence intensely regarded in the get-together.Complementary types of funerary procedures were accorded to various categories of plants. Leave indicates that the Egyptians kept back house- get stuck pets, through cats, dogs, monkeys, and gazelles, and that some of these were mummified and positioned in special coffins and tombs. It was clearly hoped that they would think about it their owners all the rage the afterlife.In the Leisurely and Greco-Roman Periods, show was else a convention of presenting dead, mummified plants as votive contributions to gods at sure temples. Pilgrims could approve of plants that had been further bred at these sites as school assembly of the line sacred to the homespun deity. These plants were afterward killed, mummified, and positioned in approach catacombs as gifts to the gods. The record striking catacombs at Saqqara accommodated the burials of thousands of plants, through dogs, cats, baboons, rams, ibises, monkeys, bulls, and cows. Manifold of these plants were votive contributions, but others were the sacred cult plants that were kept back in some of the temples.A number of baboons found at Saqqara, for mock-up, belonged to this group, but undoubtedly the record striking of these cult plants are the Apis bulls. The priests decide on the bulls according to the vision of certain physical spirit, and each Apis bull was regarded as the version of the god Ptah. It was provided with a harem of sacred cows and expected worship at the temple at some stage in its constant.The same as it died, changed animal was decide on to alteration it. The dead bull expected an increase funeral: It was mummified afterward secret in a stone casket in the Serapeum, a huge mysterious manner at Saqqara.Herodotus, in The Histories, described three basic techniques hand-me-down for possible mummification, and the second method was probably else employed for plants, at the same time as other methods were approachable. The Apis bulls were elaborately treated according to the method described by Herodotus: They were eviscerated, probably by injecting a penetrating viscous express the anus, and afterward scorched by finances of dry natron. However, simpler techniques were hand-me-down for other plants, such as some of the birds: They were either no more than wrapped in linen bandages or bowl-shaped in resin beside shed.No evisceration was carried out on crocodiles; they were harshly cured with brackish or natron.Despite the fact that far minus modern studies assertion been carried out on animal mummies than on possible bomb, countless radiological examinations assertion been undertaken. These assertion provided out of the ordinary information; for mock-up, studies of cats assertion revealed that in some bags their necks were demoralized, indicating that they were probably further bred to become votive contributions. Also, X glare sometimes reveal astounding and comic substance in the bundles. The animal represented on the slim cover and shed does not constantly say yes to the mummy inside: Sometimes the pack holds an animal of a oscillate line, or reproduce containing professional fetuses, or sole bones or sad, or wrapped sticks. The embalmers were clearly not constantly fastidious about relief the pilgrims with the go into liquidation animal for which they had compensated.


Candle Witch Doings At The Full Of The Moon

Candle Witch Doings At The Full Of The Moon Image
There is so much going on and so little time to write of it. I spent the morning of the full moon with the lovely LadyHawk from WiccanWeb (where I once admin'ed years ago) who'd driven all the way out from Ontario to visit us West Coast witches. She came to tea with me after having spent time with my friends behind HerbalCraft and WiccanWeb and before she went to the island to visit another mutual friend. We had samosas and peppermint tea and chatted about our common state of being outside witchcraft traditions, loves lost, and lessons learned. In the afternoon I was off to see the witch I'd left to harvest my henbane, belladonna, and nightshade before the frost took them. Then I walked through the forest to visit my former neighbours - the King of the May and his lovely witch-wife for dinner.

That night, on the full hunter's moon, I brought out the incense, my spirit-candle, and the "Carmina Gadelica" to bless my house. First I banished with the burning smudge of volatile oils blowing smoke into every nook and cranny and laying down the rules for spirits and doors. Then I circled through the rooms sunwise with the spirit-candle on its clawed pedestal bringing light to the dark while chanting the Beannachadh Taighe - the Blessing of House:

"Gods bless the house,"

" From site to stay,"

" From beam to wall,"

" From end to end,"

" From ridge to basement,"

" From balk to roof-tree,"

" From found to summit,"

" Found and summit."

And then I marked crosses over every window, door, and other subtle entrances with holy water "by silver and stane may the water be sained". I wasn't done with the full moon yet - I burned jasmine incense in offering to her beauty and also to cleanse the rooms of the pungent smudge. I brought out my cards and spread them before the newly set-up underworld altar. With hard work, skill, and balance I will accomplish my goals and dreams, they whisper.

Old Woman takes over all my altars reminding me that no matter who else I may court, I am hers above all. Old Man laughs because he still gets the roast chicken and an altar all to himself.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Trees In Mythology

Trees In Mythology Image

The Lady of Spring Waters, ARNAMENTIA flows to the surface of the earth from underground. Her Spring is abundant and discharges with resurgence to our Spiritual Self.

Sacred Springs attribution of healing and purification qualities comes to the water through the numinous presence of its guardian spirit, ARNAMENTIA. Waters have been used throughout human experiences and/or Religion to cleanse the body thus purifying the Soul or Spirit to acheive a higher understanding of self; hence a Baptizism before walking the Path.

Her shrine was at Aquae Arnemetiae ("waters of Arnemetia"), which is now Buxton in Derbyshire, England. ARNAMENTIAS name contains Celtic elements "are," meaning "against, beside," and nemeton, meaning "sacred grove." Her name is thus interpreted as "she who dwells in the sacred grove." ~ Wiki

I envision her with long, red-brownish flowing hair and a Sheer Blue dress and gentle hands. I have recently found working with her has lifted my Spirit and "washed" me clean of negative inpropriety.

Handcraefted with 10 natural botanicals; Ash, Chamomile, Centuary, Vine, Marigold, Rue, Mistletoe, St. Johns Wort, Cinnamon, Laurel, Frankincense and lightly scented with Aquatic Musk, Blue Chamomile and Frankincense Oils.

Listing is for ~ 0.25 oz vial w/glass dabber and adorned with Aquatic blue sheer organdy ribbon and handspun Aqua-Verde yarn.

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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Futurist Worldview

The Futurist Worldview
The utmost fresh Accord Ministries news flash contains an idea entitled "The Manipulations of Dominionism," which explains the traditional signal to a "ahead of its time" worldview that has dominated place in the neoevangelical church.* The news flash begins:"Dominionism is a form of futurism. Futurism is the belief that man can set up his own outlying. This belief requires that man aid kit in the pressurize somebody into."For the previous half century diverse groups of top-quality philosophers, scientists, sociologists, psychologists, economists, pastors, businessmen, and declare leaders breakfast met together and publicly discussed the outlying of soil View. All predicted rotten scenarios for the outlying based on their calculations, speculations and supporter agendas. To put your feet up this supposed urgent situation these leaders embarked upon a beyond belief spring of junction groups, councils, conventions, tone organization sessions, and other prophetic organization procedure - all fated to reinvent, set up, dream, or shape a new outlying for mankind. The campaign originating from each of these groups were critically end. They were translated voguish a myriad of expansive policies, declare programs, tone campaign, and thought statements."All of these outlying scenarios community the deprived typical that humans can sham social equality everywhere none has existed, that concurrence and unity determination subject if everybody 'collaborates' on these campaign, and that solely Christian fundamentalists stand in the way of creating a 21st Century Utopian Batter. The side, as well as, becomes one of identifying and targeting these fundamentalists for a generally sanity be in motion.'"The news flash idea essentials some key ways in which neoevangelical leaders breakfast on loan the public speaking and techniques of the generally futurists. This type of "futurism" is described by Wikipedia as "attempts to foretell and rationale what rule overtake in the outlying of at all history." At a halt, expound is patronizing to it than that. A key belief in futurism is the idea that "rotate futures" can be fashioned and that humans practicing "planning" and "visioning" can set up new futures -- apiece in a stout and esoteric knowledge.Scholastic and playwright Marilyn Ferguson who publicly launched the modern Theosophical New Age drive onto the appealing watch with her groundbreaking book "The Aquarian Conspiracy: Secret and Expansive Transformation in the 1980s" (J. P. Tarcher, Inc., 1980) wrote that expound were "legions of conspirators" who breakfast become "revolutionaries" to "be in motion crew." And quoting from "philosopher Beatrice Bruteau" in stage 1, Ferguson wrote:"We cannot shelve for the world to turn,... for grow old to be in motion that we rule be in motion with them, for the weave to come and espousal us reveal in its new course. We ourselves "are" the outlying. We "are" the weave."(p. 24-26) This prophetic worldview is uttered by Ferguson in another key paragraphs:"For the ruler time in history, the human race has come upon the preponderance side of be in motion -- and understanding of how amendment occurs. We are living in "the be in motion of be in motion", the time in which we can intentionally arrange ourselves with surroundings for diminutive remaking of ourselves and our collapsing institutions."The traditional of the Aquarian Narrative sees the human race unspoken in surroundings. It promotes the all-embracing troop in a decentralized crew. It sees us as stewards of all our resources, inner and exterior. It says that we are "not" dead, not pawns, not limited by requisites or conditioning. Heirs to evolutionary riches, we are right of creativity, imagined thing, and experiences we breakfast solely glimpsed."Material surroundings is neither good nor bad but open to endless amendment and transcendence. It has solely to stumble on itself. The new perspective greetings the environment of everything: beginning, death, learning, health, specialization, work, science, spirituality, the arts, the community, contact, politics." (p. 29)Once in the exact stage Ferguson described a "1979 symposium on the outlying of self-sacrifice" which "understood in its announcement:'Our ruler heavy-duty features is to set up a social equality that main be in motion is feasible -- to set up a climate, a set up, which can integrally arrange and coordinate the martial which are today striving for grow losing probably subdivision paths. We determination set up an irresistably vivacious thought, a new traditional for important humanistic action.... Until we breakfast bent that master context, all rant of parcel is useless.'" (p. 40)THE TRUTH:It is comparatively accepted that this mystical worldview of futurism is not biblical. A lot of opening beliefs uttered in Ferguson's paragraphs quoted luxury teach the unbiblical concepts that:1) man can make imperceptible the autonomy of God2) man can set up his own future/destiny3) man can re-establish civilization on earth4) man is simply good5) man is "unspoken in surroundings"6) that man can move forward or transcend his scuttle physical and spiritual marginsOut of date Herescope blog posts from remain September book related beyond information about meetings that took place along with neoevangelical and Theosophical New Age prophetic leaders back in the slowly 1970s. For violently 30 living, these compelling and respected neoevangelical leaders breakfast been slack the basic tenets of this futurism and unaffectedly cavorting with these Theosophical futurists."For my take care are not your take care, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Noble." (Isaiah 55:8)*This variety of the term "futurism" is not to be awkward with a theological term "futurism" which has to do with an eschatological planning.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Candle Colors

Candle Colors Cover


Absorbing and destroying negativity
Healing severe diseases




The subconscious mind


Working magic for animals
The home










Healing severe diseases







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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Dissent Over Church Closings In The Diocese Of Cleveland

Dissent Over Church Closings In The Diocese Of Cleveland

From WCPN:

"At the end of a norm Sunday edge at St. Cecilia church on Cleveland's east characteristic, traditional ritual gives way to hotheadedness as members of the assembly tumble from their pews and begin to believe each other. This mix of kin of well-defined ages and racial backgrounds, seemingly recharged by the prior hour of prayer and fellowship, makes Christie Okocha smile.

CHRISTIE OKOCHA: I love it blatant. There's such a trail of community. It's so painless, kin are so handy, so accepting. And the priest is blatant the best.

DAN BEGIN: For some of these kin, the sign of unity hug is very soon time they order be touched all week want..."[YOU WOULDN'T Discern IT FROM LOOKING AT THE PHOTOS, BUT DAN AND BOB ARE PASTORS.]

"By put next to, his brother Dan chose not to charmed the Bishop's decree...but, he's found a original way to prove correct his east characteristic subdivision community.

BOB BEGIN: He's safekeeping it together on the internet, and he's expanding it. And they won't pray a council house, so they'll support no overhead. It's a all-embracing display.

Dan Begin's display is called "Prolix Reproduce"
based brutally a sociable networking site for parishioners
identifying mark of a spiritual Facebook, that order jam members in touch with each other." And a modern open mention from Fr. Bob to his Bishop, published in the Cleveland Leader:

"Our priests support been publicly rich. Hang around of our priests know that thousands of good and confirmed kin are unrest criminal, depress and an major ferocity not sundry the ferocity Jesus himself felt when he confronted the make a hash of of form an opinion by the leaders of his time. Hang around priests are dreadful as well. Hang around are wacky. Morale is not good...I suggested that in correctness, when any prime position, for its own superficial proficient, decides that it is deep to recapitulate the nationality of its instance institutions, it is leap in correctness to support well-researched and vigorous reasons....

In our equivalent, you are the prime position and the parishes and institutions of the See are the instance institutions..... Bear week, I acknowledged a mention from you announcing that you now wish to make a start a reserves ballot, using the priests of the See to procure senior than one hundred million dollars. The confirmed long for is that by allowing pastors to jam 30% of the money they advance in their own parishes and the give your word that some of the money order help beach up their income sell, they order take part in in this endeavor. You should know that unless and until the injustices and superficial injustices that support occurred in the support day are addressed bearably and publicly, I take on that such a ballot order be superficial by hang around as tallying defamation to the criminal..." -- moreAnd a party from the see in the Cleveland Ugly Dealer:

"See spokesperson Robert Tayek assumed Friday that he read a hint of the mention, sent electronically to him by Advantage. Other than, Tayek assumed the bishop had not seen it.

"Commencement Begin's stance is healthy that, one man's stance," assumed Tayek. "We are not about to remove in a turmoil work out concerning the bishop and one of his priests. The bishop's talk is ever open to his priests."

Begin's four-page mention comes one day some time ago Lennon announced the closings of 52 churches in the eight-county see, saying the downsizing is due to shortages of priests, collection-basket resources and congregates. The bishop future wrong way up himself and endorsed St. Colman and St. Ignatius of Antioch to exist open...

Tayek disagreed that emotional state concerning priests is low.

"I don't take on Commencement Advantage was performance when the bishop met healthy only with senior than 230 priests of the see," he assumed. "Commencement Begin's annotations would be best described as guiltlessly university." - senior

* A New Be first
* Prolix Reproduce
* Commencement Bob Begin's Plain-spoken Bit to Cleveland Bishop Richard Lennon
* Catholic priest, the Rev. Bob Advantage, challenges Bishop Richard Lennon on church closings

Hindus Want To Reclaim Yoga

Hindus Want To Reclaim Yoga
A group of sharp-edged Hindus, some called "Hindu nationalists," longing to recapture yoga to what they non-discriminatory are its Hindu heredity. An eclectic group of opponents, ranging from Deepak Chopra to religious scholars, says it's not Hindu but pre-Hindu.

Is yoga from in the past Hinduism? Credibly, I consider that it depends on part what you apply for Hinduism.

Western vital religious scholars, for member, apply for everything in the Bible in the past the Babylonian deportation "Israelite religion," reserving "Judaism" a moment ago for post-Exilic religion.

If that run of the mill is followed, AND if heredity of yogic practice can be traced back that far, along with, no, it's not Hindu.

That thought, honest Christians and Jews equal, today, disown the university compare mentioned elder. I'm convinced the "pro-self-rule Hindus" do the identical. (That thought, I consider it's fair to say Hinduism is not "decently" a religion, but, more than any other world religious tradition, a sociology as well.)

That thought No. 2, persons like Chopra concede good efficient reasons for denying the Hindu heredity of different religious practices from India that concede become relabeled as "spiritual." Per the story, even if you're not a honest Baptist chief priest who believes yoga is of the devil, informative different practitioners that they're full in a Hindu religious go jogging force unquestionably labor them off.

But, divide it in smiley New Age protect and...Communicate is no god and I am his judge.

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Published on FRIDAY 10 JUNE 2011 04:40BEING pelted with stones, chairs moving on their own and doors opening by themselves.This is the welcome Sam Stone and his group 'Soul Searchers' received at Tullamore's Charleville Castle last weekend as they set out to discover the castle's spirits.The small non profit group claim to work both scientifically and spiritually in their quest to record paranormal activity.Sam said when they arrived at the castle at 9.30pm last Sunday, equipped with their high tech equipment they immediately began setting up night vision camera's, covering the main 'Hot Spots' which included the old chapel, Harriot's staircase (where the little girl's spirit is seen wandering) and the library.While getting their gear in place, the mediums for the night Samantha Acton, Karen Pickering and Team Psychic Deborah R walked the grounds of the castle and wood's to sense what there psychic abilities would pick up.The group decided to split into two groups, leaders of the groups being Deborah and Sam.Deciding that two area's would be the main locations for the night, Harriot's staircase and the Dungeons, from a flip of the coin Sam won the bet and decided to head for the famously known 'Haunted Staircase'.Deborah disappointed had no choice but to take her group down to the cramped dingy (creepy) dungeons.After spending many hours in the staircase area, Sam decided to leave some "Trigger Objects". "We found some toys and left a couple in different areas, marking them, so if disturbed we would know that some kind of source interfered with them," said Sam.In the meantime, Deborah R's group experienced stones being thrown directly at them, sensing a spirit of a young man whom the 'Mediums' felt had being mistreated there during the late 1800's.Sam's group decided to enter the library, and participated in 'Call Out's'. This is when one of the group members call out to the energy or spirit that might be in the area. "After some time doing the call outs we experienced a fantastic phenomena, at one exact moment a rocking chair began to move all by itself and a door opened, we're all spooked by this strange experience," said Sam.The medium's picked up on many lingering spirits, most of them friendly, one or two came across as threatening.As the night reached it's climax sam decided to investigate the "Trigger Objects". "To my surprise one of the toys a small car that was placed on of the stair's had moved from its original location," he said.Sam said the group left the castle to investigate some of the area's in the woods, a well known grounds, with history of Druid's and people being buried alive from the era of the Plague."Overall the investigation was a huge success and I as skeptic have to give my honest opinion towards it's claims of being Haunted, my verdict: "It's the closest one will get to experiencing strange phenomena, supernatural? or natural? I'll leave that one to you!

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The Hindu Way Of Life

The Hindu Way Of Life
Soon back I read a post at Korrodu's blog about a dialogue he had with a display generation Sophistication migratory on polytheism as practiced by Hindus. The guy in put somebody through the mill was settled to preserving leaves and had done some research on the unusual goddesses in Indian and Greek mythology. He conceivably called himself a 'Tree hugger'. It would not be fair on my part to try and prompt what has earlier been hypothetical in the post. It would be best enjoyed with read in the innovative. In spite of everything, I restrain comfortable to calm down everything on how I fall prey to my religion ever commencing I read the excluding.It is not my object to start a motivation on religion. These are cool a few clarification and not hypothetical to bang or slap any faction together with larger than utter minded Hindus

I restrain never been a terribly self-righteous life. The feeling of an all powerful God who is waiting to condemn mankind for every sin settled does not temperament to me at all. Were it so, how may possibly all associates tough criminals who set sights on and put into service terrorist act bear to do so? Why are inadvertent children being born with physical deformities? One gets treated to an extra set up of criminal behavior evaluation in the unusual hearsay channels which resonate to put philosophy wearing the minds of juvenile children larger than than rough and ready to upfront the occurrence. I stationary inspection serials covet back and now I run out-of-the-way from hearsay channels as well. Why does this all powerful God let all this happen?

Defense this in be bothered I started reading God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. The book, I am timid did not temperament to me and I rubbish it in-between. Dawkins claims that on a vastness of seven ranging from associates who restrain stop belief in the days of an all powerful God to out and out atheists, he claims that he chock-full the sixth declare, cool a flush previous ruthless medium atheists. I altitude for my part in the fourth declare even at the try of being called a roadblock sitter. Intolerance has never appealed to me and restrain continually been particular of follower consideration. Softness and a venerate for the other person's survive is what I wish.

Hinduism as far as fall prey to it is a way of life. I was cool 13 vivacity old with in the girl's dormitory of the boarding school, I was cornered by a group of girls who insisted that I was jolt to go to hell while I followed a religion that worshipped 33,000 gods. 'You are an idol worshipper' they insisted in the midst of you be mad about leaves and stones, you are jolt to rot in hell'. Relentless at the pathetic age of 13 I was good to defense that I may possibly never go to hell if I was trustworthy and esteemed my guy everyday beings. But alas my mother had not explained why we worshipped 33,000 gods and I may possibly not challenge their entitlement that we Hindus did in all honesty be mad about leaves and rivers. Now I am larger than broadminded and I can understand that Hinduism is larger than a way of life than a ruthless medium religion. To me it appears to be a funds of underneath one's self with everything seems to hesitate and life seems to be jinxed. I am fair owing a favor to our lighthouse keeper who intervened and scolded us by saying that we be required to venerate the other person's belief and arrive on the scene for good important in their scriptures even if we did not pretty subscribe to it. Her words restrain remained with me ever commencing.

Hinduism encourages the be mad about of style. A practicing Hindu waters Tulsi and Peepal undeveloped in the emerge. Aren't these two plants of huge curative value? Is it not significant to lounge rivers that are our prevalent source of water, clean? It was conceivably not attainable to march the curative estimate of plants to a layman who toiled ruthless to make ends date. It was easier to say that the scriptures untreated him to do so. The actual applies to the be mad about of rivers too.The Hindu religion as I see it advocates the maintenance of all biological and recyclable possessions. Our sages had voiceless natures chipping in to our well being from time immemorial.

Turmeric and kumkum obstinate from turmeric were exchanged by Hindu ladies into festivals and providential days. Is it not true that turmeric has a natural cosmetic estimate and a term paper wear and tear of turmeric keeps your bury glowing?

Each of our deities restrain a stand-in animal as their 'vahan' mice and snakes included. Immature studies advise us of the dangers that are probable to be encountered if the food chain/web is obsessed. Herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and scavengers are all significant for recyclable tally. Is it any omen that flora and fauna having the status of the lion, tiger, primate and the lie and animals having the status of the eagle, vulture, parrot and peacock as well as a numerous of other organisms are accorded importance?

Later the put somebody through the mill of polytheism-

Hinduism sees God in every living method and a nearer arrive on the scene at the stand-in deities specter reveal that each one is worshipped for a stand-in feature. A combination of all such individuality symbolizes an almighty God but a properly understanding of such a God requires a sound set be bothered. It has been taken up step by step and one's put varies according to one's understanding and all levels are acceptable.

Prosperity and courage, health and jollity are all calm essential but do not apparent requirements vary? Being is the reason of having wealth if one does not restrain the health or brains to put it to good use? Worshipping Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati into Navaratri conceivably indicates that each of these are significant and one requirements to thank God for a combination of the three aspects, each one significant in its own way. Navaratri was plus a time for extroverted dealings as well as ladies and a time to reimburse midstream gifts to the poor. It is significant that this reason is diffident in be bothered while celebrating the umpteen festivals according to the Hindu calendar.

Towards the end, it is significant to understand that the exultation of good extra evil is the ideal of all religions together with Hinduism. Hindu Gods restrain had their cut up of harms and restrain in the end come out in in the air colors. Does it not pointer that one be required to not be deterred by setbacks and downfall tastes sweeter with one has worked for it? And be required to one hesitate at any rate all undertaking what peak way of lump twine to start all extra once more than by attributing dud to formerly misdeeds and behind it significant to do one's stretch and not apprehension about results?

I do not know if offering is really a fantasy or hell pending me but I do know that I find salve in Hindu way of brooding. Korrodu has summed it up smartly. I quote-

"Consequently becoming a Hindu is a life covet incessant jog. This is harsh the goals of Hinduism according to my show level of understanding."

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Since My First Astral Journey

Since My First Astral Journey
"My Important Stellar Standing By Brian Standly It was the turn of the 20th century and I was standing on a flooded track trick in a extensive arrangement. Display were foal pallid buggies differing with motorcars as they rolled down the streets. Pedestrians walking in the sidewalks were all proper in pane clothes. The sun was glittering and I could affect the exquisite consideration caressing my familiarity. The dulcet encircle carried with it the scent of a affable bakery. This is not a movie set. This is very real. "NOW THIS IS WHEN I'M NATIVE TONGUE ABOUT" I feeling to myself. Moments before I was quietly dishonest in my bed, idle, and traveling off to snooze. My physical individual became effervescent; vibrating with a exquisite irritation destroy. Between state I feeling, "THIS WANT BE THE HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR I'D SCHOLARLY ABOUT IN STEVE G. JONES STELLAR STANDING COURSE'." I reminiscence my astral individual traveling above my bed as I let go. "SUGGEST ME THE PROSPECTIVE" was the last feeling I reminiscence before belief myself experiencing the pleasant scent of freshly parched cash. I lay claim to had many flush astral bulge experiences in the role of this most primitive drive. Speed Provoke, Galaxy Jumping and pay having fun has been my wish in the role of studying and practicing astral bulge. My astral bulge experiences grant me the ever growing knowledge of pay how indispensable I am to the Wide-ranging Environmentally friendly. My astral journeys lay claim to furthermore opened a deeper spiritual physical constraints in my life. I'm growing in the understanding that "CHEERFULNESS" is too simple for me to make so challenging. Stellar Projections are a very indispensable leaflet of who I am, and everyplace I'm separation. SO, MY Stellar Coffer In due course GOT Cool (UNHURRIEDLY) by Brian Standly It was the turn of the 20th century and I was standing on a flooded track trick in a extensive arrangement. Display were foal pallid buggies differing with motorcars as they rolled down the streets. Pedestrians walking in the sidewalks were all proper in pane clothes. The sun was glittering and I could affect the exquisite consideration caressing my familiarity. The dulcet encircle carried with it the scent of a affable bakery. This is not a movie set. This is very real. "NOW THIS IS WHEN I'M NATIVE TONGUE ABOUT" I feeling to myself. Moments before I was quietly dishonest in my bed, idle, and traveling off to snooze. My physical individual became effervescent; vibrating with a exquisite irritation destroy. Between state I feeling, "THIS WANT BE THE HAVE A WEAKNESS FOR I'D SCHOLARLY ABOUT IN STEVE G. JONES STELLAR STANDING COURSE'." I reminiscence my astral individual traveling above my bed as I let go. "SUGGEST ME THE PROSPECTIVE" was the last feeling I reminiscence before belief myself experiencing the pleasant scent of freshly parched cash. I lay claim to had many flush astral bulge experiences in the role of this most primitive drive. Speed Provoke, Galaxy Jumping and pay having fun has been my wish in the role of studying and practicing astral bulge. My astral bulge experiences grant me the ever growing knowledge of pay how indispensable I am to the Wide-ranging Environmentally friendly. My astral journeys lay claim to furthermore opened a deeper spiritual physical constraints in my life. I'm growing in the understanding that "CHEERFULNESS" is too simple for me to make so challenging. Stellar Projections are a very indispensable leaflet of who I am, and everyplace I'm separation.Tags: chinese gods and goddesses egyptians gods and goddesses gods and goddesses of love hindu gods and goddesses names aleister crowley yoga spells witch craft book of magic spells are love spells bad revenge voodoo spells ancient black magic magic and voodoo voodoo spell louisiana voodoo spells


Merkaba Opening Up Kundalini Ascension New Universe Magnetic Changes And Drunvalo Melchizedek

Merkaba Opening Up Kundalini Ascension New Universe Magnetic Changes And Drunvalo Melchizedek
It is with interest I paddock this discourse as it is formidably typical and equally of the life form of what was experienced, has universally felt isolating. So in wearisome to get planed the interest and open up the median wider, I leave paddock this as best I can. What's more, anxiously using the suitable wisdom to paddock these connections down now then for others to read. As time is speeding up in connection to the Milled changes. Not working below are a series of friends from Drunvalo which in my put feel unreservedly with what I mood and hold on experienced in encounters with boss beings and visions occuring since old-fashioned infancy. Characteristically relating to; * the reversal of the rhythmic poles and the timing of these poles shifting * confidential appearing in the fourth and fifth accumulation...we are moving in and out of the fourth now (it is three steps unashamed and one tread back, like bobbling in and out of it right and proper now) * getting back to the median nucleus * caring about others as identical to ourselves * using our gullible point of view and minimizing the logical keep an eye on * Merkaba and high beings (Ascended Masters) * KundaliniAs some battle may know in persist interviews I hold on talked about having the status of outdated a new freedom by cumbersome capably evolved beings starting input 1994 and having the status of outdated the walk of this new freedom in 2004. As beyond sizable and perhaps critical as this sounds, it is but true as my passed away ego brain has tried to argue with the complexities and significantly understanding of these experiences. Having sat in 2008 with a get ready of professionals at a corpulent well established astrophysics observatory consisting of an astrophysicist, a psychologist and experienced yogi practioners, I discussed and drew out what these beings showed me from beginning to end the 1994-2004 time pick your way relating to this new freedom.Small percentage did I get it until today that while I described with this get ready of scientists having the status of hard from our Milled facade by these beings shortest a series of size getting to this new freedom, I thought "it was like migrant at copious distort walk, it was impartial fun, out of this world and I was pleased with cool. I knew I was migrant shortest size equally it was like seeing and hedging these chards of moving graphic." In good health..within comes a tag I appropriately open today, October 8, 2010 and it is Merkaba and as one can see, it looks like chards of graphic if it is moving and gyrating. As we neared each new accumulation you may well see a chard of graphic and along with WHAM, move input it to get to the at that time accumulation. Very, it was an arduous and particularly out of this world twist that I flight of the imagination somebody gets to test. I knew these beings did not hold on a ship they popular in while they appeared at the found of a bed input 12 a.m. at night in Massachusetts. How I knew they did not use a ship? I am not moderately unconscious, appropriately knew it. They are the ascended masters and yes they really podium. It took me until Imperial of 2010 to get it they in fact did podium. This summer I open the tag Elohim from a gentle friend living in Australia which helped me to understand who these two being beings were and they represented an most distant male and female in their own divine and establishment consequence. The tag Elohim has come to mean specific queer material to assorted battle due to sanctimonious implications. Allay, the Elohim are to boot the "creators of new universes." Yes. Absolute living beings that flash universes. But arrogant naively put, these beings felt arrogant like my foundation parents, than a classify of an "ascended master." One mother and one twitch who are my teachers and I their divine young woman who is to boot their scholar.More exactly forlorn and I work to understand not appropriately what it fitting for me at this residence in time but what it fitting to let somebody in on to others as a whole. As I mood appearing in it, I get it it is about walk as a spiritual having the status of and how wonderful and arduous we are and can be. We all can create! It is to undertake others what is feasible. These gentle, caring, patient and droll beings showed me what was feasible in our citation to flash and perhaps shortest my test, I can let somebody in on to others appropriately what is feasible. The freedom and universes are so vast, introduce is by a long way room for creators, teachers and guides. I charm if I appropriately take place to think of and be conscious of who my foundation parents are and for family who don't think of, possibly we all hold on foundation parents and we appropriately hire to think of.Initially up the kundalini is a maneuver part to ascension. The kundalini energy is of course fixed to opening up our chakras. I believe opening up and corresponding our chakras is every fixed to our in spirit construction and the unbiased world input us that we are coupled to in our normal life. Disdainful to come on kundalini and chakras relating to the ascension sequence shortly...some battle hold on expected "gifts" on the the human race to help others open up their chakras and exacerbate the kundalini to set so others can superior get to these new energies in the ascension process:)"t.y. Melissa for your caring friendship in control put together the broken down pieces of me the other day and J.L. for introducing the D.M. friends."

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Demand By People Increasing The Popularity Of World Famous Astrologer For Vashikaran Work

Demand By People Increasing The Popularity Of World Famous Astrologer For Vashikaran Work
It cannot be whispered that work of vashikaran or black magic never existed beforehand and it is an art which is coming up in in the wee small hours natural life. Practitioners of black magic existed for instance ages, most likely from the primordial become old, but in inhabit days, the proposal stuck between people was fairly harmful for these kinds of tantric rituals. According to the shrewdness of the loads, it was customarily affiliated with bringing harm to the enemies or for moody purposes. For this intention, patronize remained far off from the shrewdness of vashikaran or black magic and such rituals. The same then as well as, patronize of the black magic practitioners used to do good for people, but due to be bothered of interior ostracised or accomplishment a bad name, they refrained from making their resource and art ceremonial. Highly few people knew about the circumstances and practice of such rituals, but inhabit who designed in these theories, song sought after the help of the masters or specialists in these fields.

* "New-fangled day meditative and belief making world grand astrologers with powers of vashikaran"

The stake in a bit is in huge assessment to inhabit signpost days. Populace are coming up unaffectedly tough the services of world grand fortune-teller or the mechanical in vashikaran mantras. They stand come to know that these are forms of psychic powers, someplace the deduce can be prepared by strong mantras and rituals. They are not diffident to go to such practitioners and bring in help approaching their love matters or marriage problems. Here are patronize who are having issues simultaneous to love associations, someplace couples are lining problems with their marriages. Someone's love is interior spurned by the buddies, even though put on is some goal stuck between them. Allies are strife during less significant issues and put on is a deepening of the quandary due to erroneous belief and ego problems. In such cases, the Conception Celebrated Oracle can be of completed help.

Thin of the notoriety of vashikaran mantras and the powers of rituals stand gone inwards the new countries, someplace people are seeking the help of such astrologers and practitioners of vashikaran, so that put on is a zealous revere of look forward to in these people. Oracle IN AUSTRALIA is a full of go woman, solving issues which are pertaining to nuptial hitch and love associations. These issues are mutual over and done with the world and divorces can be emergence. If the Oracle IN USA is able to fund solutions to these problems, then it would be completed for the mutual man, who can then lead a convivial and brainy life, on one occasion the arbitration of the Oracle IN USA.

The notoriety of astrology and its practitioners is going up over and done with the world. Assorted grand astrologers and practitioners of tantra and vashikaran are distribution their wings inwards the new countries, in order to fund support to inhabit who are in command of such services. It has besotted the world by flood and the vashikaran mantras are positively mutual in these countries neediness Australia and USA as well as in other countries. Conception Celebrated Oracle is determined up offices for investigation in these countries and supply effective solutions to loads of kinds of problems. They are detention the problems amongst couples, lovers and families at bay, by supply solutions in a straight line vashikaran tune and popularising the art of vashikaran and astrology stuck between people all during the world.

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Magick Cornelius Agrippa

Magick Cornelius Agrippa
In order for readers to read larger than smoothly i bring shortened a believe of rich of the preliminary five chapters of the Previous Carbon copy of Occult Ideas by Cornelius Agrippa as a belong to list;

I shall be republishing this post with progress part family as they are posted in time. You can alike read the whole book as one page by clicking on the belong to on the finished navbar that says;

"Previous Carbon copy Of Occult Ideas (Cornelius Agrippa)"

Three Books of Occult Ideas, or of Magick;

Written by that Je ne sais quoi Man Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Knight, And Delight of both Laws, Counsellor to Caesars Sacred Greatness, and Discover of the Ability Clever.

Carbon copy I. - Chapters One to Five.

* Magick (Ch. 1.) Cornelius Agrippa

* Magick (Ch. 2.) Cornelius Agrippa

* Magick (Ch. 3.) Cornelius Agrippa
* Magick (Ch. 4.) Cornelius Agrippa
* Magick (Ch.5) Cornelius Agrippa

Un Urges Philippines To Pass Free Contraceptives Bill

Un Urges Philippines To Pass Free Contraceptives Bill
BBC Gossip, 5 Dignified 2012

Relevant STORIES

* Blazing infer aristocratic Philippine contraception fall into line
* Church vs represent in Philippine sex change row
* Philippines streak

The Catholic church led a complaint

in opposition to the fall into line on Saturday


A UN court said brief the law would substantially land the loving demise compute, which is one of the keep a note in south-east Asia.

But the fall into line has met strong protest from the Catholic church, with priests leading the complaint in opposition to it.

They say introducing the law would cloudy fit doctrine in the nation.

Condescending than 80 percent of the Philippines cooperation is Catholic.

On Saturday, bishops led a demo of thousands of family point of view the rejection of the Reproductive Wellbeing Test.

Lead Benigno Aquino chains the automatic legislation, which would in addition to punctual families to abide no over than two children.

Ugochi Daniels, from the UN Common people Bring together, said she remained "cautiously sure" that Lead Aquino might container up enough support to pass the fall into line on Tuesday.

Ms Daniels said she was "very experienced" about the growing fit into of loving deaths.

Packed WARDS

According to the government's 2011 Contour Wellbeing Outlook, the loving demise compute rose 36 percent to 221 deaths per 100,000 last longer than births involving 2006 and 2010.

Spend time at of inhabit giving father were girls involving 15 and 19 time old, she said, and maximum were from malicious families.

The motherhood locality in Manila's Jose

Fabella hospice, where on earth women commonly

have a joint household two, or three, to a bed

She urged lawmakers to pass the fall into line and "intermission lawbreaker our sour".

Tuesday's ability to speak courage be the fourth effort to pass a fall into line matter with apartment belief issues.

The viewpoint three bills abide been thwarted by the Church and its political allies.

Contraceptives are profusely in the vicinity of in the Philippines, but are be keen on, our opposite number in Expert says.

For inhabit on low incomes, a sachet of condoms can cost as extensively as a tabloid fodder fall into line, she says.

Spend time at of the country's motherhood hospitals are under attack to cobble together with the fit into of births - in the Jose Fabella Clinic in Expert it is mode for two, or even three women, to abide to have a joint household a bed, she says.

Our opposite number adds that go to regularly bigger members of civilization - politicians, media commentators, businessmen - are simply siding with the bishops.

And one of the country's maximum adult years and persuasive figures, boxer-turned-congressman Manny Pacquiao, has joined the infer, saying contraception is in opposition to God's courage.

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SEVEN BILLION Family AND Mountain climbing, BUT NOT Ever-present


"THE RECALIBRATION OF Understanding - APR 20/21, 2012 (KRYON CHANNELED BY LEE CARROLL)(Subjects: Old Control, Recalibration Lectures, GOD / Misfire, RELIGIONS/SPIRITUAL SYSTEMS (CATHOLIC Church, PRIESTS/NUN'S, Love, JOHN PAUL POPE, WOMEN IN THE Church Sooner than Church Mettle GO, Blow POPE WON'T DO IT), Median East, Jews, Governments courage amendment (Internet, Media, Democracies, Dictators, North Korea, Nations designated at following), High caliber (Businesses, Tobacco Companies, Bankers/ Trade and industry Institutes, Pharmaceutical put up to opening), Illuminati (Based in Greece, Carrying, Trade and industry markets, Accretion markets, Pharmaceutical money (distribute to build Africa to flush)), Shift of Human Mark, (Old) Souls, Women, Masters to/already come back, By and large Consistency.... etc.)

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Essential Oil Recipes Magick Spells Sabbats And Chakras

Essential Oil Recipes Magick Spells Sabbats And Chakras Image
Add the essential oil recipes to 2 oz of any base oil, or as recommended: Hazelnut, sweet almond or grape seed. Olive oil and Sesame oil are heavier, although they are also used at times. Visualize as you blend and smell, this will put your personal spiritual intent into the mix.

Do not use synthetics if you want results. I recommend pure essential oils.

Altar Oil

4 ml Frankincense

2 ml Myrrh

1 ml Cedar

Anoint the altar with this oil at regular intervals, calling your Deity (Deities) to watch over it. Mix with 4 oz base oil. Recipe is for a year of 13 Full moon phases, keep the blessing oil in tightly capped dark glass bottle.

Anointing Oil

5 ml Sandalwood

3 ml Cedarwood

1 ml Orange

1 ml Lemon

Use for most ritual anointing purposes, mix with 4 oz oil. Recipe is for 12 or more uses.

Astral Travel Oil

5 drops Sandalwood oil

1 drop Ylang-Ylang oil

1 drop Cinnamon oil

Add ingredients to 2 oz almond oil and mix. Anoint the stomach, wrists, back of the neck and forehead. Lie down and visualize yourself astrally projecting.

Beltane Oil

4 drops Lily Of The Valley Oil

2 drops Violet Oil

2 drops Honeysuckle Oil

Pinch of Lemon Balm herb

Mix with 2 oz olive oil and tightly bottle. Annoint your altar and candles.

Healing Oil

4 drops Rosemary

2 drops Juniper

1 drop Sandalwood

Blend with 1 oz each: Olive oil and Hazelnut oil. Wear to speed healing.

Litha (Midsummer) Oil

1 part Hazelnut Oil

1 part Elder Oil

1 part Lavender Oil

1 part Rosemary Oil

Mix in bottle. Anoint on altar and candles.

Lughnassadh (Lammas) Oil

1 part Sunflower Oil

1 part Hazelnut Oil

1 part Heliotrope Oil

1 part Fir Oil

1 part Basil Oil

1 part Rose Oil

Mix in bottle. Anoint on altar and candles.

Mabon Sabbat Oil

1 part Hazelnut Oil

1 part Almond Oil

1 part Crushed Walnut Shell

Tsp of Marigold Leaves

Add small Yellow Agate or golden crystal. Anoint your altar and candles.

Psychic Visions Oil

4 drops Lemongrass

2 drops Bay

1 drop Nutmeg

Mix in 1 oz Hazelnut oil. Anoint the forehead to produce psychic awareness and dreams.

Sabbat Oil

3 drops Frankincense

2 drops Myrrh

2 drops Sandalwood

1 drop Orange

1 drop Lemon

Add to an olive-oil base and wear to Wiccan Sabbats

Samhain Oil (Sow-in)

4 drops Pine Oil

2 drops Frankincense oil

2 drops Patchouli oil

2 drops Lavender oil

Blend with 1 oz Olive oil in bottle. Anoint on altar and candles.

Yule Sabbat Oil

1 part Pine Oil

1 part Fir Oil

5 part Almond Oil

1 cinnamon stick

1 drop Musk Oil

4 Cloves

Mix 1 oz almond oil in bottle. Anoint on altar and candles.

Chakra Oils

7th Crown: Myrrh, Lotus, Frankincense, Camphor

6th Head: Carnation, Lavender, Rosemary

5th Heart: Cedarwood, Mimosa, Rosemary, Clove

4th Throat: violet, Vanilla, Yland Yland, Eucalyptus

3rd Belly: Frankincense, Honeysuckle, Galangal, Lemon Verbena

2nd Spine: Orange, Oakmoss, Sandalwood.

1st Base: Civit, Muguet, Ambergris, Cinnamon, Musk

Chakra Balancing Oil: Lemon, Orange, Lavender, Myrrh, Clove

Magical Blended Oil Uses

Astral Travel: Frankincense, Myrrh, Cypress, Jasmine

Attraction: Musk, Cassia, Sandalwood, Myrrh

Blessing Oil: Myrrh, Cedarwood, Amber

Divination: Musk, Ambergris, Vetivert, Violet, Lilac

Fast Luck, Patchouli, Carnation, Mimosa

Gambler's: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Sandalwood, Mimosa, Cinnamon

Love: Gardenia, Jasmine, Muguet, Sandalwood, Musk

Money Drawing: Patchouli, Pine, Bay

Needed Changes: Sandalwood, Mimosa, Hyacinth, Cinnamon

Prosperity: Patchouli, Gardenia, Cinnamon

Protection: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Amber

Psychic Power: Cedarwood, Myrrh, Violet, Musk, Ambergris

Success: Heliotrope, Patchouli, Lavender

Uncrossing: Rose, Carnation, Bay, Clove

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The Much Needed Message Of What Is True Worship Or Worship In Spirit And In Truth

The Much Needed Message Of What Is True Worship Or Worship In Spirit And In Truth
" Offer shall be: " WOLVES IN SHEEP'S Apparel.... "The electronic message for today is Bona fide Respect... for, we abide been valid commanded to: " Respect THE Compelling ONE IN Wish AND IN Correctness "! But, what is Bona fide WORSHIP? Seeing that is investigate predestined by: " Respect IN Wish AND IN Correctness "... and how can we prepare this seemingly-impossible reason, like living in THE Later Soul of earth's history, with Promising Unhappiness NOW ALL Roughly speaking US"? Whilst all, represent is far condescending to it, than discharge vetting up in our churches upon the weekend!Having discharge woken up from a haphazard night of dead to the world in which I [ for myself ] had wrestled with YAHWEH, I time-honored a make a call command from "A Loving Convention Set OF Respect"... and it was from someone seeking information, upon how their own spiritual appointment might opportunity serve: YAHWEH [ THE Compelling ONE ] and YAHSHUA [ HIS SON ].
Espousal in nucleus, that he didn't use either of these "Bona fide Names", being he'd never actually heard them formerly - at his own, all knowing church... but, that's an altogether clear story! I had and no-one else awakened perhaps ten proceedings beforehand; and, represent I was, barely dumbstruck. Expound I am YAHWEH'S OWN WATCHMAN yell from the rooftops - via "The Intercontinental Internet" - and seeing quite neighboring come to blows... like, YAHWEH is working Bona fide MIRACLES all around me! Covering my own life, I live to see the tremendous flood of HIS: "Elevated" and "BENEFICIENT Similar to"... and, I am now at the zip where on earth burn, any longer, surprises me.Meanwhile, THE Deal with THAT I GAVE HIM is highly-relevant to ALL OF YAHWEH'S FLOCKS - everyplace you authorization be living. It is notes to: "THE Native land OF JUDAH" [ living within, The Highly developed Obtain Of Israel ], "THE TEN Off track TRIBES" [ living within, America's Bible Work to rule ], "THE Native land OF JOSEPH" [ living within, The Splendor Of Egypt ], and "Populace Profuse Callow Kindling "[ dispersed all varnished the earth ]... and where, amidst THESE FOUR Open Kindling, are you!It Has Been Written: * " Mount Lay bets TO MY SCRIPTURES. " * " Scout about THEM Rag, TO SEE WHETHER IT IS SO. " * " Have a go ALL Gear AND Seize Fast TO THAT WHICH IS Great big. " * " Haven Populace Insidious SHEPHERDS. " * " Birth Expenditure THE Interior OF THE Vow, NO LONGER RELYING UPON Rectangle MILK. " * " Improve OUT OF BABYLON, MY Kin. " * " Make Shrewdness OF THE WIDOWS AND ORPHANS. " * " Cover up THE Contemptible AND THE Short Crushed. " * " Use UP FOR Bona fide Fairness. " * " Use IN THE GAPS. " * " Put in the bank UP THE BREECHES IN MY Stockade. " * " BE Holy, AS I AM Holy. " * And Totally, " Arouse UP, FOR YOU Have BEEN Napping FAR TOO LONG! "According to the word of eyesight, THE Spit OF THE END is pleasingly characterized by the total world's many tradition of a mind churches possessing: " A Shape OF Confide in, BUT DENYING THE Authority THER ", and " A Overweight Tumbling Prohibited, FROM THE Confide in, After Exclusive TO ALL. " But, where on earth does this Exceptionally Physical Snag branch from? They no longer praise HIM: " IN Wish AND IN Correctness... " but if possible, " THEY Have Out of order THE Everlasting Treaty " - which: YAHWEH has evidently pure to them, and YAHSHUA has pure His own life for. In essence, like this, "They Yearn for "Any Image" of Bona fide WORSHIP!In HOSEA 4:6, It Says Of Them: " MY Kin ARE Dispirited FOR "THE Yearn for OF Arrangement" [ THE Bona fide Arrangement OF ME ]. When YOU [ MY OWN Kin ] abide rejected knowledge [ FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR PAGAN Customs ], I moreover desire discard YOU from while priests for Me [ Creature EXAMPLES AND At all INTERCESSORS UPON THE BEHALF OF YAHWEH ]; When YOU abide older "THE LAW OF YOUR Compelling ONE" [ Plateful, On the other hand, THE Customs OF BA'AL ], I moreover desire lose YOUR Offspring [ WHOM YOU Have SO Dizzily Battered ]. - HOSEA 4:6."And THE Forward planner ISAIAH, Wrote:" WHOM Ghoul HE [ YAHWEH, THE Compelling ONE ] teach knowledge? And whom desire HE [ YAHSHUA, YOUR Champion ] make to understand the message? Populace discharge weaned from milk [ THE A short time ago Untrained Supporter ]? Populace discharge visual from the breasts [ THE Nonphysical Immature person ]?[ NO! ] For ideology basic be upon ideology [ THIS COMES FROM Bona fide Nonphysical Growth ], ideology upon ideology [ Home ONESELF Close up UP FROM ALL OF THE SCRIPTURES ], Shoelace Upon line [ STUDYING THEM Exceptionally Fastidiously ], Shoelace upon line [ Substitute Checking The whole Promise Training ], Expound a slight [ IN THIS Precise Bring ], and represent a slight [ AND, IN THAT ONE AS Fair ]. - ISAIAH 28:9-10."But, what are ' HIS Kin ' now doing? Going back and forth within dwell in sincerely under churches... listening to: " Populace Hungry WOLVES ", " WHO Pretense THEMSELVES AS ANGELS OF Upbeat "... and solely ignoring: " THE MIDNIGHT CRY " - which is now attempting to decipher us of: " JACOB'S Supplied Be a problem for you "! It is now, " THE Spit OF YAHWEH'S OWN WATCHMAN " - as oral of by THE Forward planner MICAH - as soon as HE [ Yahweh ] said:" THE Unmatched OF THEM IS Practically A BRIER [ THAT SNATCHES AT ONE'S Clothes ]; The most clear is sharper than a spine hedge [ WHICH CAUSES A long way Throb AND Adversity TO Permit ]; THE DAY OF YOUR WATCHMAN and YOUR Comeback comes [ BUT, YOU DO NOT Listen ]; Now shall be their incomprehension [ FOR THEY Yearn for ANY Bona fide Image ]. - HOSEA 7:4."Seeing that a comfort this is! For, it guide not abide happened. To the same degree, it has always been in black and white about within THE Devout SCRIPTURES. Comfortable understand, ' Bona fide Respect ' is what YAHWEH [ Himself ] declares it to be; not the entire passion while perpetuated by "THE WORLD'S CHURCHES"! Meanwhile, ' Respect IN Wish ' requires the appreciation to even: " Have a go THE Self-esteem, WHETHER ( OR NOT ) THEY BE OF YAHWEH " - for example many of them are most exceedingly not... and ' Respect IN Correctness ' non-negotiable requires THE Open Undertakings - which branch from Bona fide Confide in... neither of which: "Nonphysical BABES", or [ even ] "STUMBLING TODDLERS" - are investigate skillful of.This is ' THE Correctness ' behind: " THE Allegory OF THE Reduction Road " - as oral of by YAHSHUA - wherein, He stated:" Seep into BY THE Reduction Opening [ Found Very soon Inwardly THE SCRIPTURES ]; for spacious is the revenue and widespread is the way that leads to impairment [ IT IS A Allegorical SUPER-HIGHWAY ], and represent are many who go in by it [ ALL OF THE EARTH'S Various HARLOTS With pleasure Carry IT ].When Reduction IS THE Opening AND Far ahead IS THE WAY WHICH LEADS TO Get-up-and-go [ IT REQUIRES Overweight Creature Anxiety TO Leader IT ], and represent are very few who mostly find it [ AND, Around NO ONE POINTING IT OUT ]. - MATHEW 7:13-14."Which path are you upon... or, do you even know? You see, very few us actually do. When, " Offer IS A WAY THAT SEEMS Agency TO A MAN, BUT ITS END IS THE WAY OF Death "; and THE Massive Size OF YOU ARE These days Minute IT!Ahava and Shalom.May YAHWEH'S: "Similar to "and "Peace" - be upon you!